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  1. Yeah I'm looking forward to this as it's another one stored away on my PC waiting to be watched. I'll be interested to see Christian Bales performance in it.
  2. No Country for old men 8/10 Big fan of the Cohen brothers and like most of the films they've done, bar the remake of The Lady Killers. As someone else mentions above not quite blown away as expected, but none the less a very good film. Tommy Lee Jones is good as usual, but Javier Bardmen is just fantastic. Worth watching for his performance alone. The Bucket List 7/10 Comedy with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. If it wasn't for these two it's probably not something I would have watched as the story line is a little depressing. Two older gents are diagnosed with terminal cancer and decide to do the things in they've always wanted before the kick the bucket. Works well as a comedy, Nicholson is brilliant. This film, although full of clichés also has it's touching moments. Hitman 8/10 For anyone familiar with the games the film is pretty spot on. Action packed, over the top but exactly what it sets out to be. Basically just a more adult orientated Bond movie.
  3. For someone with what appears to be relatively decent taste in movies (going by some of your reviews), you don't half watch a lot of shite the rest of the time.
  4. Gone, Baby Gone: 10/10 I've been waiting for this for ages. I was almost in two minds as to whether I should watch it or not as I love the book (Dennis Lehane, author of Mystic River) and this being Ben Affleck’s directorial debut. He got it spot on. The Boston neighbourhood feel of the book is portrayed on the screen and the casting surprisingly fitted the characters from the book. I was a little uneasy by him casting Casey Affleck as Patrick Kenzie as he's smaller and less tough than I'd pictured but he did a fantastic job. I am Legend: 5/10 Massive disappointment. Visually it was stunning, but as much as I like Will Smith he's just not a good enough actor to pull off next to no dialogue for the first 30/40 mins of the film. For the genre I'd say 30 days of night is miles better. Atonement: 1/10 and that's being kind. Not my type of film, but the girlfriend wanted to see it and after some of the reviews from the critics about performances I thought I'd give it a chance. Dire story. Gave it 40 mins before leaving the room. When it was finished I went back in and even the girlfriend said it was a pile of shite. Tell No One: 8, maybe 9/10 French film taken from Harlan Cobens novel of the same name. I'd been eager to see this for a while and wasn't disappointed. The book is fantastic and the story is pretty true to the book, bar it being set somewhere in France rather than New York. Would strongly recommend. Eastern Promise: 8/10 Not exactly what I imagined and a little slow moving in parts but all round good performances, though was slightly put off by Viggo's fight scene in the buff. Brave man. Certainly not one for those with a weak stomach. Thankfully I've got Michael Clayton, No Country for Old men, Charlie Wilson’s War and I’m not there to look forward to next.
  5. Watched a couple over the weekend. First up was 30 Days of Night on Saturday morning as it seemed the wise choice considering my hangover. Had a rough idea what to expect as it's not exactly a new premise for a film, but feel it worked very well. The over the top gore and violence just made it all the better. There's a great scene in the film where the camera pan's over the town and all you see are people being brutally murdered and the masses of white snow stained with blood. Easily 8/10. Rescue Dawn: I'm a massive fan of Christian Bale and think he's been excellent in everything I've seen him in, though I did feel this film was a little slow. I think perhaps I wasn't in the right mood for the film but I did get to the stage where I was wishing for it to end. Still, another good performance from Bale. A generous 7/10. Sunday morning started with The Kingdom. Wasn't sure what to expect from this film, and I was worried for the first hour as to whether it was actually going anywhere. Thankfully it geared up around this time and really got going. Again nothing new but well worth a watch. Jamie Foxx and Ashraf Barhom are fantastic in this. 9/10 American Gangster This was by far the film that I was most looking forward too. Perhaps maybe I'd expected too much. I won't go into details so as to not spoil it for those who haven't seen it but I just felt it was really slow. Not bad performances by Washington and Crowe but I've seen them do a lot better. The storyline for me just never really got going. 6/10 3:10 to Yuma I thought it was brilliant. I had hoped it would be good with Bale and Crowe and I wasn't led down. Both of them are great in it. I was dubious about whether I'd like it as I'm not overly fond of western type films but I'd highly recommend this to anyone. 10/10.
  6. Aye but to be fair York Minster is shite.
  7. So that's kids, neds, old folk. Who's next?
  8. It was only ever a matter of time. Think that's the only negative about this thread. It gets you thinking about all the shite that gets you angry, then you get angry.
  9. Please do, it's amusing. Plus, it makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only fucker out there who rants (a lot).
  10. The Good mood from yesterday's worn off then
  11. You're really not a happy bunny today eh!
  12. This to me is just the height of rudeness. Our building at work houses my place and another two companies. There are a handfull of people who just never say thanks when you hold the door for them. I'm not prepared to change a habit of a lifetime and become rude by not holding the door, so in turn I hold the door knowing full well that they won't say thanks. That way I can turn round and say loudly "Aye, a thanks wouldn't kill you, ya miserable fucker".
  13. Playing 5 a side football with muppets from work and having the office freak shout instructions to you on the pitch. Wouldn't be so bad if he was good, but the final straw came when he shouted at me to close down a player while he just stood there. Then he made the error of calling me James. I lost it for 3 seconds, ran up to him and screamed "who the f**k is James ya c**t". Needless to say I was avoided by all in the office today.
  14. There's no question that something is wrong here as you just don't leave children that young on their own. Sadly I fear the worst for that wee girl, but so hope I'm wrong
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