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  1. Me and my pal just bought tickets for WWE live next may. Sitting near the front with really good seats. Went In 2013 to Braehead and seen: Cena, Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan, Paul Heyman and The Wyatt’s. Went to The Hydro In 2017 and seen: AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Nakamura, The New Day, Charlotte and Becky.
  2. Good luck to Harper. Never kicked on after The Wyatt family disbanded.
  3. Morelos Is a scummy player. Good finisher but really showing his teams side here.
  4. If Morelos was a team player Rangers would be out of sight.
  5. Better boxing from AJ tonight. Had he of been this professional at MSG he’d of never lost.
  6. Man City play some lovely stuff but their defence Is utter abysmal.
  7. Man U look like they can score anytime they attack.
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