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  1. Smackdown Thread

    She Is phenomenal.
  2. F1 2019

  3. Montrose v Dundee United - Dillon Derby

    2200 United tickets sold.
  4. Boxing Thread

    Looking forward to Pacquiao v Broner tomorrow night. Just watching the all access on ITV4 just now. Manny though what a man. Showing you him giving money to the people of Phillipines everyday to running for senate to training.
  5. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Bayern played well In the 1st half tonight but the 2nd half they were sloppy.
  6. Montrose v Dundee United - Dillon Derby

    United announced this morning we’ve sold 1600 with 650 remaining.
  7. Monday Night Raw Live

    I enjoyed that raw for once.
  8. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Seen this on Twitter. Who’s that?
  9. NXT

    First time I’ve really seen Jordan Devlin, he looks decent.
  10. NXT

    FINN BALOR!!!!
  11. NXT

    Tremendous first match.
  12. NXT

    Tyler Bate’s a good one like.
  13. NXT

    Atmosphere Is phenomenal.