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  1. Well at least he’s earning his money.Didnt do do last season
  2. No where near the mark for us.bit of a bomb scare to be honest
  3. Aye soft, couldnae win a header,distribution a hoof up the park.the big boy didn’t do himself justice
  4. Out of order if true. Is it not because he’s not very good ?
  5. For as much as this was a”free season “ I think they are still in shock
  6. There is a bit of truth in that.some players are not up to it some just playing out their careers and of course bad tactics.we still have some good young players who unfortunately will be tarred with the same brush. I hope for their sake their football career isn’t damaged to much
  7. Didn’t make the game but it sounds like a lame affair. Not gonna change my opinion on Dods n co. We do have and hopefully can hang on to a few decent players with a few we need to draw the line under. Unfortunately for me the same dude that has set us up all season to defend is still in charge. I’m hoping the young lads will resign with us and we can rebuild round about them.
  8. Don’t u think? any club looking at players would shy away from teams/individuals that have been playing for a team that’s got the worst record you could imagine and being dropped to boot. by the way it’s not just the boy Graham there are a few decent young players with us that are in the same position.All down to complete incompetence from Dods n co
  9. Well I would presume Finn wants to play football, this dick of a coach has played him out of position all season and had him in and out of the team that’s how
  10. Finn on the bench? Does this so called coach want to f**k the wee boys career?
  11. On the bench Hope you’ve not got a bet on
  12. To be honest he hasn’t given us anything his record is complete n utter crap totally unacceptable in any quarters of football
  13. Wages being cut so I presume the ones that talk out will be the 1st on the list.it’s an absolute travesty when the club are prepared to keep Dods n co on because of the money situ.
  14. R u being serious? It’s quite clear you don’t have the foggiest. It’s was pure luck that got us in a position to be promoted. The season before we hung on to div.1,it’s has been abysmal. He doesn’t deserve sfa.
  15. It’s a sad situation . These young lads want to try and play football hopefully it’s not sucked out them by thie two clowns on the touch line
  16. Well the wee mans spot on. Sad that they get dropped though. Watty’s been out for a bit too he must have said something they didn’t like. They are not good coaches crap tactically and no man management skills how the f**k are they in a job
  17. I would go for Finn, played out of position all season and when he’s been playing wing back they have put Aron on at centre mid.He tries to play a bit of football every game. Don’t think he gets a fair shout.
  18. he hasn’t walked and to leave it to the club I think is totally out of order. I don’t think I would ask him what his plans were, we’ve been through enough with a high chance of it happening again
  19. For me it’s the two. Decent chances in games. Thats the difference in those close games. But ultimately I blame the coaches. We’re going back to div. 1 where we were poor,how are we ment to be confident for the season ahead with one of the worst coaches ever in football. ????
  20. Sorry don’t get that,the two canny finish their Denner
  21. If only Dods had set us up that way more we could well have won some games. It’s down to him last night proves it. Has he done the right thing and walked yet?
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