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  1. Of course in the great scheme of things it doesn't matter how many you dish out. You'll never be allowed to attain 2nd place. You've surely seen the decision making this season that has ensured that the other half of the twins is cemented into that position. My god you've only got to look at the penalty they were awarded today and then look at the one that Killie were denied to know how things will never change.
  2. My thoughts as well. However, with a name like that he must be good. Get him in.
  3. He's right on that last line though, check the stats.
  4. You just know that any handball, of any sort, by a defending player in the away team box at Ibrox will result in a penalty. 'It's the law'. When you look at the similar incidents (at least 3) that they themselves have gotten away with in recent weeks it merely reinforces the perception of, at best, incompetence or... simply cheating on behalf of the institution club.
  5. On the bright side. The latest aerial view of McDiarmid Park shows that the Home dugout has been enlarged and the Subs bench extended threefold..
  6. Yes but, given the state of the club, you could perm any one from the many current issues. Maybe he's been tasked with scouting GK's.
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