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  1. Cheers. Never heard of them before. Definitely looks like the bird I saw.
  2. Just looked at some photos. Think you could be right. My knowledge is obviously very limited but the older I get, the more interested I am in birds. Especially round the coast. Dont think people appreciate what we have around here.
  3. It was a little while ago now but I think they were a bit smaller than a gull and brown with pointed wings. Was hard to see because they were proper shifting. The most impressive thing was the noise though. My dad thought they were maybe turnstones? Probably should have mentioned they were flying near high cliffs.
  4. I am by no means a birdwatcher but I spotted a Jay earlier for the first time while out walking my dog. Dont remember ever seeing one before and didnt realise they were so common in Scotland. I then took my dog to St Ninians cave near Whithorn and watched some Gannets diving just a few yards off shore. Then spotted a very bright yellow little bird on my way home. Not sure what that was though. Also I was walking along the coast a couple of months ago and was watching, and listening to some very fast bird swooping above me. They were that fast they sounded like a jet flying over. Any idea what these would have been?
  5. I wish it was. By the time I got the message, they had taken it down. Strange.
  6. A friend sent me this but queens have since deleted it from twitter
  7. Has it been announced anywhere that Ellis has actually left? Have only seen it mentioned on here.
  8. Voted no last time. I never took much interest in politics at the time but believed the scaremongering from a few people at work (public sector) and thought it would provide job security more than anything else to vote no. Now I know it was all utter bullshit I'm now voting yes next time round. How anyone can stay a no voter or even change from yes to no totally baffles me.
  9. Not tried classes yet. Im a bit limited where I live but there is the odd one nearby. He can be trusted off a lead as long as there isnt any deer or other wildlife about [emoji23]. I would love to be able to walk him to heel though.
  10. I wanted a labrador originally but came across a litter of sprockadors and decided to get one. A few people warned me against it as they can be a lot harder to train. Turns out they were right as he is totally mental but it is probably down to me being a shit trainer as well.
  11. Jet the sprockador. Wasn't the best decision getting a crossbreed but wouldn't trade him for anything else now.
  12. Good to hear. Wasnt nice to see but he took it like a boss I'll give him that. Think it gave Ian Mcgrath a fright as well but what a terrible shot [emoji23].
  13. Hope the result today eased the guys sore head who got hit by the ball during warm up and clattered off the step in the terracing. Fair play for getting up and watching the rest of the game after that.
  14. Qos91


    Saw them in Glasgow. Best band I've watched in a long time. What a voice Rebecca Lovel has as well.
  15. I can vouch for the gs mini. I played my dads mini and had a 114 myself. The mini sounded awesome for its size and so easy to play. I then bought a 214ce for about £1100 and didnt think it played or sounded as good as the cheaper ones so i sold it. May look into getting a mini myself now.
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