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  1. I have a lab/sprocker. A bit of springer added into the mix. Looking at that photo is like looking at my dogs photos when he was a pup last year. Great dogs but absolutely mental.
  2. Ive been watching a lot of videos about amps that size recently. I have a marshall dsl20 but want something smaller to practice at home with without annoying the neighbours. I was considering the katana air but am worried it might not be worth the money. One of these might be a better option.
  3. Same problem with the tickets here. Four of us have bought them online and not received any tickets.
  4. Larnaca last wednesday. Apparently there were around 50 of us. After talking to the other passengers, they all had different names to their friends/partners, so I assume they thought they were moving single passengers onto the other flight. Not sure how often this has happened though, but I read on the first day of the rearranged flight, passengers bound for glasgow from paphos were diverted to gatwick, so I suppose it could have been worse for us.
  5. Good luck. Our flight was meant to be the same as the original flight too. We got to the check in desk for glasgow and were eventually told, after about half an hour, we had been offloaded to the manchester flight.
  6. Currently in Cyprus, due to fly back wednesday night. Kept an eye on things through the night and had a look at a jet2 flight around 5am as back up in case our flight didnt fly back to glasgow. Looked again at 8 and the price had doubled. Looks like we will have to wait to see what flight we get from the CAA. To be fair, most flights seem to be roughly the same time and to the original airport but I noticed a couple of glasgow flights from other areas being re-directed to gatwick and birmingham.
  7. I had a big argument with a friend over this recently. He would happily leave a dog for 8+ hours. I totally disagree and would only leave mine for a few hours max if I had to. I only got my dog because my mum offered to look after him while me and my girlfriend work all day. My friend thinks I am too soft but I cant see a good reason for not letting a dog out for a piss for that long. Not to mention the lonliness.
  8. My friend sent me this photo earlier. We had been talking about hopefully spotting an eagle when we were walking our dogs only a few days ago.
  9. Cheers. Never heard of them before. Definitely looks like the bird I saw.
  10. Just looked at some photos. Think you could be right. My knowledge is obviously very limited but the older I get, the more interested I am in birds. Especially round the coast. Dont think people appreciate what we have around here.
  11. It was a little while ago now but I think they were a bit smaller than a gull and brown with pointed wings. Was hard to see because they were proper shifting. The most impressive thing was the noise though. My dad thought they were maybe turnstones? Probably should have mentioned they were flying near high cliffs.
  12. I am by no means a birdwatcher but I spotted a Jay earlier for the first time while out walking my dog. Dont remember ever seeing one before and didnt realise they were so common in Scotland. I then took my dog to St Ninians cave near Whithorn and watched some Gannets diving just a few yards off shore. Then spotted a very bright yellow little bird on my way home. Not sure what that was though. Also I was walking along the coast a couple of months ago and was watching, and listening to some very fast bird swooping above me. They were that fast they sounded like a jet flying over. Any idea what these would have been?
  13. I wish it was. By the time I got the message, they had taken it down. Strange.
  14. A friend sent me this but queens have since deleted it from twitter
  15. Has it been announced anywhere that Ellis has actually left? Have only seen it mentioned on here.
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