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  1. Having that kind of non-goal scoring run we had is poor in itself but to do it two seasons in a row is pretty inexcusable given the resources available to Mcinnes. We’re certainly not in a position to take winning against anyone in the league for granted but we shouldn’t ever be going into a home game against bottom of the table Hamilton where a significant number of the support doubts our chances of even scoring a goal never mind winning.
  2. Hornby injury not as bad as feared. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/donsnews/aberdeen-boost-as-loan-striker-fraser-hornbys-thigh-injury-not-as-bad-as-initially-feared/ No return date estimate but Mcinnes does think he could come back at some point this season.
  3. Scotland don’t play with a right sided midfielder and he isn’t going to be playing wing back.
  4. They’ll bring on McFadden as their Motherwell representative to talk about him for 2 minutes then he’ll just talk about who’ll get the Celtic job for the rest of it.
  5. It’s a Doctorate in Philosophy focusing on Medical Anthropology so it’s at least a bit more apt than just philosophy makes it sound.
  6. I see he hasn’t played since January. Has he been injured?
  7. Couldn’t back what up? I said for someone who claims to be critical of Tories you don’t do a lot of actual criticising of them. Am I to produce the evidence that doesn’t exist to prove it?
  8. And your lack of self awareness is pretty staggering. Argumentative troll is shocked that he’s treated like an argumentative troll. I’m sure in other threads you post in where you’re not trying to argue with everyone you’re treated differently, no shit! You then have to further explain your pity party posts with new information and say I have poor reading comprehension for not understanding information you didn’t provide until after I posted? Sort yourself out.
  9. Cool, watch out for those Yes Da’s stalking you. You absolute baby. 😂
  10. Yes it’s amazing I haven’t been able to read the new information you add in each subsequent post before you do it. First it was people were picking on you then it was just two people are doing it but they’re not actually picking on you then it was that they’re the dreaded yes da’s (but Uber-yoon is a step too far) but besides them everyone thinks you’re a normal person. Hard to imagine how i failed to navigate this genius level posting.
  11. Oh so they’re not picking on you now? Hard to keep up with your completely normal person posting.
  12. If it wasn’t for all the people that went into your profile and red dotted you you’d have a normal rating. No doubt you’re a completely normal poster on here that acts like a normal person if it wasn’t for all those people picking on you.
  13. Yes this sounds like you very much don’t care what others think of you.
  14. I don’t need to monitor your posts, you go out of your way to argue with multiple people in multiple threads every day. You’re pretty visible. Whether you like it or not you’re treated the way you are because you act like the ultimate stereotype of a seething, Uber-yoon Rangers fan. You seek out conflict pretty much every day so it’s not really a surprise you get a lot of red dots so I’m not feeling much sympathy for the boo-hoo at people treating you appropriately as a result of your own actions.
  15. Just like how he claims that he disapproves of Tory corruption but never actually criticises them for it and red dots anyone that has a go at them or Boris. He’s not tribal of course though, just everyone else?
  16. Don't think we were ever seriously linked with him besides fans wishlists but that's Stuart Findlay left Kilmarnock for the MLS so that's obviously one less option for the summer.
  17. I bought a cheap surround sound system when I was at Uni and I still remember near shitting myself watching the first x-men movie at the bit when Xavier starts speaking to Logan in his head and Patrick Stewart’s voice first started coming at me from all directions.
  18. Didnt Austin only sign for them in January?
  19. Can’t believe you were too ignorant not to know about the Dickensian fantasy that Kincardine had imagined as today’s reason for hating the SNP very, very much!
  20. Main scored tonight. Knew it was a big mistake letting him go lads!
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