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  1. Mad few minutes but hard to claim it's an unfair reflection on how the games gone.
  2. The club seemingly only using clips of him playing for us in his highlight reel is some going.
  3. Sounds alright to me to be honest. Never, ever going to happen though obviously.
  4. I'd say the fact Aberdeen haven't been relegated once and Hibs have a few times is the only thing keeping the teams from having the same number of relegations surely? Records books aren't built on coulda, woulda, shouldas sadly.* *for Hibs I guess?
  5. I'm telling you as I was celebrating that goal I felt sad because I didn't know how good he was on his left foot yet.
  6. Haha, aye as everyone knows if you score a goal but don't use both feet and your head in the buildup you're pretty much guaranteed to be a donkey.
  7. Leighton Clarkson linked on loan from Liverpool. Defensive Mid. Was on loan for first half of last season at Blackburn before going back after not getting much of a game.
  8. Isn't he meant to be signing for Lennon in Cyprus? Thought he'd either be going home or getting a better move than that at least.
  9. Scott Burns saying the deal is close for what that's worth now. Makes no mention of a failed medical.
  10. Not sure if he's been seriously linked with us since the January window when Glass was still in charge. Not hard to see why someone would pick Hearts at the moment anyway. Much less of a gamble what the team will be like this season than Aberdeen and the chance of a decent amount of European football too.
  11. Them opening a place in Edinburgh in the midst of a cost of living crisis would be the last thing I need.
  12. No surprise really. He's 24 now and this season is likely his last chance to impress at Wolves. Even though he signed a new deal not that long ago would have to imagine if he's punted out on loan again that he'd be away next summer. He did say he was open to a loan though which I think was always much more likely for us than being able to sign him permanently.
  13. You had the tablet stout? Was tempted by it but have plenty of other beer still in the fridge.
  14. Mcgrath on the verge of signing for Utd if twitter is anything to go by.
  15. Probably the most entertaining wrestling related thing I've seen in a long time.
  16. It's a decent read but can't imagine it being crucial. I bought it when the kindle version was on sale so was glad to do that but not sure if I'd say its worth full price. As you say it's a Maester writing a historical text about the reigns of the Targaryens and normally quoting several eye witness accounts of most major events. Many of which he explains may not be completely reliable for one reason or another. I'm not even sure if I finished it or not but it fills a hole for now with the long wait for book 6.
  17. Going by the Polish account I've seen being retweeted it sounds like Bates and another player were largely being used as backup options or to put pressure on another centre half that was their first choice and as soon as he agreed to sign Bates and the other guy were fucked off home pretty quick.
  18. Hopefully he addresses being accused of being a smelly tramp on here at some point.
  19. Bates deal falling through is a bit of a disaster. Not sure how likely we'd be to replicate that deal elsewhere.
  20. Yeah, I have high hopes for this as a big fan of the previous show and the books. Wasn't expecting too much with the way the show ended but have been sufficiently hyped by the recent trailers and coverage. The events of this series are mentioned briefly in the original book series but covered pretty extensively in the separate book Fire and Blood. It's written by Martin in a very different style though, kind of as a non fiction account written well after the fact and maesters are using several separate sources to try and piece together what really happened. It covers all the major events but leaves nearly all the specific details vague or unknown so the people doing the show should still have a lot of creative licence to mould the show as they see fit. It'll be interesting to see how many series they plan for the show to last. The story covers a pretty long period of time but they could easily wrap it up in a series of two or stretch it out for quite a few depending on how in depth they want to get.
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