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  1. They probably have him two options for an answer and he either was too thick to realise and signed off on both or they just ignored what he said and printed it all by mistake.
  2. Catalonia

    To avoid giving the vote as much legitimacy as possible.
  3. What games would you like to see remade?

    It's not that old but the original Mass Effect. Re-do it with some of the combat systems used in the second and third game. In fact remake the lot of them while they're at it.
  4. Quarter Final Draw

    Chances are Premier would be happy enough to cover the two old firm team games over the Edinburgh derby.
  5. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Relieved at that. Really didn’t see us being as comfortable after the first half and especially after their equaliser.
  6. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Oof, what a strike that is.
  7. No because apparently nobody just loses games anymore you must bottle it and seeing as Saints get soundly beaten by sides we beat more often than they do they must also be massive bottle merchants. Unless the whole team losing to sides with far more resources than them actually being all to do with bottle is itself the oddest of logic?
  8. Thank goodness we have St.Johnstone here to show us how to handle the big two.
  9. Aberdeen's is definitely 9. Knocking Celtic out of the Scottish cup in 2014 only made it by 2 days but still counts. Hadn't realised Hibs had won as many as that. I know they normally give Celtic more of a game than we have but didn't realise they had that many wins.
  10. Off the top of my head at least 9. Not much to get excited about but probably more than anyone else I would guess?
  11. Yeah possibly, can't see how it would be a back 3 with GMS, Lowe and Logan all playing.
  12. McKenna back along with Lewis and Cosgrove passed fit.
  13. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Well no added to the others already mentioned it's quite a few in a short space of time.
  14. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Didn't Dallas f**k up the penalty in the league cup final then give a phantom penalty for St.Johnstone against Hearts a few days later? It's not like there's only a couple of incidents.
  15. We don’t play 1 striker though. Through the good run we had in December we pretty much always played Cosgrove and May. Now we often play with a combination of May, Cosgrove and Stewart. Which is three of the four striker options we have. We have four centre halves of which three have spent significant time out this season injured and of our four wingers two have spent significant time out injured, one of whom has his eye on the exit and hasn’t looked the same player since his injury. Hopefully that changes over time and he and the other injured players don’t flair up again but having as thin and injury prone squad as this is a risk no matter how you look at it.