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  1. And to think people were worried that the worst Musk would do would be to bring Trump and his cronies back. Truly impressive how he's managed to destroy something he spent so much money on so quickly.
  2. Yank footage sounds like it's got a couple of stormtroopers on commentary.
  3. Yeah I saw he started in the FA cup game recently but good chance as you say if they're doing well in the league that may have been a case of resting other players rather than him getting picked on merit.
  4. Can't say I've watched any of their games but checking randomly the results on Google it looks like for the most part he's involved every week but is on the bench more often than not.
  5. Mcginn is starting though? Or are you referring solely to Gilmour?
  6. Some goal he scored tonight. If he keeps doing that he'll attract attention.
  7. I think some of the Puma home kits are pretty decent. The Uruguay one in particular but the away kits are horrific. They almost all look like really low effort training tops.
  8. Not a surprise I suppose as I read the ratings had plummeted massively but I thought they would have given them one more series to wrap it up. Probably a victim of all the cost cutting going on at Warner Bros recently.
  9. Never heard of the guy so don't have much to say about the rumour but quite shocked that Scott Burns has a semi positive story about the club. That's been pretty rare in recent months.
  10. It's not far away. Dixon sounds like he's commentating at gunpoint as well. Along with Murphy as someone mentioned, the 3 of them should be nowhere near a microphone. Absolutely a case of jobs for the boys. Yeah it was amazing when Lawrenson put his being let go down to ageism and people being woke now. Clearly nobody has ever given him any feedback over the years about how bad he was at his job. Even how sparingly the BBC has used him in the last ten years didn't encourage any kind of introspection. Obviously he felt it was someone else's fault.
  11. Yeah for me one of the cool things about the world cup and euros is you generally get a taste of what the host country is like but there's none of that here for me with Qatar. Not particularly interested in finding out more about the country. I've still got quite a lot of annual leave from work this year so may use some of it to watch some of the early games but I don't think I would have bothered otherwise.
  12. For the most part except that there aren't really any far-left echo chambers that I can think of. Unless you go by the Republican definition where they accuse Biden of being a socialist.
  13. You've got Lee Dixon m8 so you'll still get your fix of miserable. It's not quite the same though. Lawrenson is up there on his own for sounding like he genuinely wants to kill himself because he has to cover a second round game involving Ecuador.
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