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  1. I'll miss the approximately 17 different sign ons you needed to access everything previously.
  2. I see it seems they're going down the American naming convention where Brown, Russell and the new guy are all Assistant Coaches rather than on being the assistant manager.
  3. Given the development fee we'd get out of a 100 million transfer i could console myself with that to be honest.
  4. First I've heard of this link. No idea who the guy is Tbh?
  5. Disappointed by the lack of marketing speak released alongside the kit. There's normally some completely made up shit I enjoy reading about how this slightly modified template kit is actually harkening back to one of our old kits from the 70s or 80s.
  6. Think it's very dark blue. We do occasionally have blue in our tops but probably just to break it up a bit. Our collars had black in them a few seasons back.
  7. Better look at it. Pretty decent I think. Probably best one in a couple of seasons. Think I prefer the pinstripe effort Union Berlin got though.
  8. Not sure why they bothered saying soon and then put it up 2 mins later. Bit anti climactic.
  9. If it goes to an appeal the SFA can approve a visa if they don't meet the criteria but they consider them to be an exceptional enough talent. No idea if Ramirez would get it or not but I think the SFA would have the final say.
  10. Surely not, I assume World Class Harry Souttar™ was the other CB?
  11. At this point it's not just how does Hanley get a game for us it's how does he get a game for Norwich? Looks an accident waiting to happen
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