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  1. Further talk about Campbell. No idea why the record threads unrelated stories together like that.
  2. Considering they started Jon Gallagher and Jake Mulraney at the weekend Campbell would probably get a game for Atlanta now.
  3. Scottish 18 year olds starting games in Serie A are ten a penny lads. Nothing to get excited about.
  4. I had read that either the Bologna manager or president or something said he would be coming in as second choice but I still didn't expect him to start tonight, some buzz for the boy. Aye turns out the other left back got sent off in their last game so maybe not that much of a surprise but still wouldn't have been surprised if they waited before throwing him in to the first team.
  5. Anyhoo, I see that Hickey is starting tonight and has been given shirt number 3. You’d think that might suggest he’s at least expected to be involved regularly but no guarantee I suppose.
  6. Rodhull

    The Walking Dead

    She's only 4 years older than he is.
  7. I’m not interested in anything that disproves my point...
  8. I’m sure we got a doing off Celtic at home in a Friday game? Might have just been a midweek game though.
  9. I think Watkins could be effective in that role too and wouldn’t be surprised to see him play there once Cosgrove is fit. Assuming he isn’t sold immediately.
  10. Haha, never noticed that. Them and the Eton rugby team presumably.
  11. Burke picked ahead of Mcburnie again today.
  12. Ha, after all that Souttar’s getting a start today.
  13. I think Assassin's Creed 3 was at least the fifth or sixth game in the series by that point so they’d already fucked it.
  14. Game adding £10 delivery charge to console orders sounds like a typical shitbag move for them. They really are a perfect company for Ashley to be involved with. Putting out all the bundles with stuff most people probably don’t want but will pay extra to get just to make sure they get a console is also typical of them. Had a pal who was in a panic to get one and ended up ordering a bundle with the digital edition and other stuff because it was the same price as the disc drive version that he meant to buy. He managed to cancel the order but I wonder how many got caught out like that and maybe didn’t notice.
  15. Twitter seems to be a mix of a forest fans saying he’s doing alright and old firm fans saying what a nightmare he’s having.
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