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  1. Thoughts and prayers man. Better luck in your choice of racists to defend next time.
  2. See Jayden Stockley has tested positive for COVID-19 after having been tested while back in training with Preston for a week. Doesn’t appear to be showing any symptoms so presumably he will be fine. https://www.pnefc.net/news/2020/may/jayden-stockley-tests-positive-for-covid-19/#.XtN_BL5lfyc.twitter
  3. Hard to imagine too many clubs will be in a position to sign many players in the near future. Given that so many countries are at different stages of their recovery you would have to think the usual transfer window dates being amended for the short term must be a possibility. Would guess we’ll maybe bring in some players on loan to replace those we had and have left.
  4. Well that’s Hayes leaving Celtic so I’m sure there’ll be tons of speculation linking him with us for a while. Thought he was great for us before but really don’t think it’d be a good move to bring him back, especially as he’s likely to want fairly hefty wages by our standards.
  5. Ordered one of the Aberdeen ones from here. Only ordered today so still waiting for it to come. https://dollydigital.bigcartel.com/
  6. Yeah think he implied that his girlfriend slept with a journalist to get a good review even though the journalist wasn't a game reviewer and despite backtracking on it the damage was done. Then they piled in and started accusing her of sleeping with pretty much every male games journalist she had any kind of contact with. Really fucked up situation at the time.
  7. It was a controversy supposedly about ethics in game journalism but in reality was just a thinly veiled excuse for alt-right weirdos to target harassment at (predominantly) women in both games journalism and Game development or basically anyone seen as being too liberal/feminist for their tastes.
  8. Yes you do. You're not there long tbh (though I was there for well over 5/6 hours due to the reason I'm mentioning next) but if you are going for 100% or wanting to collect all the animals then get them now because as far as I know you don't go back. I don’t think any of the animals from that location count towards the 100% so you might have wasted some of your time?
  9. Yeah I have a pal who lives over there so been to visit a few times and went on a tour and an 1860 game as well. Even for a Bavarian derby against Ingolstadt it wasn't even half full. No surprise they got out of that deal.
  10. The seats not just being plain grey makes a difference. I know 1860 didn't want the seats to be all red but grey was an especially drab choice.
  11. Unless they specialise in them most craft breweries seem to struggle to make decent lagers. Lost Lager is probably the best of the regular Brewdog lagers they’ve made but isn’t really better than ok as craft beers go.
  12. Like the design of the away kit but the sponsor panel ruins the effect a bit. Home kit looks fairly plain but might look nicer in better quality pics.
  13. Obviously far too early to get too excited about but sounds positive at least and is an indication that some progress is being made hopefully. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/18/health/coronavirus-vaccine-moderna-early-results/index.html
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