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  1. I know Hibsfan was on this week saying that only the Scottish Cup and ones where you beat the old firm specifically actually count but I really didn’t think the players thought that too.
  2. They only moved into the new stadium in November. It’s apparently just along the road from the old Plough Lane they played at up until the 90s. I remember listening to The football ramble doing a podcast about the first game there and how disappointing it was to be done with no fans.
  3. I never said we were. We were closer to making the playoffs under Levein than either of Strachans campaigns though so I just queried the ‘out of the doldrums’ remark.
  4. I did, hence my talking about Hanley being so bad in the game against Wales. Losing home and away against Wales may not have been quite as bad as the 4-6-0 but it was still pretty low at the time. Obviously looking at it in hindsight with Wales resurgence pretty much starting then it doesn’t look so bad but at the time with Wales finishing bellowing us in the group but still beating us twice it felt pretty low. Both of Strachans campaigns were half of a decent campaign with some terrible results in the other half blowing it for Scotland but in both from what I recall the centre back position was the weak point of the side whether it was Martin and Hanley in the first one or to a slightly lesser extent Berra and Mulgrew later on. Maybe playing the back 3 now would compensate for a lot of the flaws but I’m still not that keen to see Hanley play again. Obviously I hope he proves me wrong if he does.
  5. Stuff I’m seeing makes it look like they’re being binned altogether and Japan is going to try and get it in 2032. Not that I care about the Olympics that much but it sounds pretty shit for them.
  6. I mean I'm assuming he was asked directly about it. I doubt he just blurted it out in the same defensive way Lennon did. He did say he was under a degree of pressure after the last result but the Weegie media routinely thinks Aberdeen fans should just be grateful with what they get and any hint of unhappiness is dismissed with 'Its not the 80s anymore' and never discussed further so I doubt he would have been under any serious pressure from the media regardless.
  7. We finished 4th in a 6 man group in the 13/14 campaign and did so again for Euro 2016 so not sure it can be described as a rise from the doldrums? We finished 3rd out of 5 in the 2012 campaign so it was pretty much same level of doldrums if anything.
  8. Who cares about Considine, I expect him not to make the squad when the numbers are narrowed down to 23. My argument isn’t that he specifically needs to be picked ahead of Hanley. Just that Hanley is not very good for Scotland (in my opinion) so shouldn’t be picked ahead of those that have played a part in the recent campaign. If Hanley was an amazing player that stood out head and shoulders above the other players in his position we have as options I could certainly understand the desire to bring him in. But he doesn’t, he’s of a similar middling ability as most of the other players that can play at CB for Scotland (Besides Tierney obviously, Mctominay isn’t really a defender and is used in a role that wouldn’t suit Hanley anyway). If there’s injuries then fine by all means call him up. If not then too bad for him.
  9. He’s played twice since 2016. He can’t have been injured for every squad.
  10. Yes but you also claimed to be an ex player in one of your previous personas so I’ll take that revelation about Considine with a pinch of salt. Making no claims about Considine being a better player than Hanley. Hanley has rarely if ever looked good for Scotland though and since 2016 has rarely played and almost always drops out whenever called up. Not someone a manager should be dropping those who do turn up for if he wants the players to have any respect for him. I’ll admit your readiness to dismiss opinions of those who disagree with your stupid opinions with complete conviction is almost impressive just for its near Trumpian like unearned arrogance. Only let down by the fact that you’re an idiot that ruins almost every thread he posts in with your inane shite.
  11. Sure, just ignore the guys who got you there and pick someone who's always played far worse in the same position and barely bothers turning up. No thanks.
  12. Yeah I remember him looking really promising at one point but as you say got worse over time. I remember the Wales game at Hampden in particular where I think he may have scored but besides that was a total bombscare in a way I can't remember any Scotland centre back being and we've had some ropey ones. Plus he's been in a lot of squads in recent years and dropped out nearly all of them. If it's not a lack of commitment then he must be one of the most unlucky players for injuries.
  13. Just a pity he's always looked absolutely shit whenever he's played for Scotland.
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