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  1. Haha please I'm not the one currently doing a parody version of myself because someone pointed out how dull your schtick was.
  2. Aye but you at least vomit different nonsense in your attempts to troll rather than saying the same three things in multiple posts across multiple threads.
  3. He actually makes you look subtle. As hard as that is to imagine.
  4. Could you not at least keep your repetitive trolling to one thread rather than ruining every thread please?
  5. Looks like Chelsea will be back splashing the cash pretty Soon. Gilmour to spend the next few seasons being farmed out on loan I guess.
  6. Fucking hell thats some source you’re using there. A hardcore yoon blog that’s referring to Sturgeon’s inner circle as slugs and referring to ‘Wangs over Skintland’. Must be more reliable places than a complete nutter’s blog for dirt on him.
  7. Was that not because of the Glasgow South MP not having supposedly hypocritical stances relating to Israel and the Palestinians? There’s so much moaning back and forth between all sides on Twitter it’s hard to keep track of who and what to be angry with at all times.
  8. "Boris Johnson gets my vote". For Johnson specifically to be the reason for someone's vote they must be an utter scumbag. Congrats.
  9. No you're just a sensitive, paranoid mess. I shouldn't have to state the obvious to stop you getting your knickers in a twist.
  10. I agree and it's such an obvious thing to state I wouldn't require everyone on the forum to say so lest I assume that they thought splatting players with food items was a good thing.
  11. Because I shouldn't need to. Unless you think the pro pie throwing agenda on here is so rife that we all need to clearly state what side of such a tricky issue we all stand on.
  12. Saw plenty of it last night on twitter. The desperation for it to be racism on their part was pretty sad. Goodness knows how inconsolable they'd have been had Cosgrove scored.
  13. Could understand the Corbyn criticism there if we had someone resembling a semi competent statesman like leader as an alternative but we've got a lying, racist buffoon following up from a dithering non-entity before him so who can kid themselves that Corbyn would be out of his depth compared to them should be the question?
  14. Was surprised how much Rangers resorted to the long ball in the second half as Taylor and McKenna were winning just about everything. Probably more a sign of Aberdeen doing a much better job closing the space down than just Rangers running out of ideas I suppose.
  15. Compared to fucking what? The Muppets who've been in charge the last five years or so? He should scarcely be worse even if he tried.
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