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  1. So because Glass isn't going to be sacked we should just arbitrarily pick a member of staff to be sacked based on no real evidence we're aware of to appoint a hypothetical experienced coach into a different position than the sacked member of staff had in the hope it'll solve.....something? I appreciate we're all pretty frustrated just now but think that's just a bit of a reach. Unless someone is claiming to have some inside knowledge of what's going on I don't think there's any basis for singling out a single backroom member of staff as the issue.
  2. Based on what though? He's not even the assistant manager? He, Brown and Apaloo are all the more American style assistant head coach position. Don't get me wrong Russell could be horrendous for all I know but seems odd to single him out specifically without anything specific to go on? I know he obviously had the issues with the drink drive thing but that shouldn't necessarily have any impact on his coaching.
  3. I know things are desperate but Jim Duffy? Fucking hell. The man's been failing job to job for well over a decade now. It's only because he has pals in the media that he gets any work at all.
  4. Will they aye? I'll file that with your Kyle Lafferty signing incoming claims in the January window.
  5. Well, shit. First one was harsh but don't think there's much to complain about that one.
  6. Great reaction to going behind but the defence's lack of concentration is still a worry. Can look completely comfortable for long periods then unforced fuckups lead to glaring opportunities conceded.
  7. Haven't watched Soccer Saturday in a long time but saw BT Score yesterday for first time in ages and it's the exact same. Think all these goals show have the excitable bellend pundit who wants their voice to be heard no matter what. Robbie Savage was constantly screaming over the quieter pundits like Alan Hutton and Anton Ferdinand. Sutton was a bit like that too but a little less ignorant about the way he did it.
  8. Jim Bett? I don't think he played a huge number of games for Utd so may not have played a derby?
  9. Not really but if you're trying to be a smart arse windup merchant you should at least be accurate.
  10. 25 years surely? Unless you're really counting lower league trophies it's impossible for Aberdeen to win. Both have 2 in the last 30. Need to get the right arbitrary period of time for these to work.
  11. Talking about Ramsay good to see he should be fit for the game at the weekend according to Glass.
  12. Hmm, could be your IP provider showing you as the wrong location somehow. Not sure how best to sort that if so.
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