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  1. I've 100%'d the last couple of AC games but I don't think I can force myself to catch every kind of fish in the game for this one.
  2. He's fair owned us with that one like. Hope Merkland Red has learned his lesson.
  3. It's as if they don't even know about Scott Wright's new weight regime!!!
  4. God forbid if a club employee did make a harmless joke though eh? Clearly the SFA/SPFL must look into this and sanctions be imposed!
  5. Think injuries have fucked him. He had two pretty serious ligament injuries before he even went down south.
  6. That may be the laziest man of the match award reasoning I've ever heard.
  7. Aberdeen have been pretty awful and there's every chance we could still go out here but McLean is commentating like Dumbarton are already at least a couple of goals up.
  8. Considine's on Open Goal for anyone interested. Ferry's tolerable but shame the other boy is in it as his patter is hard work.
  9. I think Johnny Russell just signed a new deal and was made captain for his club so definitely don't think he'll be moving this summer.
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