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  1. 0-3. Dembele with one or two to make up for an abysmal showing on Sunday.
  2. Pretty convincing win for the good guys in this one i'd imagine. Big Moussa to get 2, at the very least.
  3. As much as I admire his determination, I don't fancy his chances. Lustig and Janko are already there and we brought another right back off the bench the other week in Anthony Ralston, another youngster. Obviously it all comes down to whoever the new manager is and what he fancies. For what its worth, I always rated Fisher whenever he played for us, don't remember him ever doing anything wrong. Perhaps just wasn't the right time.
  4. Could see Fisher staying at St Johnstone to be honest, by all accounts he seems to have flourished there. Wouldn't mind us having a look at Will Grigg (song would be a bonus), with Caldwell being the Wigan boss, if it looks likely Grigg could go, surely we'd have a good chance at signing him?