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  1. There is one other "incentive", for retaining the Junior Cup, ie the winners continue to enter the Scottish Cup. It is anticipated that as more West & East senior clubs become licensed, the incentive for them to enter the SJC, will reduce. Pyramid promotion will be the priority for top/ambitious junior clubs. Within 5 years, most of the clubs who EITHER don't want to obtain an SFA licence, OR can't do so, as it isn't viable (ground, finance, support level, etc, inadequacies).. These smaller clubs, will have an enhanced opportunity to win the Junior Cup, and have entry into the Scottish Cup (alongside the Amateur cup winners). This is probably why Girvan don't enter the SCC, as they are already licensed, and don't need to qualify.
  2. Cambelltown Pupils would be a welcome addition to the WoSL. As would Oban Saints. Other WoSL clubs and supporters would look forward to one day out (once a season), to these splendid locations.' However, ongoing finance and commitment is difficult for these 2 clubs, when they have to play 17 - 18 away league games per season. This remoteness, is the problem that Fort William continually face in the HFL.
  3. Whereas St Bernards didn't proceed with their application, after taking EoSL advice.
  4. Or is it a way to encourage' the SPFL to restructure League Two, by moving to a 16 club League 2, including, Brora, Kelty, Rangers & Celtic Colts, and 2 other clubs ?
  5. Will the winners of the, Brora Rangers -v- Kelty Hearts Highland/Lowland (champions play-off), be denied the opportunity to participate in the SPFL (club 42) play-off final ? According to the Scottish Daily Record, this play-off may not now take place at the end of this season ? Yet another potential Scottish football crisis ?
  6. A change in the club's name was a prerequisite, if "Athletic" wanted to be accepted into the EoSL. Ground sharing will therefore be acceptable, subject to a formal agreement between the clubs concerned..
  7. Won't happen. However Tier 6 will encourage some of the leading NCL clubs, to consider SFA licensing. Similarly, several clubs in the proposed North/Midland League, will look to follow the same route, when it obtains senior/pyramid status.
  8. There has been some serious damage at Bunillidh's Couper Park clubhouse, which may mean that the club will not return to the NCL for 2021/22. However, subject to pandemic controls being lifted, it is anticipated that one new club will join the NCL for next season.
  9. Not unless they are licensed. Golspie Sutherland is the only NCL club which has an SFA licence at present, and they already enter the Scottish Cup each season. Pyramid status in 2021/22, will give encouragement to a couple of current NCL clubs, who are understood to be ambitious. Similarly there is only one club in the North Juniors, which holds an SFA licence, namely Banks O'Dee, who also enter the big 'Scottish' each season. By comparison, if a "Midland League" (East Juniors north of Tayside) joins the pyramid, none of its clubs are currently licensed.
  10. Kickabouts probably unlikely.. However, the North Caley League has published its fixtures in order to c0mplete the current season. Matches will start on 29th May, and conclude on 26th June. Good news. The 2021/22 season is unlikely to start before mid September (yet to be confirmed).. It will be interesting to see if Bunillidh Thistle will rejoin the NCL, after a year out.
  11. I agree. But existing part time SPFL clubs, will want some additional protection against relegation to Tier 5, so a restructuring at the lower SPFL divisions will be needed. Perhaps changing both Leagues One & Two into 16 (or 18) club divisions, would be a good incentive for existing league, and top/ambitious non league clubs. Conditional of course, on automatic promotion and relegation between SPFL and the HFL/SLL, being implemented as a 'quid pro quo' ? And as a bonus....a reduced need for lower clubs to be playing each other 4 times each season. Great news for most fans, like me !. .
  12. If so, will I be given free entry to the ground (again) ?
  13. An interesting situation for the H&I University. Given the appalling lack of facilities in Inverness, I anticipate that there will be interest from several local clubs, about using the facilities (if they are on offer for hiring ?). However the above QUOTE (if accurate) from the Uni spokesperson, suggests that it will be seeking to advance into the junior or amateur ranks. Perhaps when phase 2 is completed, the NCL could be an appropriate option.
  14. I hope you your info is correct. Ground development target dates for opening usually run late, as various 'snags' and ' safety approvals' are often delayed by a few weeks/months. Timescale-wise, I am keeping an eye on Queens Park at Lesser Hampden. Another very exciting development. South of the border, completion dates for new football stadia, are frequently (much ?) later than anticipated,. Typical.
  15. Yes great news. The last time I was at the (old) stadium was years ago, to watch Meadowbank Thistle's first Scottish League match under floodlights. Myself and my 2 lads arrived +20 minutes late, and were given free entry, as the turnstile(s) had closed. I am very pleased that after all the hassle, City will be returning to the new Meadowbank, and will attend a future match when I'm in Edinburgh. Has a date been set for completion of the ground works ? Perhaps I will be given free entry again !! (just joking).
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