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  1. Ha Ha...... but will this "tribute act" become WoSFL champions this season ? from Jamie
  2. Looking forward rather than reliving the past, I would suggest to the Tayside clubs that they formally drop their 'junior' status, and officially rebrand themselves as an independent "senior" Midland League for 2021/22. Having done so, they could then apply to join the pyramid for 2022/23. During this 'interim' 12 months, the clubs themselves can then decide whether they wish to join the HFL, or the SLFL pyramid. Having then done so,, they would be in a stronger position to apply pressure to the Lowland/Highland league (of their choice), and make a formal 'application' to be accepted (at tier 6).. At this point, the SFA would need to 'promote' a resolution, after obtaining the views of the SPFL clubs, who would also need confirm their position. IMO the Tayside clubs have nothing to lose, as NONE of them are currently licensed,, and it would probably take until 2023/24 for any of them to achieve this goal (assuming some of these clubs wanted to become licensed).
  3. About 6 months ago I contacted Girvan, but the person I spoke to said it was their intention to install floodlights, but he couldn't comment on planning, funding, or timescale...
  4. I find it odd that clubs Girvan and Wigtown are still licensed, as they don't have floodlights, which is an SFA requirement. I also find it strange that Banks O'Dee are also still licensed, as they have declined an invitation to join the HFL (as club 18), and are in breach of the SFA rule that by remaining junior, they are not part of the pyramid. On the positive side, Golspie have now installed floodlights, and therefore comply with the licensing requirement to have lights..
  5. Can we expect that some WoSL clubs will obtain an SFA Licence in time for season 2021/22 ? If so, it will be interesting to see how the WoSL champions (if licensed in time) will get on against the EoSL(or SoSL) champions at the end of the 2021/22 season. At present in the West, only Glasgow University are licensed.
  6. I understand that the North Juniors still haven't confirmed their acceptance of the pyramid at tiers 6 & 7. Banks O'Dee were informally approached (again) about filling the vacancy created by Cove leaving, but did not take up the offer. If Golspie decided to apply to join the HFL for 2021/22, they would probably be invited to join, unless BoD also apply at the same time. It is very unlikely IMO that this will happen until the pyramid is in place for the NCL, and until the virus is 'under control' Congratulations to Golspie about their floodlights. It has been a long haul for them.
  7. I agree. The town does not need two separate clubs called "United". I very much doubt that the new junior version, would be accepted into the EoSL, unless they change their name., for example to become "Bo'ness Junior FC"
  8. Quick assessment - :the two divisional split is for one season only. Both divisions will be competitive this season. The 1st Division is too close to call, although Invergordon are my tip to become champions (as they would have been in 2019/20 had "points per game" been used to decide the outcome).. In the 2nd division, 'returning' NCL club Alness United, are stronger than they were 2 years ago, Inverness Athletic have benefitted from their partnership arrangements, and new club Loch Ness have adjusted well to the NCL, since being elevated from the I&DL. Nairn County Reserves are unpredictable, depending on the age/quality of which young players are selected for each match. Fixture update - 21st November will see a battle of two basement clubs in the NCL 2nd division : Bonar Bridge v Scourie.. It will be interesting..... if nothing else ! Next season -: Bunillidh Thistle will return from 'abeyance' if the virus is under control. If so, at least one (additional) amateur club is anticipated to apply to join the NCL for 2021/22.
  9. Plenty of interesting ties: if they go ahead as planned. I have high lighted a few ties. Wigtown don't have to worry about a home venue, as they have been drawn away. Penicuik or Musselborough won't fancy a long trip to Wick. Glasgow Uni v Linlithgow would be worth watching. Tynecastle -v-the Colts, and Shire -v-the Loco Works will also be interesting. Will this be the last season that Banks O'Dee will be allowed to enter the Scottish, unless they join the HFL next season ?
  10. So Let's all blame the WoSFL for the pandemic. Sorry but that is absolute drivel !!! Trying to keep up with Government changes, and the new "spike" throughout the UK, is a nightmare for football, and for sport in general. At least the WoSFL is underway, which is more than can be said for the Highland League at the moment. According to the WoSFL fixture list, and removing Dalry Thistle, (only)16 of the 57 West clubs, have withdrawn for this season. There may well be more clubs leaving, as the season progresses. But at least, the new league, and 41 of its clubs, are prepared to give it go. If the season is completed, where will the clubs who haven't participated this season, be slotted in for season 2021/22 ? Would this mean another season of conferences at tier 7 for 2021/22 ? What will be decided regarding relegation from, and promotion to, the Premier Division ? Plenty of scope for differing views on this forum.
  11. It was excellent that the Highland League Cup semi finals were streamed, and congratulations to Rothes and Buckie Thistle for reaching the Final. Shame about the weather yesterday. Rod Houston has asked if streaming could this be a viable solution, in allowing the HFL to restart ? The outcome of the proposed league meeting during week commencing 9th October, is awaited with interest.
  12. Despite all of the major problems which have occurred, the WoSFL has now started. Yes, some clubs are not participating in 2020/21, which is disappointing, but the majority have. Therefore, massive congratulations should be given (1) to those clubs who have restarted against the odds (2) to the players who have made it possible, and (3)to the management of the new West of Scotland Football league, who in my opinion have performed miracles, in getting the league up and running. Well done to all concerned.
  13. Nairn County "A" will be playing home NCL games at Riverside Park. It is a pity that Bunillidh Thistle have gone into 'abeyance' for this season. It is however their intention to return in 2021/22, virus constraints permitting.
  14. In addition to the above, Loch Ness have confirmed on their twitter page that they will be using Canal Park as their home ground for this season. Excellent news, and must be worth a visit.
  15. Correct. I was the first to 'predict' Livingston's interest in joining the EoSL on P&B, last February. It is a shame that the club's formal application was submitted too late for 2020/21. Come on Lurker, name the 3 clubs, which you refer to above. Or is this another dose of your erratic posts on here ? Perhaps you should give P&B a rest for a while. .
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