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  1. Where are the photos of the new ground ? I haven't been to the 'stadium' since Meadowbank Thistle folded. It doesn't sound like it's worth going/seeing the developoment ?
  2. Very tidy ground, and a good welcome given to away fans. I've followed Golspie's. progress since they became SFA members way back in the late Sixties/early seventies, as far as I can remember. Split loyalties for me however, in their impending cup clash with Glasgow Uni.
  3. Scottish Cup on Saturday 27/8. How will the 3 NCL clubs fare ? Fort William v Benburb Glasgow University v Golspie Sutherland Invergordon v Newtongrange Star No Cup replays this season.
  4. I have to agree that the new name of FC Edinburgh is bland, and as you suggest is "an abomination". If a name change was unavoidable, there would have been better alternatives, namely : Edinburgh Meadowbank FC or Edinburgh Thistle, (Livingston FC didn't retain the name Thistle) : City of Edinburgh OR Edinburgh Citadel (reflecting the club's previous name). Like some other current City supporters, I was an original Meadowbank Thistle fan (I still have the programme for their first Scottish League match), and to me, the spirit of the current Edinburgh club is an historic throwback to MT. No new name consultation ? Shocking if true.
  5. A comparison for 2022/23 between the North Caley league (NCL), and the South of Scotland League (SoSL), is - NCL : 13 member clubs (+2) including 2 reserve teams : 2 SFA licenced clubs (+1) SoSL : 12 member clubs (-1) including 2 reserve teams : 3 SFA licensed clubs (-1)
  6. So 2 existing clubs have gone into abeyance for 2022/23, with Banks O'Dee 'Juniors' being admitted. Has the new North divisional structure been confirmed yet ?
  7. Fort attended the NCL AGM on 7th June 2022. and were accepted into the league, subject to their HFL appeal being unsuccessful (or it didn't take place). The NCL has become stronger in recent seasons, and I doubt Fort would be champions in 2022/23.
  8. Already the pyramid has resulted in the expansion of the NCLwith 4 new clubs in 202021 (although Scourie resigned after one season only), and a further 2 clubs for the 2022/23 season (Fort relegated, from the HFL, and Clachnacuddin "B" joining). Entry to the Scottish Cup should encourage other clubs to apply to join the NCL in future seasons. Whilst on the subject of Clach "B", the excellent Non League Scotland website has failed to add them for next season, even though they were elected to the NCL on the 9th June..
  9. I understand that Lewis & Harris FC have not as yet signalled entry into any of the NCA/NCL cup competitions for 2022/23. The Non League Scotland website has not yet realised that Clach Reserves' application to join the North Caley League for next season, was agreed at the NCL's AGM on 7th June.
  10. HFL conspiracy shocking !!!! However Fort's appeal is to the SFA, and not to the HFL.
  11. Not entirely true. Clydebank are seeking promotion. regardless of Talbot, or any other leading West club. It had been the Bankies intention to join the Lowland League during its' formative years, as a stepping stone towards SPFL status. However, the club fell victim to some questionable 'threats' about a loss of home ground access, if they did so, and withdrew their interest.
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