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  1. Nairn County "A" will be playing home NCL games at Riverside Park. It is a pity that Bunillidh Thistle have gone into 'abeyance' for this season. It is however their intention to return in 2021/22, virus constraints permitting.
  2. In addition to the above, Loch Ness have confirmed on their twitter page that they will be using Canal Park as their home ground for this season. Excellent news, and must be worth a visit.
  3. Correct. I was the first to 'predict' Livingston's interest in joining the EoSL on P&B, last February. It is a shame that the club's formal application was submitted too late for 2020/21. Come on Lurker, name the 3 clubs, which you refer to above. Or is this another dose of your erratic posts on here ? Perhaps you should give P&B a rest for a while. .
  4. Given the overall uncertainty of the virus, and the probable poor weather in the Highlands, in my opinion the Highland League should decide to limit the 2020/21season to either each club playing each other only once (ie 16 league games), instead of playing both home & away games, or splitting into 2 divisions (at tiers 5 & 6) for one season only, thereby following the decision agreed by the North Caley League. This may also be something for the WoSL to consider ?
  5. I'm chuffed about your art work !!
  6. Hello Lurker As usual you are talking absolute nonsense, as your 2 posts (above) confirm. In your first one, you suggest "fake news", and in the second post, you contradict yourself regarding my question . My first post dated from January 2019, whilst the second one, posed a question about possible progress now that Cumnock are members of the WoSL. Unfortunately for everyone else on here, and myself, you are well known for chopping and changing your mind regularly, on the same subject. May I try to be helpful, by suggesting that you stick to the facts, and avoid hypothetical assessments of situations you know little or nothing about. .
  7. The erection of floodlights was (in part) delayed by covid19, and the lockdown. There were also some funding issues to be resolved. The lights are now going ahead. The Highland League has required its clubs to have floodlights.
  8. Agreed. When I went to Home Park 3 years ago, I couldn't see Coldstream being allowed to erect floodlight, nor having the finance to do so.. How wrong I was.
  9. On 28th February 2019, Cumnock Juniors announced that they had submitted a club Licence application to the SFA. Subsequently it was rumoured that Petershill had followed suit. Neither application was approved because these 2 junior clubs were not playing in a ('senior') pyramid league, at that time. However they are now members of the new West of Scotland (pyramid) League. So can we expect that their Licence applications will now be considered/approved by the SFA's Licensing Committee ? And if so, when ? Also, Talbot and other ambitious West clubs must be taking steps to get licensed. Any reports regarding progress/developments, would be interesting.
  10. Golspie have applied for, and been successful in obtaining planning permission for floodlights. This time, no appeal was lodged by local neighbours, against their use. Unfortunately their installation has been hampered by the lockdown, although it is still proposed that they will be erected soon, as without having them they run the risk of losing their SFA licence.. In recent years, the HFL has tightened its stance regarding its clubs needing floodlights.
  11. Sorry but in my view, the north Juniors should accept the invitation from the Highland League, that they should join the pyramid at Tier 6. There's an open door for them to be alongside the North Caley League. Both leagues would retain their 'independence' from each other.l.
  12. Agreed. The best thing about the pyramid is that clubs rise and fall. It will be interesting to see if north junior clubs Rothie Rovers and Nairn St Ninians, have the ambition to look for pyramid membership ?
  13. Absolutely spot on. The key to completing the pyramid, is to recognise that not all of its feeder leagues have the same number of clubs, nor the same population size/density, nor the same travelling issues, given the geography of Scotland. The Scottish pyramid must be nationwide. Promotion play-offs between the champions of each of the individual Tier 6 leagues, currently EoSL, WoSL, SoSL, or the proposed NL, and (eventually ?) the North Juniors , provides a pathway to higher levels. All clubs and fans have the right to dream, and be ambitious. Yes, 95% of the time, the bigger club, from the bigger league, will win a promotion play-off, against a club from an inferior league. However now and again, a small club will exceed its own ambitions and expectations, as Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City have.. From my own highland prospective, 25+ years ago, I would never have envisaged that a small club like Brora Rangers, would be knocking on the door of the 'Scottish League'. I also doubt if (at that time), the supporters of Kelty Hearts, ever expected to being doing likewise.
  14. The Highland League and the NCL have already agreed that the latter should be a feeder league at Tier 6, with promotion and relegation. This proposal was intended to include the North Juniors, as a parallel pyramid league, also at Tier 6. The proposal includes, a "play-off" between the champion club of each league, assuming both champions are licensed. However, it now seems that there there are two camps within the North Juniors, about joining, or not joining, the pyramid, which has delayed the implementation of this proposal. As far as I am aware, there have not been any serious discussions, or proposals, regarding (north) Tayside Juniors becoming a third Highland regional pyramid league, at Tier 6. Highland League support would be needed in the first instance, as it could be possible to have 3 separate Highland feeder leagues, with a 3 way play-off . However this would require the north Tayside clubs to agree that 'heading north' is the only way ahead, which is unlikely at present, in my view.
  15. Correct. Installation work should commence in the autumn. Golspie have been SFA Members since the 1960's, and have no intention of losing their licence. The NCL will not become a feeder league below the North Juniors.. Neither the North Caley clubs, nor the North Juniors would support this suggestion, which is impractical on both travelling and financial. grounds.
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