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  1. Sounds promising for the West. LL play-off format must be resolved for 2020/21 if the West clubs enter the pyramid. Any review of the boundary , would need to involve the SPFL and the HFL.. clubs, and IMO it would take at least another two years, to reach any agreement............unless of course the SFA rules out any need for a review, or future changes. Yes, additional promotion to the LL needs to be changed in the future, to avoid a club "log jam" between tiers 5 & 6. However this is NOT necessary for 2020/21, given the current small number of West juniors having floodlights and licences.
  2. Anyone want to speculate on the outcome ? It's very quiet.
  3. Interesting, especially if two BOD's apply for HFL membership in 2020/21, as it is hard to see if a 36 match season is manageable in the Highlands. Bridge of Don and Bank O'Dee (already rumoured for 20/21 (despite declining to join this season) at the same time ? Also, how about Aberdeen University FC, which has the facilities, and floodlights, also applying ? The Uni was a full member of the SFA in the early 70's.
  4. The EoSL dealt okay with the 'round robin' Conference play-offs last season. If the West clubs join, only ONE promotion spot to the SLL, shared with the EoSL (no, I haven't forgotten the much weaker SoSL), sounds like a pyramid 'log jam'. to me. Also, Edinburgh City (and now Cove Rangers) seem to have coped, even though they now play 36 league games in the SPFL each season. Discounting the popular Scottish Cup, would fans prefer cup games to league fixtures ? Which attracts the higher attendances ? Status quo 'protectionism' for existing SLL clubs ? Surely not, as with a future league of 18 SLL clubs, 16 clubs would be safe from relegation each season, whereas with the current 16 club league, only 15 clubs are safe from relegation each season. Footnote: before someone mentions it, if SPFL club 42 is relegated, and the HFL champions are promoted in their place, an extra SLL club would be relegated. This extra SLL relegation place, would be the same under both a 16 or an 18 club Lowland League. Comparison : The English pyramid seems to be promotion/relegation vibrant. Scotland should surely follow suit ?
  5. Surely Cumnock and Petershill would need a special dispensation, to get past the first licensing stage in February, on the basis that these clubs are not currently members of a "senior" league ? Or am I missing something ?
  6. The HFL has coped with 18 clubs, and the region has far worse weather than that which the Lowland clubs experience. Let's get real here.
  7. Surely opening up 2 or even 3 automatic spots from a 16 team Lowland league like most other leagues of the same size as in West Juniors have would mean a better standard of team in Lowland League more quickly then the SPFL League Two would then be more willing to open up automatic relegation too. Replacing the teams near the bottom of Lowland League with Boness, Camelon, Penicuik, Hill of Beath, if West join Talbot, Buffs etc would make it a far more appealing league. Agreed - as per my post above
  8. The Lowland League should increase its membership from 16 to 18 clubs. This would mean 34 league games per season, which is perfectly achievable, as a stepping stone towards SPFL League Two membership, where the clubs already play 36 league games per season. This would encourage an increase in the number of Tier 6 promotion spots, from 1 (currently) to 2, when (if) the West join next season. This may encourage West clubs to join the pyramid, and reduce potential blockage at the top of the West, EoSL, and SoSL . It would also be more likely to gain the support of the existing LL clubs, as the risk of relegation to Tier 6, would be reduced by 1 club, because (in most seasons), the highest placed 16 LL clubs would not be relegated. Whereas, currently only 15 LL clubs are safe from relegation, or 14 if SPFL club 42 is relegated to the Lowland, and a Highland League club is promoted to the SPFL instead. This would be a win-win situation, in my view.
  9. The potential relegation of Brechin City would seriously test the boundary.
  10. There's more atmosphere at Ainslie Park, than there was at Meadowbank Stadium. Also as a temporary relocation, beggars can't be choosers. By the way, what's the latest news on the Meadowbank redevelopment, and when is it likely to be completed ?
  11. The right decision, and great news. The future of QP as a league club is now secure.
  12. Have I missed a recent post from ICR regarding Clydebank ? Recently the Bankies seem to be as silent as the rest of the West Juniors.
  13. Good news and good photo. Any more club progress regarding floodlights and/or licensing ?
  14. Interesting to know when they will be installed ? Thank you. Floodlights are obviously NOT a burning issue for the other clubs listed below !Any updates Uncle Bob Any updates on floodlights installation for the above clubs ? Perhaps we could be enlightened please ? Uncle Bob
  15. Does anyone have any updates regarding the above clubs ?
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