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  1. The format of the Scottish Cup for next season, is not easy to predict, given the virus, because......... If the 3 Junior Regional League's seasons are not completed, there will be no champion clubs anyway. Similarly if one or both of the Scottish Junior, and Scottish Amateur Cups aren't completed, then there can't be any cup winners, who would (otherwise) be eligible to enter the Scottish Cup). Likewise,what about the Southern Counties FA Cup winners ?. On the positive side, the 6 new SFA licensed clubs will be eligible to enter the 2020/21 Scottish, assuming their licences are ratified at the SFA's AGM in June. Also will Cumnock and Petershill make a special case that their ('deferred/not considered earlier') licence applications, should now be approved, as they will be a senior club for 2020/21 ? This assumes that their applications were not approved, solely because they weren't playing in a pyramid league, at that time ??? Given the above, will changes to the Scottish Cup's Preliminary Rounds, need to be changed for 2020/21 ? Or is it too early to tell ?
  2. Fair point about "amateur" status. At the moment they are still an existing "senior" club in the SoSL .
  3. Thanks Pyramidic : "Confirmation awaited from the following 2 Amateur clubs", Bonnyton Thistle are current members of the South of Scotland League, and as such will need to resign from it, if they join the WoSFL. This won't be confirmed until the new West league's AGM has confirmed the new structure and membership Glasgow University does not need to make any announcement at this stage, as it isn't a 'community club' , and its fan base is usually its students (who, by the way, are not currently in residence) . However, is it likely that GUFC will risk losing its 50+ years SFA full Membership & Licence, by not joining a senior pyramid league, now there will be one in the West ? Regarding the other two Amateur clubs which have bee mentioned (several times) on here, Oban Saints and Strathclyde University, I am of the view that (sadly) neither have applied yet, with only 3 days left. Of course, I may be wrong.
  4. Eyemouth's return ? There was to have been an EoSL meeting' tonight, presumably by video conferencing (?). If so, expect an announcement about clubs, conferences, etc, tomorrow, or very soon thereafter. Are they the 9th applicant ?
  5. "He" : I presume you mean me (Robert/Bob), understands only too well, and (of course) you are at liberty to express your opinion. You could be proved right (?). But in my opinion there is little or no chance of what you are saying, actually happening, for the reasons I stated very clearly. A logjam at Tiers 5 & 6 is already a risk for the fluidity of the pyramid, particularly whilst there is no automatic promotion to the SPFL for the Lowland or Highland champion club . However, there will be opposition to automatic promotion, unless some additional protection (restructuring) is provided for part time SPFL clubs. The knock on by having not one, but two, extra tier 6 leagues, makes the chance of reaching the SPFL, even more difficult than it is now. Hence the increasing concern about a logjam stifling ambition for existing, and new pyramid clubs. Therefore I don't agree with your conclusion about the potential addition of a fourth 6th Tier 'pyramid feeder' league to the Lowland. Time will tell.
  6. Sorry no. It would only add to the LL logjam at Tiers 5 & 6. The SPFL needs to open up an automatic promotion slot to the HFL/LL play-off winners, or alternatively to reorganise tiers 2, 3 and 4 (say 16 x 3 clubs) to provide more promotion opportunities into League 2, from Tier 5 clubs. It would also give additional protection to its existing SPFL clubs. Also, it would be feasible to have a 2nd Tier 5 promotion spot, by having a play-off between : - 15th/2nd bottom club in (new) League 2 -v- HFL/SLL play-off losing club
  7. Perhaps they'll meet half way, if they can find Syngentas' ground
  8. Perhaps they will "wander" into West Lothian ?
  9. However as a kiddie, I was a fan of Inverness Thistle (at Kingsmills) which unfortunately ages me. By the way, I am very sorry to see that "your team" Clach, are struggling in the HFL these days. Better days ahead I hope.
  10. Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not Will Clark ! And before you ask, nor do I work for the Inverness Courier !
  11. Joining the pyramid for 2020/21 would mean that the NCL has been accepted into the pyramid, which in itself STARTS the process. There would be no promotion or relegation during next season, whilst the new pyramid arrangements/rules are drawn up and agreed. The NCL is directly affiliated to the SFA, so I can't envisage many problems. However the SFA wants the HFL to revert to 16 clubs, which would probably need discussing. Remember that the club licensing situation for clubs in leagues which are NOT currently part of the pyramid, is as follows * WRJFA/new WoSFL : 1 club - Girvan (+ Glasgow Uni if they apply - see below) * ERJFA (West Lothian) : nil clubs * ERJFA north of the Tayside boundary : nil clubs * NRJFA : 1 club : - Banks O'Dee * NCL : 1 club - Golspie Sutherland * Amateur : 1 club - Glasgow University (see above) Therefore, 2020/21 is very much a transitional season for all new pyramid clubs looking to improve their facilities, and progress towards licensing, if they wish to do so. **** You are correct to point out a possible anomaly/mistake regarding Lossiemouth's inclusion (in the NCL list). I did so because their reserve side has participated in NCL competitions, in the not too distant past, and the club has struggled in the HFL in recent years. Apologies for any confusion.
  12. An excellent article by Will Clark. If the NRJFA also applies to join the pyramid, then the most obvious solution is that the NCL and the North Juniors form two separate Tier 6 leagues, thereby maintaining the existing geographical integrity between the two regions. A simple play-off for promotion to the Highland League would be required, IF/WHEN each of the two league's champion clubs is an SFA Licence holder. Currently only Golspie Sutherland (NCL) and Banks O'Dee (NRJFA) are licensed. Regarding relegation from the Highland League, clubs like Fort William, Clachnacuddin, Wick Academy, Lossiemouth, Brora Rangers, would drop into the NCL. Whereas (if relegated from the HFL) clubs like , Turriff United, Formartine United, Inverurie Locos, would enter the North Juniors Premier League. Borderline HFL Clubs like Forres Mechanics, Strathspey Thistle, and Rothes would be asked to nominate (at the beginning of each season), which of the 2 leagues they would enter, if relegated (as applies now for Lowland relegation to the EoSL or SoSL). This is a golden opportunity for the SFA to progress/implement, a northern pyramid.
  13. Four new clubs have already applied to join the North Caley League for 2020/21, namely Alness United (returning after a year in 'abeyance') Loch Ness (from Inverness) Scourie (from North West Sutherland) Nairn County's Development XI (Highland League club) There is a very strong case for the SFA/PWG '(north sub') to grant the NCL pyramid status for 2020/21. There have already been "positive" discussions with the SFA/HFL. It might 'encourage' the North Juniors to do likewise ? Sitting alongside the NCL (different region).
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