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  1. Yes I remember they had a short term lease extension, to enable the club to find a different location. However, the council made it clear that the lease would not be extended again It was clearly a political decision by the council, which is why City needed a fall back position, which they didn't have. Also, as I understand it, City invested a significant amount of money, even though the original council decision gave them no long term security of tenure at the Bught. This was always going to be risky. Politicians and ruling parties, come and go, and introduce different policies, as they see fit. At the end of the day, the politicians are accountable to the electorate, and they don't like losing elections/power. ( Look at the Meadowbank redevelopment fiasco)..
  2. Inverness City overstretched themselves financially, in the full knowlege that their lease was not going to be extended. A case of over ambition.without a Plan B.
  3. Okay, probably fake news then' However St Ninians Juniors are ambitious, and it will be interesting to see how they progress over the next few years. The club is also located in NCL territory.
  4. Yes for Dunipace and for the other five clubs, assuming the "big" Scottish Cup can be fitted into the 2020/21 football calendar ? I notice that although its AGM has been held, the SFA has yet to update the list of Licensed Clubs, to include the 6 new licencees. Is there a problem, or is it merely poor administration. Either way, it is sloppy.
  5. Yes it looks that way. I hear a rumour that some of the people previously behind defunct Inverness City, are now backing Nairn St Ninians JFC. Have you heard this rumour?
  6. When I enquired, I was advised that the pitch at Farr wasn't available for all of the winter period, which was the reason Inverness Athletic relocated. I have no idea why (apparently) this was the problem (?) Alness United intend to relocate to a pitch at the 'new' Alness Academy, when the required ground works have been completed., (See "Non League Scotland" website).
  7. New NCL 'grounds for a change'. According to Non League Scotland: Alness Utd will be playing at the new Alness Academy, as soon as the facility is fully available. On the Academy's website, there is an aerial photo of the adjacent sports area. Loch Ness will be playing at Bught Park, on an interim basis, until an alternative venue is found. Achievable, but never easy in Inverness. Scourie will play the majority of their home games at Achochan Park. Have visited the area, but I can't recall seeing the ground. Inverness Athletic will be playing at Pavillion Park, Muir of Ord, for the foreseeable future. A very good venue. Nairn 'A' are listed as playing their home games at Riverside Park, rather than Station Park. Has anyone been there, as I haven't ?
  8. Massive sales of Loch Ness FC's football shirts, apparently "world wide" sales. Amazing success for the new North Caley League club. Which of the 3 new shirts, do you consider has the best design/colour ? And has anyone bought one ?
  9. Will Clark's article "Promotion & Relegation could be introduced to the Highland League next season" was published in April this year" . The HFL was quoted as being in support of this proposal. However, both the North Juniors and the North Caledonian League have held their AGM's recently, without reference to pyramid entry. Three months on, surely both leagues should issue some kind of update ? Perhaps it is time for the intrepid Mr Clark, to follow up the apparent 'impasse' with the 3 leagues concerned, and publishhis views ?
  10. They wouldn't have considered it !!! And thanks for the geography lesson about Orkney being part of Scotland. And by the way, so are the Shetland Isles, in case you hadn't noticed - worth a trip if you've never been there.
  11. I'm not making any such claims. However I have consistently promoted the North Caledonian League on various P&B forums, particularly since 2012 when the NCL was struggling to survive. As a young kid, I was an Inverness Thistle fan (pre merger), who was also inquisitive to understand why two highland clubs (Wick Academy and Golspie Sutherland) were full SFA Member clubs, but were not members of the Highland Football League, at that time. (Wick eventually joined the HFL, as you know). I started the "Expansion of the NCL" P&B forum in 2017, which is still running I am also very pleased that despite Covid19, the NCL now has 13 clubs, plus Lewis & Harris FC participating in some NCL cups.
  12. FACT : FC Isle of Man is a new club, and this is the first time ever that a Manx club has joined the English pyramid.
  13. It's still utterly bizarre that you suggested that they could join the WoSFL. Are you "bonkers" ? (Your word) I wasn't suggesting that the new FC IoM club should actually join the West of Scotland League. I was merely speculating that it would have been "interesting" (My word), to see how their standard would compare with the ex-West Juniors. In fact, about 5 years ago, my P&B post suggested that a club from both Jersey and the Isle of Man, should follow the example of Guernsey (L'ions') FC, by joining the English Pyramid. So, from 2020/21 onwards, each of these 3 islands now have an (English) pyramid club. Yes "interesting" to me, if not to anyone else, especially as these are excellent islands, for football supporters to enjoy a weekend away. (As an aside, I did support Orkney FC's successful application to join the North Caley League in 2014/15).
  14. Sorry, but that is absolute nonsense. FC Isle of Man is a brand new football club, and it has only recently been granted membership of the Island's FA. Therefore as a club, it has never been (previously) registered with/affiliated to the English County FA, nor has it entered the FA Vase..
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