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  1. Would rather have a Killie v Dundee thread than this pish that has been the last 15 pages jfc
  2. What is with the horrific abuse of the Enter key?? ?
  3. Only had 4 thousand yesterday. Shite away support if i'm honest
  4. May as well pack it up and go home
  5. Turned down the Celtic fans singing sad *********** at McInnes Sky
  6. Who do we even have available for this game
  7. I'll be honest though, Broadfoot should have been sent off about 15 minutes prior when he stuck the nut in one of the Aberdeen players (I forget who). I love Broadfoot, one of the first names on the teamsheet along with many others but he walks a fine line on about every game and it was clear in the first 10 minutes of the game that he probably wasn't going to last the whole game. Now of only McLean wasn't a shitebag and sent off Cosgrove.
  8. Fair play to McInnes there in that interview actually. I'm supposed to hate you.
  9. While a shite performance as per from the main man in black Bobby Madden. I want to give him a shout-out for giving it back to us in the east stand. Gave me a chuckle, can't say the same for the rest of the stand. The thumbs up when he got called a w****r was good banter.
  10. Wonder how many SFA charges will be handed out after this derby. Just hope the government doesn't get involved and tarnish the good name of Scottish football
  11. Hope Brophy and Power are fit. I'll settle for a win, regardless of how shite the game is.
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