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  1. One thing is for certain at this game... We'll all be admitted to Crosshouse with frostbite
  2. Was it him that tried a panenka against St Johnstone and horsed it
  3. May as well get the ball rolling. We're starting to possibly gain some traction. 3 cleans sheets but struggle to score while Hibs are going for record goals conceded In a season. Heart says our new attacking options hit the ground running and bang in a few but head says 0-0.
  4. That's a riddy! I mind paying £24 to sit in the shite hole of a main stand with pillars in the way!
  5. Yeah just right before he had literally full on sprinted the full length of the park on s counter attack. I remember because I had to tell someone next to me abusing SOD for wasting time
  6. Yeah not been impressed much but only saw him at Aberdeen since he left St J and well... Another player comes to mind that has played shite under McInnes. Unfortunate for the lad
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