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  1. Excellent work from the boys at Tranent, made huge strides the last few years on and off the pitch.
  2. I only try and comment on stuff i know about. Iv no clue what Bobby Barr does on a Saturday outwith playing against us 😀
  3. Danny has never missed any Saturday since he has been at the club, he’s had a niggling injury the past few months hence unavailable.
  4. No my style to do it online behind a username. Like you’ve just done.
  5. When stuff like that’s put online its obviously personal to me, if you know who I am, I’m no going to stand by and let it happen. If your big enough to troll, defame online behind a username (cowardly) then be big enough to take it back. I’v been known on here rightly or wrongly for over 13 years, it’s not the norm from someone in my position within my company and the football club but I enjoy the forum at times 😀It’s good for informing people interested in Kelty and supporters on here the going’s on, or if they ask a question I can answer them, I feel it’s proved to be a vital platform in the massive change for the better of non league football which Kelty and myself have played a small part in. We have had the lot aimed at the club on here and Social Media from very much a minority may I add, why should I sit back and let trolls defame the Football Club and a business on financial matters that is linked to the Football Club, thats my livelihood, as well as 20 odd other people we employ. Stuff like that’s over and above banter and could be taken as potentially damaging. Banters fine, ribbing other clubs about results/performances jumping into other clubs forums is fair game, no my style but some people in life who maybe don’t get listened to on the outside world certainly like to be heard online behind a mask. Red Rose (Mr Flynn) Muzzam Tarmo and some others it’s 2020 and the season of goodwill, stick to clean ribbing please lads.
  6. He can keep it, silly wee boy. Banters ok, that’s no banter and goes away above and beyond.
  7. There’s a Football Club and business involved who employ a few people, on very thin ice here lads. Defamation: An unprivileged false statement of fact which tends to harm the reputation of a person or company. This is a catch-all term for both libel and slander. Cyber Libel: Defamation which is written such as on a web site. Most online defamation occurs through libel by posting a web page, comment, bulletin board post, review, rating or blog post.
  8. Jeez 😂😂 isnt money laundering where it goes through somewhere and comes out the other end into the hands of the person who put the money in. Trust me, there ain’t no money coming back and hasn’t done for 5 years of investing. You don’t invest in your local football team or any club to make money as it doesn’t happen, it’s very much written off the minute it leaves you. Unless your Craig Whyte or Charles Green. The hates good though, keeps us relative to a couple of idiots on here. 2 who’s clubs have been beat at the wkd so let’s troll the Kelty thread. Muzza, your club has just lost a local sponsor btw for you being a pr**k.
  9. He was in training with us before he signed for Cove, no sure we need another winger/number 10
  10. Money Laundering, fuk me. Get a grip. That’s actually bordering on slander ya cretin. Typical of you Ginger piping up after being on the sauce on a Saturday night. What happened to all your Scottish Cup money btw? You’s had the begging bowl out not so long ago after a £150k windfall 2 year previous. A couple of Hearts dugouts and a bit concrete terrace at your pavilion was all you’s have had to show.
  11. Scobbie and Dylan Injured for today but will be ok for next weeks game. Gary Cenn come off with a dead leg, he will be ok for next week too. Jordan Millar strained a calf muscle 2 weeks ago but should be fine for training this week. We have never released info on injuries before games, which can be frustrating for supporters but I’m sure the reasons are understood.
  12. 100%. Ross had a very tough time with his injury last season but stuck at it and come through the other end. He fits the profile of the type of player Barry Ferguson and Kelty Hearts want at the club with his work rate, pace, fitness and strength allied to his obvious ability. Excellent to see after a right off of a season for Ross last year.
  13. Well he’s got till January to compete with the rest of a strong squad for a place. It’s a short term deal for both parties to see how it goes.
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