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  1. His role is unpaid, he is a volunteer. This isn’t his career job, I believe he has something lined up on that front.
  2. Wow, change your source's Leo. Hes never missed a session, working with the physio at each one or missed any games. You can seen him sitting in the stand at all our home games from KHTV with rest of subs. Hes injured, should be back very soon, he aggrivated an injury by coming on against Edinburgh Uni that put him back a bit, A calf fresh bleed indicative of a retear- in other words he had a grade one which is now a grade 2 due to him coming back a bit early, hence coming off against Edinburgh Uni. The club has never commented on niggling injuries due to opponents getting a heads up etc. seems when everythings quiet people make stuff up. He will be back on the pitch real soon maybe this week
  3. To clear up any confusion on here. Hubby intimated he is giving up football, hes had a management promotion at work and a young family, football isnt a priority for him now especially with Covid and doing other things at weekends/week nights, football for him has taken a back seat. Sean Mckirdy has bought a new industrial unit for his PT Business thats doing so well and couldnt commit as he would have liked due to time doing it up and building his business, he wanted to take time away from football. Danny Ashe can only train once per week, he wants to find a club who could cater for his time constraints. We naturally wanted all these players to stay and they have put us in a bit of a position in trying to replace them hence the late activity to bring repalcements in. Its a blow no doubt to be losing these players but theres not much we could do. Football really has taken a back seat with alot of players due to Covid, the hunger and desire goes into other things such as work, business, families. It may return but for now the way football is having spoken to many players its not important to a few part time players as much as it was. We planned to bring in 3/4 players max, thats been turned on its head. How the season panned out wouldnt have helped either i would have thought after so much was put in.
  4. Definitely no my style pal. The poster’s got a tenner in the post though
  5. Why not email text call or pull me when I see you and ask, as you know I’m very open. It’s been a laborious 12 months plus up to now on this for me to be frank and a financial pain due to the red tape and reports needed for a project this scale. We aren’t far away though from Fife Council registering the application. Gone are the days the application goes in and they ask for reports later, you need the reports 1st before they process. Obviously everything will be on hold in terms of the build but the application process will be ongoing. Step after that is finding some mug to find £500k to build it In future please email, text, call or face me up to anything you want to know, I’m too open on here which is probably unprofessional of me.
  6. Your post was in very bad taste considering what’s going on just now. “Be kind” Gordon.
  7. Assume this is the 4 divisions of 12 rumour that was going around? There’s been rumours of 3 x 16s but again only rumours.
  8. The seasons done, no doubt. Probably be some sort of SPFL reconstruction brought forward which was in the pipeline for 21/22 where most if not all clubs are appeased. Clubs will have the vote so it’s more than likely.
  9. Aye plenty, will have the builders there in 2 months ready to go considering the club will have no income for the foreseeable. Great post. Moron. CMRA reports, Coal reports, Noise reports, Cafe hygiene report and biggest of all SUDDS drainage reports which needed digging up of Bath Street. All need done before Fife Council will even register the application. £20k spent already from my company on this. A person who has never paid a penny to enter a Kelty game in years and years who pops in at half time to watch games you’ve got a lot to say. “Be kind” Gogsy and fuk up with the trolling.
  10. There was a typo on the team graphic last night, Ben Mackenzie was on the bench.
  11. He unfortunatly intimated to us he is taking time out football. Top player who we put alot of time into off and on the pitch. He is still contracted with the club till the summer, with him being under 23 we will be due compensation for the money and time that was invested if he does get back into football. Shame as the gaffer seen him as a huge asset to the squad present and future, we have to consider and respect issues that may be occurring away from football though, it isnt the be all and end all at this level. We will wish Ross and his family well who we got to know well in whatever he decides to do.
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