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  1. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    EK have been far too consistent, the best team thus far which isnt surprising given the experienced SPFL boys they have in their ranks that would strongly test most League 1 clubs. Only 9 goals conceded all season. Fair play, a well run club with a real desire to engage with their community, invest in their facilities and try and improve on and off the pitch.
  2. East & Lowland U20s Thread

    The one that the referee was on the phone too. Jesus, iv no need to lie. "Took ages at interval breaks" bloody hell, the U20 team havent been beaten all season, why suddenly time waste at half time and extra time and not play penalties. You have went from "dont quote me on this" to a full blown rant "not true in the slightest" Heriot Watt should have organised the game in plenty time for extra time and pens, they are to blame. Not Kelty. Their players should be fuming with whoever organised the kick off time, not Kelty.
  3. East & Lowland U20s Thread

    Not true, we all waited inside for the penalties but were all told the u20 League Secretary and the referee having spoken to the league secretary refused for this to happen.
  4. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    What a load of pi** that is. Our Secretary called Camelon Secretary yesterday and asked if they would like us to help them in being re-instated back into the competition in our place. You play an inelidgible player in a competition then its a given you are out.
  5. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    East Fife announced his release at tea time. We put out a wee teaser, 2 plus 2. We had been speaking to Scott for a few days so it wasn’t a big secret within the local circles.
  6. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    Couldnt afford him.
  7. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    We haven’t even spoke to any keeper, 100%.
  8. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    Midge ( of many names) patter is actually no too bad on here at times tbf, even had a wee chuckle at the “Cone” Kelty posts. It’s just a game of fitbaw at the end of the day, some have vested interests, some genuine supporters, some nuetrals. As long as it’s banter with no agendas and no getting personal then suppose it’s a decent place to debate and get your info.
  9. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    Gordon knows I’d call him a tool when when we pass in Kelty, it’s no happened YET
  10. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Scheduled to play Oakley, confirm on Social Media tomorrow.
  11. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    Thank f*** I’m no on Facebook
  12. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    The 1st part Gordon I don’t think your a tool. You do noise up which is a bit banter at times although yesterday on Twitter over stepped the line hence the block.
  13. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    As it stands although it could change top 4 open Irn Bru. 3rd 4th play off a preliminary for 1st round entry. It seems to change season to season however.
  14. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    You said in a previous post your concerned, we don’t want any of our supporters concerned and like to think we are open and very approachable. I probably give more than I should on here tbh. Get a hold of me at Tuesday’s or Saturday’s match and I’d genuinely give my time to answer any concerns you have if at all possible.
  15. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    Fair point. Manager was in the door at EK 2 month, our previous manager much much longer hence players very used to methods. EK look like they have appointed within with little change, we went the other way to take the club to the next level on and off the pitch. With that comes a natural change. Lets see how it pans out giving the time and resources to compete at this level.