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  1. The problem is most of the squad is made up of bottom league 2/lowland league jobbers Aiden Cassidy - if he was any good we'd be playing him Billy Mortimer - not good enough for league 1 Scott Rumsby - not good enough for league 1 Jonathon Page - I'll reserve judgment Conrad Balatoni - Might be passable at lower end league 1 but he needs to be fitter, He looked gubbed towards the end of the last few games on the big broadwood pitch Mark Docherty - can leave anytime what a waste of a wage Kevin Nicoll - might be good to have around the dressing room but not good enough Aaron Splaine - Very wasteful in possession maybe can be coached to be atleast useful Robert Jones - Not good enough non existent hold up play Owen Andrew - needs alot of work loan out for the season Kieran McGrath - ok squad player but certainly not a game changer Tade - Looked so unfit the last time i seen him hopefully is useful off the bench Kennedy - Very promising hopefully will develop into a good player Morgaro Gomis - Done some good things and some bad things still good enough for league 1 Adam Livingstone - Should be our first choice LB good enough for league one Sub GK - Didn't look great but hopefully he isn't used much Cuddihy - Good energy certainly can play a part in the team DGW - Legend enough said Mitchell - As above we are so lucky he saved us a few times already Love - I am already on the caravan of love what a guy! Cunningham - Frustrating needs work Kai McCormack - who knows
  2. We are toothless up front without goodie and rotten at the back balatoni and Docherty are too slow thank f**k killie gave up after they scored 2
  3. Can't believe 14 people gave money to these old firm colt arselickers
  4. Watching the BBC this morning is glorious you could launch boaty mcboatface on the tears alone
  5. Bringing on Rashford and Sancho just for pens is looking like a Sicily decision now
  6. Harry Robinson has left Clyde after accepting a job in Dubai
  7. The funny thing is if you pay for a TV licence you are paying for them to steal your work
  8. Looks like this will fail again until its brought up this time next year
  9. Goalkeeper David Mitchell Defenders Adam Livingstone Aidan Cassdy Billy Mortimer Jonathon Page Conrad Balatoni Scott Rumsby Midfielders Barry Cuddihy Morgaro Gomis Mark Docherty Kevin Nicoll Forwards Ross Cunningham Robert Jones Kieran McGrath Harry Robinson Ally Love David Goodwillie Scarily Bad
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