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    Supporting the famous bully wee. I also partake in a special interest of hating the thistle and accies and Billy Reid isn't on my Christmas card list.
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  1. Hopefully since the winner plays on of those 2 in the next round
  2. If we beat Saints we are away to cove or one of the ugly sisters
  3. Hopefully we'll be the BBC pick for the next round
  4. St Johnstone away, Having won 5 out of our last 6 away Scottish cup matches easy away win
  5. Disappointing not to even get a point with Dumbarton getting beat but always up against it conceding so early.
  6. Johnston away Norway injured and we're looking for a left back probably a loan
  7. We've signed Michael McGlinchey and have another loan from St Mirren on the way if we restart
  8. From what I know Kristoffer Syvertsen was a student, Martin McNiff works in a bank, Barry Cuddihy is an electrician and Tom Lang was doing modelling ( for some reason I think he was also might have been a fitness instructor) before his move to Dunfermline.
  9. Palmer is away back to Rangers and signed for Linfield on a permanent deal
  10. Cammy Palmers loan from Rangershas been terminated and he's subsequently signed for Linfield on a permanent transfer
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