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    Supporting the famous bully wee. I also partake in a special interest of hating the thistle and accies and Billy Reid isn't on my Christmas card list.
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  1. I just wished we had Ally Love and Rankin fit, heard Norway has went home to get an operation that he needs.
  2. I thought once we went one up it would have been easy as we were winning balls high up forcing Dumbarton into mistakes but after they equalised it just went downhill too many players look like they don't want to be on the park only pass marks for me today was Mitchell and frodo just but the rest were hopeless, no fight or desire to turn it around like we have done in the past. I don't want to use injuries as an excuse but there is nothing on the bench to change it. Its really frustrating knowing we can play so much better.
  3. We start our run on two consecutive home games with Dumbarton being the visitors, I'd drop Tony Wallace and the junior jobber and bring in frodo and Darren Smith we looked much more dangerous with frodo on the park last night. We should be looking to get the three points from the game. Any word of injuries easing off? I can't take another game of the two huddies on amateur terms anymore!
  4. I'm happy with a point considering it was rotten conditions for a game of football but very frustrating we had 3 good chances to nick the 3 points.
  5. This will be interesting East Fife put out the cup by a boys club and whilst we are through it wasn't a particularly memorable performance, Tony Wallace is hopefully dropped to the bench but that depends if frodo is fit enough we did miss him yesterday. I just wished we didn't have such an extensive injury list. This will be a hard game East Fife are doing well in the league but I don't see why we can't come away with the three points.
  6. I am delighted we are through the performance wasn't great but apart from a couple of chances for Stirling they didn't trouble us that much. Hopefully we will get a good draw for the next round.
  7. He's naked it's no the weather for him this time of year.
  8. This will be a tough game just due to the amount of players we have out, Darren has been a bit of a disappointment for me to be honest apart from his brilliant goal against Falkirk and a decent performance away at Dumbarton he's done nothing of note, I still can't believe he scored so much for Stirling. I hope we can win it in the 90 minutes without having a replay also I passed Rankin the other day and he seemed to be walking fine!
  9. We were rubbish in the first half but effort was there in the second, Allison can be released tomorrow and and 2 injuries 😟
  10. Mcburnie is crap, Naismith is a weird one he has only just come back from injury. Whatever happened to Ryan Fredericks having Scottish grandparents...
  11. Not played for them for a while seems to be stuck in the reserves again
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