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    Supporting the famous bully wee. I also partake in a special interest of hating the thistle and accies and Billy Reid isn't on my Christmas card list.
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  1. I thought VAR was for clear and obvious errors never a 2nd yellow 😆
  2. Partick H x2 Falkirk H x2 Only one away to Peterhead
  3. Darren Smith is good at league 2 level he tried and did give us a memorable win at Falkirk with a great goal but then he'd also have times ie forfar.
  4. Rent still has to be paid even if we deferred it unless NLL are accomodating us by not charging depends on the small print.
  5. Hopefully he sets up a good scouting network to identify the next carats
  6. The staunch bikes of falkirk go in the union canal
  7. It was only a 2 year deal with MGM sports which will now not be renewed.
  8. SPFL has fucked this big time they should have took the initiative and said any reconstruction wouldn't happen until 21/22 season at least giving clubs the chance to budget for the division they'll be in but now some are in limbo waiting to see how Hearts and Hamilton are going to f**k up the reconstruction and force it upon us in 1 summer. I am hoping the 11-1 and the 75% of lower league clubs needing to approve it fucks the 14-10-10-10/14-14-14 models.
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