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    Supporting the famous bully wee. I also partake in a special interest of hating the thistle and accies and Billy Reid isn't on my Christmas card list.
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  1. Would probably be about right if the peak is in June, the authorities would need to assess case numbers over a period to determine when/if the league is restarted. The league and biscuit cups could be binned for a year to make up for any overrun or late starting.
  2. We deserved the 3 points today hopefully we can catch Dumbarton and try and get 6th
  3. We make the short trip to airdrie and hopefully the new signings make the difference rankin is back and should start plus Livingstone and Howie will probably continue as full backs, I personally want to see Frodo start through the middle and get some support to Goodie although we should be looking for the 3 points.
  4. You've gone too far down the M8 Livingstone is on loan from motherwell
  5. Tony Wallace has left Clyde he confirmed it via his twitter
  6. I still can't work out what it will take for Danny to sign a decent Left back, McNiff 😨
  7. Shrewsbury are making a game of it then score the og probably kills the tie.
  8. 🎶 Lang in attack we are the Clyde we're on our way back 🎶
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