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  1. absolute shocking, making them look like 70's brazil
  2. what i wouldnt give to have someone of his ilk back in our team. guy was class and deserves all the good plaudits, its well earned for all his hard work and good nature. the boy will go far and i wish him all the best. just glad we had him for the short term we did.
  3. 3 years.... Fucking hell. One of my favourite nights as a Bairn. was on holiday, fell ill and went to bed when we were 2 nil down and getting numerous texts from rangers mates....woke up middle of night checked final score, spent next half hour in loo texting back...waking the buggers up, lol.
  4. thought we were pretty poor on saturday, second to every ball, lack of tempo, slow breaking out, only time we really did it we scored. thought partick were the better side for most of the game, used their wingers and width of the park very well opening us up at the back far too easily. their goal was so easily prevented. macdonald sitting on his own at the back post doing a crossword waiting on the ball to be passed over. we have been consistant from christmas with draws and wins which keeps us just ahead of partick/ alloa but we really need to win more, gonna be a long end run in to the season. credit goes to mckinnon and the players brought in, but as somebody else has stated these guys will be back to parent clubs in the summer and we will have a major overhaul to the team yet again. what a mess hartley has left us in. c**t!
  5. had a conversation with on facebook couple of years ago , thanking him for some great memories. discussed the goals from the corner. belter was he said he told the keeper he was going to do it before hand. lol class act.
  6. would need to be done completely front to back. but i agree wouldnt waste money converting what we have a present but use in a possible 4 stand covered area opposite main stand. but again that means spending money on a new stand, when we cant put bums on the seats we have in place already.
  7. thought for the day. monday mornings are so much better when yer team wins at the weekend...
  8. need to prise him oot of the bookies in grangemouth then
  9. remember fondly him banging in the goals at ibrox when we beat them. quality, ooo would love to have someone of his pace and quality signing this month.
  10. if its true that he is now surplus to requirements at livi. i hold no grudges with him, and would have him back. he wanted to try elsewhere, was getting more money and new manager that wasnt mr hartley...if he didnt go it would always be on his mind, what if?
  11. woo hoo nearly january...
  12. havent seen the interview, thanks for update.
  13. right now my outlook is bleak for our season. im praying ray has a number of quality players lined up to come in as soon as feasible, sooner the better. but since no news has been forthcoming, no rumours even, im assuming we are holding out till transfer window in january. i cannot see any improvement in the team at present, we are still losing and feel we are in freefall. serious money needs to be spent (do we have it?) for serious quality to get us safe, this season is a complete right off and safety must be priority and base to work on for future seasons. so fed up with football at mo. monday mornings are crap. apologise for the rant....nah im not. im sitting next to a hearts fan gloating. hartley you are a p***k, getting my hopes up and dashing them this way.
  14. agree - hartley came in when we were 8th and ended last season we were 8th - kept us afloat ..just, thankfully for brechin and dumbarton in the league we survived. but he didnt improve us, the jak and nelson were the highliught of last season and if we got them returned in summer maybe, just maybe the summer signings wouldnt have been the clusterf4ck that we are. but they didnt and we are so happy to see him punted. agree with houston comments - we did well under him for the time in charge, but again i agree he shouldve went after we failed promotion in the last playoffs. took us as far as he could.
  15. whats the skoosh with scott macdonald - a lot of comments on twitter. is he signing on? is this wishful thinking by some or is there truth behind it. anybody know for sure?