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  1. The deal was good for all party's,Sean wouldn't have been a kelty player in the summer if it wasn't done last week tho the fact that you paid 5x your initial offer showed very little respect for Sean and Gala as a club. As a hearts fan and seensesn at a young age I hope does extremely well and eventually gets another crack at a league side.
  2. do you believe Sean Mckirdy would be a kelty player for the start of next season if it wasn't done last week?
  3. Sorry guys at the caravan and pretty s**** signal. regarding josh,josh is the best player I can remember playing for the Albert. hes had a dozen offers or so and a league 1 side but unfortunately the manager left to join another club. he scored 3 against Berwick in the Scottish cup.i think it's a excellent move for the blue Brazil,estimating about 15 goals this season
  4. These are facts guys might just be your not in the know as you make out you are. lets see how many Hawick players end up at ww and go and ask me L how many times he phoned from his holidays! Embarrassment of club! 2 good candidates for the job and pick the 1 purely down to the fact he can use and laptop and the other cannot!it sure does get better! Ha
  5. I know exactly where we are.and actually I'm extremely worried for next season! You seem to know everything else! my point is you need to realise your not the club of 40 or even 20 years ago.try putting some faith in managers and let them build rather than new manager every year! ypur new mane been in the job 1 day and phoned 4 Hawick players already from last year.we can't be that bad if there good enough for the ww! and my other comment is your committee as been trying for the last 2 weeks to persuade our old manager from here to take the job phoning all the way from Spain!
  6. Shit stirring???well answer the question then??is he qualified? Haha funny you should say that.our old manager had to turn his phone off due to the fact he was sick taking phone calls from a number in Spain!!so infact a ex Albert manager knocked back your huge club changed days my friend!
  7. Good luck to Gary hope it goes well for the guy. will Gary bring guys in with minimum requirement of B licence to work with him?or is that no longer required?
  8. Not challenging to win it ofcourse but expectation at the club at the time of the conversation I had was to finish top 4.
  9. The sooner you guys realise ww are not any longer the team of years past the better for all involved at your club.expecting top 5 in the league! Yeh shambles down here at the moment like yourselfs if I'm honest.but I'm looking forward to fighting relegation with you.
  10. Derek to Spartans coaching until the end of the season before taking over david Bingham to Selkirk to work with Ian fergus possibly. And whitehill getting exactly what they deserve for the treatment of managers over the years Only my opinion tho.
  11. Chris Hughes???cant imagine that.give the guy his due he can talk 1 hell of a game. only guy I've ever seen playing at the Albert better when he's been drunk.which was a few times.ha
  12. Yes hopefully they can get someone that's a little more dedicated than previous manager.3 months and left to be a assistant coach at Penicuik athletic
  13. Another manager resigns at hawick.
  14. Totally agree with recent results being bad swollocks and this is where I believe the committee hasn't helped.when playing week in week out there results are more than decent.The committee put games off far too early the guys couldn't get a run of games As for the number 2 he works backshifts.So training was once a week when possible and without the manager there due to his family commitments wasn't fair on players.But these guys were and are still respected by the players.You might see this with players leaving and struggle to field a team!! as far what I heard Saturday at the game from a player also goes to prove how much a joke the committee are!theyve got a new guy in for 4 weeks who's earning more than some players are recieving all season.panic station to me!
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