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  1. See what we mean? No knowledge of this level!
  2. Had it all my life John.at least you still always beat us [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  3. We never used to refuse, then after a few posts we realised how ridiculous your points and views are. Along with the lack of knowledge at this level most punters on here probably cant be bothered explaining things to you again. The childish red dotting doesn't help your cause either.
  4. Cant fault you for the result. Hard place to go and get anything. Just wish my team could do it in those games [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24][emoji24][emoji24][emoji24] C'mon the Shire
  5. Do us all a favour today pleeeeeease xoxox
  6. Does this mean we're pals now? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] C'mon The Shire
  7. It just doesnt have the same impact without the last 3 words. Its the bravehearts dad classic
  8. He cant run now. Was run riot at EK against us and came on at right back to 'stop' dishington. He was rotten and at fault for 2 goals [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  9. Sick of seeing all the shite you post more like [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] As far as I'm aware this is a forum and I can comment where and when I please, so I'll decide about that one. Ps you forgot your tagline that I love so much C'mon The Shire
  10. Just think it's horrible to rob your own fans. At least it saves you from begging for more money for further upgrades. C'mon the Shire
  11. [emoji42][emoji42][emoji42][emoji42][emoji42][emoji42][emoji42][emoji42][emoji42]
  12. Have you watched Derek's interview? There's no other man for the job. Maybe another couple of experienced coaches would be beneficial behind the scenes. I'm not just sticking up for him cause he's my mate but Iain's been brilliant in the reserve games. Caling for Ure's head would be an absolute lack of loyalty. I know for a fact I'd stop all the fundraising I do for the club. f**k the money. We're never going to grow unless we get a home, the investment is a luxury atm. We need people who actually care about the club at the helm. The players need to take responsibility too, as you mention the lack of fight and desire. They are out there to do a job and clearly failed yesterday. I'm sure Derek will have ben very clear about that. We've given other managers who have done much worse much longer. Its time to stick with Del and ride it out. If it was any other manager people would be calling for the sack but this is Derek Ure we're talking about. He would be the record appearance holder by now if he had not taken the job and thats something that never happens in modern football, especially at our level. He's stuck with us through the absolute shitshow that was the 2000's so we should show some loyalty and respect and stick by him instead of calling for his head. Some shire fans have horrendously short memories. I even heard Bolo being abused by fans on Shire TV and he's an absolute legend. It's easy to be critical but there's still plenty football to be played. Beat BSC and Kelty and who knows? EDIT - Maybe the change you seek is above Derek's position and we need to see a change in the boardroom?
  13. I'm maybe just being doom and gloom but if they pull the plug we wont get that kind of income ourselves.
  14. I know for a fact if Del and Andy are sacked I wont be happy. Would probably give the remainder of the season a miss. 2 boys who care so much about the club and we'll need folk like that after this season when we dont have the same income.
  15. I've been in my bed sick today so thankfully didnt see the horror show in person but on Shire TV. Thanks for the offer mate but I've been through harder times with the club. I'd rather stick with my club than a junior team, sorry, a 2 season senior team. C'mon the Shire
  16. Horrible fans supporting a horrible club. I'd be ashamed if that was my club. C'mon the Shire
  17. Still robbing your regulars. Horrible pater from the club. Cmon the Shire
  18. Robbing their own fans. Horrible bunch. Cmon the Shire
  19. I thought they were 2 completely seperate clubs. Tell me more about the Gretna 2008 glory days please
  20. Must admit I'm a tad jealous!
  21. I thought yous travelled well HJ! Was nice to even hear a wee singsong. Mad Bill felt like a celeb getting his photos taken with some of the away fans [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Most of the support thing is all patter as there are clubs who travel with much less than yourselves. Just need to take time and rebuild things
  22. Absolutely delighted for yous with that result yesterday. We were all shocked as the scores kept coming through. Who else but Tam Orr to score the winner?
  23. Sure they run that in Fife, where every player is contracted to a certain club but play for "Fife Select"
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