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  1. @kefc can you clear this up for us please? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Amazing how a game can be played at the tattie field when you really want it to go ahead!
  3. Barry knows what Matty is capable from his days at Clyde. It's a shame he's chosen to go after half a season. The only positive is that we must've accepted a bid for him rather than lose him for free at the end of the season.
  4. There's a strong correlation between the number of injuries they have and how waterlogged the pitch is
  5. Seen much worse results than this. More annoyed by the shite in the stands than anything else.
  6. Best to ask the French or Ex-French. He was most recently on loan there
  7. Aye Fash scored the winner on one leg [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Must admit I had a really good day out at Kelty yesterday. Spoke to several fans in the social and it was a good atmosphere, loads of fans willing to mingle and the intensity in the game was amazing and worth the entry fee! Must admit I'm jealous of the set up at Kelty and other LL clubs, it's the one thing we're missing.
  8. A BSC win was probably better for us in the long run. We battered Kelty and tried our best to win. Dodgy refs giving dodgy penalties never helped. Dont get my hopes up, this might be the only season we see each other for a while.
  9. First half was so boring and the 2nd had everything. Goals, poor referee decisions and some handbags on the touchline. Bonnyrigg were awarded a soft penalty and McCormack shipped the jerseys for the 2nd. I almost went hom as I thought the game was done. Grehan came on and made a difference and BSC deserved to get back into the game. At 2-2 the draw was probably a fair result but the big no 5 got above everyone and headed home. His celebration was the fastest I seen him run all night. Robbie Horn deserved his 2nd yellow for being a p***k to Collins and the BSC coach should've seen red for pushing Horn. Good travelling support tonight and quite a few neutrals. Reckon the crowd was 300+. Bonnyrigg manage to get another 3 points in a vital game, probably ending BSC's chances of sneaking the title at the end of the season. The squad is looking a bit thin with another injury to McGachie not helping things, will be interesting to see how they cope with this going forward. The Bonnyrigg fan who booted the ball onto out the ground onto the main road is a total fanny. Absolute no need for that. The way the referee spoke to the players was appaling too, in particular when he booked Orr. Good 3 points for Bonnyrigg that will be even better when we beat Kelty tomorrow.
  10. I'm heading through again to watch the return fixture. If BSC get as in your face as they did last time there's only 1 winner and it'a not Bravehearts Dad.
  11. Thats's because our name is East StirlinghSHIRE. Most people forget the end bit and I cba correcting them. Where we are situated we're as east as you can go in the county of Stirlingshire. Believe it or not I worked through your way and used to have a soft spot for Bonnyrigg and Whitehill. Then you started beating us [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Maybe he think Dream Team was based on a true story [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Dishonest work to beg your community to put up your lights though. Please sir, can we have some more? Edit - you shouldn't even be in the league to win it. Whitehill were screwed over
  14. Like a tattie field, the juniors would be proud. It's in pretty good nick in the middle but fucked at both ends. Nobody really covers the middle 30/40 yards of the pitch playing Bonnyrigg
  15. Downloaded the LL expansion to play as Shire. Got sacked 4 games from the end of the 2nd season when im sitting top of the league by 2 points and my expectations were only to challenge. Went to Peterhead and lasted 10 games there before being ousted after 2 league games into the new season. Is this happening to anyone else? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  16. How is it sustainable for Falkirk to remain full time in League One when they dont get promoted this season? If you were to make 2 national leagues of 16-18 they wouldnt be playing in the Highland League.... Just stating a fact at the end of my post. Sure 80% of the LL forum agrees.
  17. So like Falkirk in League One? Over spending to try and win the League when it'll be play-offs at best? How is Annan vs Peterhead 4 times a season any good for anyone? 2 national divisions then regionalise from there. Clubs will still "find their level" that way too. p***k
  18. It's a shame. Will be several more clubs heading this way, us probabably included. Scottiah football isnt sustainable in its current structure
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