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  1. He was at the shire before, didn't rate him at all. It's amazing to think he was a youth international too!
  2. The confusion came as the clubs participating were announced yesterday
  3. When did the juniors fold? I take it that's why Camelon have signed a few of their guys?
  4. I would think so, we only have a select few diehards who travel to all the away games. I actually think you'll find that our attendance will increase this year with the reduced prices and the fact that we'll win quite a few more games than we have over the last 10 years (besides the 2 play-off promotion seasons). Our signings that have not been officially announced yet are quite exciting and Sludden seems to have a trick or two up his sleeve. I'm hoping that we're only away for a short time as I'm devastated at the fact I'm missing out on a Forfar bridie this year!
  5. Ah, okay I get your point. When I spoke to him he told me that Linlithgow was his preferred choice. Not as much travelling involved as it was Berwick and Montrose who were after him. I'd imagine that you'll probably pay better than these clubs and you will be in contention for several trophies so I don't blame him for moving. I do think that he can be harshly judged, he is an excellent shot stopper and saved us so many times last season, but rather than focus on that he gets slated for his distribution and the occasional howler. He'll do well at the Rose!
  6. He's in Cancun the now, the club are hopeful he'll sign when he comes back.
  7. Well he was offered contracts by a couple of teams in League 2, which technically is above your level, so I can't understand why you took the time and effort to write such a ridiculous post.
  8. Dean Shaw (GK) has confirmed on his twitter that he has signed from Stenhousmanure
  9. Yeah we never gave enough notice to say that we were leaving. So at least one more season
  10. Not sure if we split the league cup man. Think that might only be the Scottish
  11. I checked his profile to find out, he doesn't have a clue! We're hoping that it wont be any higher than £8 a game so you'd be more than welcome to come along! We'll miss the big crowds that you always brought and the really catchy 'the bully wee' song.
  12. We wont miss Clyde either, but it's nice of you to comment and show everyone how much of a bellend you are!
  13. So as things stand we might only have a 14 team Lowland League next season? Ps - I'm not too bothered about the East Stirling thing, just threw the bait out there to see if I could get a good bite.
  14. It's East Stirlingshire by the way.....
  15. They were looking to reroute buses from Falkirk town centre to accomodate the new stadium if it goes ahead, but for most fans travelling by train it would be a fair stomp away. I dont know the ins and outs of what's happened regarding the development of Firs but I've been told the council weren't happy with the way Mackin went about trying to get the contract and that's why they've allowed nothing to go ahead. We'd all love to return to Firs Park but to be honest I feel that it would be too expensive to get it up to SPFL standards, that is, if we consider ourselves serious contenders to return to League 2. I seen that in the paper and was not pleased! We have a local club that's ran for 136 years now homeless and a few years from extinction and they choose to spend their money on the orange walks! Horrendous decision
  16. I reckon thay Gregor Fotheringham would be a good addition to the midfield, David Grant is a goal machine and we need a goalscorer. If Craigy D maintained fitness and had an injury-free spell I'd love to see him back at the shire.
  17. We've tried to get a grant from Falkirk Council as they built a stadium for Falkirk and helped Stenny out when they needed to repair their park, yet cant put their hands in their pocket to even help the Shire out one small bit! We have planning permisson to build at Little Kerse and have done for years, we just need the funds to kickstart the process.
  18. Yeah we signed it over to Mackin and he gave £50,000 a few season ago or it was looking bleak for us. So any sale goes to him, but everything he's tried has been blocked by the council so far.
  19. Derek Ure was a great servant to our club and one of the most committed I have ever seen. Unfortunately I severely doubt that he'll be back. There are a few other players in yhe Camelon team who I'd take in heartbeat though
  20. We've had planning permission in place for a while now but no money to act on it! His contract was up on Friday and they have chosen not to renew it, the media at it's best twisting things so they can make it seem more dramatic.
  21. That's surprising really, I don't think he'll get much game time if he does sign for you. He's not the player he was a few seasons ago
  22. Max Wright is apparently signing from The Shire, or so we've been lead to believe
  23. Berwick and Linlithgow Rose too. If it was my choice then I'd choose Linlithgow Rose every day of the week!
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