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  1. My favourite thing about this is Falkirk would be stuck in League One without the reconstruction[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Been loving these podcasts lads. Listened to no 68 this morning and totally agree with what you boys are saying. Unfortunately I feel that Kelty and Brora are going to be screwed over in all this. Would the be allowed into League 2 if they showed they were willing to use Zoom and Whatsapp like other progressive clubs? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  3. I like it! I just meant the system, not on board with colt teams!
  4. That's similar to the German system which we should be looking to follow
  5. Yawn. Stop being so upset that your tactic of 'cancel every home game we can till the end of the season' came back to bite you on the arse. Happily give you a 10 point head start next season.
  6. I agree man. Feel sorry for you as it was tight but I agree there was no easy way to solve this that pleases everyone. Signed most of your squad up for next season, should be a cracker!
  7. That's why I think they should go down mate. Whitehill were shafted!
  8. Aye I would've wanted them down if it means making a space for Bo'ness. I had thought that with the door possibly closing from League 2 we'd keep our 16, possibly expand to 18 as we'd have time to do that.
  9. How are we feeling in here then? Lost out by just over .1 points per game
  10. I also dont think it's a bad decision. We needed certainty and hopefully we have some reconstruction in the process
  11. That's the only scenario I'd be happy with if a relegation didnt occur
  12. Dr Goals should be in there surely?
  13. It would only be delaying the inevitable. It will be glorious when it finally comes knocking on your door.
  14. Horrible club. They'll get what's coming to them eventually
  15. Suspend relegation fron League 2 for 2 years? Obviously know which way your club is going!
  16. Dont think Mcgachie has played enough. Bump Tam Orr up top and stick Nicky Low in there surely
  17. Bottom team always gets relegated. Happened to whitehill
  18. They fact that we have played out over 80% of the season means the positions should stand. Congratulations Kelty, sorry VOL. Only thing left to sort is the one off neutral venue play-off with winners relegating Brechin after another one off game.
  19. I dont care what we do at the top of the table but please relegate the bottom club
  20. Been told from a good source that Kelty will be crowned champions and represent our league in the playoffs (behind closed doors).
  21. Who has done a better job at the shire in recent history? The fact we made a final was special. We are not worldbeaters. We are not Brazil. Get your expectations in order please
  22. They're all old and dying off mate. Its upto the young guns to get busy and repopulate the stands [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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