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  1. That's rich coming from a nomadic outfit like East Stirling....Merchiston Park to Firs Park to Ochilview to Falkirk Stadium and starting off with a name like Britannia??...apparently an offshoot of  a local cricket club!!
    Also, the first club ever to be relegated out of the national league system...so maybe have a wee look at your clubs checkered past before jumping on a new outfit that is still very much in its embryonic journey.
    Oh dear. You clearly missed the joke, there was a whole scenario last season where Berwick made that exact quote.

    Anyway, dry your eyes.

  2. Good signing. Surely that will be us now for midfielders if we are running with a smaller squad. We have Dish, Wylde, Henderson and Hadden as wingers and Low, Gibbons, Griffiths and Peggie as centre mids. If that is the case then Mark Miller, Evan Horne and Ross McLaughlin will be leaving. 
    Really need a Goalkeeper and possibly a few strikers signed up now.
    Peggie will probably be the left back

  3. hahaha well you are obviously rattled. They wont prove any doubters wrong, they are never going to grow a fanbase and they are never going to get any higher than they currently are. In 20 years time people will look at old Lowland League tables and laugh at the fact there was a team called 'Caledonian Braves'. 
    I'll stick with my beloved Shire jinky don't you worry about that. You stick to being an absolute seething mess on a football forum 
    You forgot to mention the "souless cage" they call their stadium mate.

  4. As football documentaries these days go, it is really really shit and boring. I genuinely can not believe I wasted an hour of my life watching it. The only notable moments of entertainment and drama come in the form of a 3-2 win in some South of Scotland Cup and the heartbreaking story of the French boy who tweaked his groin away at Stirling Uni. 
    Of the 'characters' in it, Chris Ewing comes across as, without being harsh, an absolute lunatic and seemingly a bit mental. The fact he references Football Manager as inspiration for EduFrance pretty much shows this. They will be mid table LL for a few years then get relegated and eventually disband by the end of the 2020s. There is literally no chance of them ever getting to League 2 unless he pumps in millions and buys the league. Ricky Waddell seemed quite a nice guy but his team talks were very hard to watch. I thought the old guy who watched them was quite a good laugh while the other fans all seemed a bit odd. It appeared that they all knew Chris which gives the impression that all their fans are just people who know Chris and are trying to support his 'dream'. 
    I will never, no matter how many times I see them, be able to keep a straight face at some of the suggestions for the team name. Something that is made even more funny by the fact they actually hired a guy to brainstorm ideas with him. If only they had called themselves Venom FC. 
    *Chris also confessed that he reads 'online forums' where people laugh at his club. So if you're reading this Chris - your club are shit, you have no fans, nobody wants you in the LL. 
    Was there any mention of their french origins?

    Not sure about watching it

  5. Fair.
    If 2 go down this year i think it will be Vale of Leithen and Edinburgh Uni. Then the next season, I can't see it being anyone other than Gretna or Dalbeattie that go down. So 'anytime soon' may be correct but i'd be very surprised if Gretna are still Lowland League by 2023, and that would only be if 1 team went down a year. 
    I hope VOL, Dalbeattie, The French or either Uni team go down.

    Any 2 (or 3 depending on play-offs) would be great

  6. Don't talk nonsense!! No way were Kelty cruising to the League title. 

    They may well have won it, but perhaps only by goal difference if all 30 matches were played.

    Bonnyrigg would have had a great chance of beating Kelty at home, then if both teams won their remaining games, both would have had same points come end of season.

    But there probably would have been slip ups on the way to final matches of season.

    Bonnyrigg had 6 matches to play (5 at home) - home against 1st, 5th, 11th, 12th and 13th in league and away against 3rd

    Kelty had 5 matches to play (2 at home) - home against 9th and 13th in league and away against 2nd, 4th and 14th.

    Arguably, Bonnyrigg had easier run-in with the 5 matches at home. However, we will never know the answer.

    Good to have reasoned debate but not when you open with stupidity for an argument.


    And if yer auntie had baws she'd be yer uncle.


    Bonnyrigg's tactic of cancelling games when they dont have a squad came back to bite them on the arse


  7. So hold on wait, you come on and be a total bellend with a condescending post,(which is just you being you) then you think you are going to get a decent answer to anything you ask after that?
    You’re more than a dick than i gave you credit for.
    He's not a dick John, a dick can be useful

  8. Yes, Willie Dyer went to Drumchapel as well. I am sure there will be a steady stream of guys moving from the LL to the WoL 
    Most these players are based in the west, so for the same money (or probably more at Darvel) why travel so far?

  9. Its never really been BSCs way to splash the cash for players so it will be interesting to see what we do. Pretty sure they made money last season but in the current situation I'd be very surprised if it was used on signing players. The joys of football at this level. 
    Is ThAt BeCaUsE yOu DoNt HaVe ThE fAnBaSe To SuPpOrT yOuR aMbItIoNs?

  10. Brechin weren't lobbying . Because of their current situation of where they attract players from  and also from a geographic perspective , it made perfect sense to ask the possiblity of joining the LL should they be in that position . Brechin never threatened anyone. Whether or not any threats were made by any SPFL member  is a different matter. The SPFL categorically deny any such conversation and the LL chairman watered down  his initial statement and finished  with the words , make of that what you want. ..........which is hardly conclusive. 
    Big Ken is a snake

  11. Statement man on what 20 quid a statement??  Must have a tidy little stash of cash by now. Have some dignity and stop begging for something you don't deserve. 
    They at least deserve a shot at promotion. There's no denying that.

    The SPFL, SFA, LL and HL must agree upon any changes to our play-off and Kelty and Brora are well within their right to seek advice.

    It's just a shame they don't have anyone on the SPFL board to scratch their back and save their club from impending relegation.

    The middle bit maybe wasnt needed but these fans reading it will remind them of their pride of why they're a Kelty fan.

    Lots of people quick to say its a case of "toys out of the pram" etc but it's easy to say that when your club isnt in that situation. They'll soon surpass Cowdenbeath in terms of stature and folk cant handle that. As will several of the ex juniors when they eventually make their way up the system.

    Any reconstruction should include Kelty and Brora if they aren't given the chance to play the play-off or what's the point in the whole pyramid?

    What's the incentive for all the clubs from the west joining if it's going to become a bottleneck at the top of the LL.

    The LL will end up being a better league than League 1 at this rate.

  12. Is that the Tory boy? Managed to slip in Shitehill Welfare for about half an hour back in the day. Classy. 


    Aye that's him. His twitter has a pinned post with him and Ruth Davidson. Says enough about him before you read the pish he puts on the internet. He's had a few tweets over the years which he's hastily deleted. I personally think he just tries too hard to be funny, when as stated before he's as funny as a kick in the baws.


    If he had baws he would know that's not funny.







    Congratulations to @Mr_Mark_Brown aka the @spartansfc twitter guy who was voted as our social media man.

    Mainly seen around the pitch at Ainslie Park with his phone and his camera.

    Mark brings the best of patter and personality to the club's socials. https://t.co/rRuTGnGdTj

    Spartans Twitter Guy wins listeners poll at Catch up podcast.

    Who would have thought that would happen?
    No me cause he's a p***k and about as funny as a boot in the baws

  14. The worst pick of the lot is Mark Weir getting the number 1 spot.

    He is absolutely hopeless. I took in a few games as a "neutral" and he was shite in every one.

    Genuinely gave me the fear every time he came off his line. I cant remember him even making a decent save.

    His stats are only so good because of who's in front of him.

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