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  1. I can only see out of one now so maybe its that or..
    No goals or assists in any games against a 'big' side last year, spends half his time shooting from half way, slows the tempo down. We didn't lose a goal this year till he came back in and we completely lose our shape when he plays as he doesn't work back defensively. The penalty tonight was an embarrassment, I don't think i've ever seen a worse one
    ETA: I still think hes a class player, perhaps the best technically in the league. But hes a passenger and in this league you cant carry them.
    You must've seen a different Nicky Low from me tonight then minus the pen obv

    I dont agree with the fact he's a passenger. He was top of our assist charts last year with 13 I'm sure.
    Club captain for a reason, he's a leader on and off the park.
    He's beeb playing up front so why should he be tracking back as much?

  2. Soft as opposed to cheating.
    I suppose it was going to take something like that for you to finally beat us.
    Nooooooo its a blatant dive too. You resorted to falling over in the box as you couldnt handle being outplayed.

    Some of the antics on show were laughable.

  3. Great result today. Outplayed a good Bonnyrigg side who had to resort to falling over in the box to try and get something.

    It's a shame that the ref bottled the 2 penalty decisions. The worst challenge of the 3 wasnt given, he was lucky half time happened when it did as things were getting heated.

    Poor Rossco conceding from thatpenalty is a shame...


    We are yet to concede from open play.

    So buzzin for Del and the lads

  4. I still say a visit to Innerleithen is better than Peffermill or Forthbank though. All about opinions and I hope you do well this season. Be good to ruffle up the usual suspects 
    I've never forgiven the LL for relegating Whitehill.

    You're right. Peffermill, Broadwood, Forthbank and Edusport's souless cage are worse days out.

    I just believe all clubs will find their level, this reshuffling isnt a bad thing

  5. Pretty sure the Vale players will be loving the ignorant and disrespectful comments above. Hopefully the innocent East Stirling players aren’t on the end of a dull one when the teams next meet.

    Already happened. Straight red for a bad one on Gibbons at the weekend.


    Nothing disrespectful, they're out of their league and need to find their level. As do Gretna, Edinburgh Uni and others


    And as we did in League 2

  6. hahaha i'm not complaining. I certainly don't think anyone seen today coming. I seen a photo of the pitch and i'm still unsure how its possible to score 7 goals on that heap of shite. Exactly what we needed though. Clean sheets are great but we weren't exactly capitalizing in the goals scored department - especially considering who we have played. Now in the best position we've ever been in in the LL but it all counts for nothing if we don't beat Bonnyrigg next week. 
    Hopefully they get relegated and we wpmt have to play on it again

  7. I was with Oakley United for a few years, tried to give my time and my support for the club. Loved it. great bunch of guys. hard working, did everything for the team, for the club.

    My son moved to Kelty Hearts - I followed him. There for nearly 8 years. To say that the crazzee bunch of committee dudes were hard working, single minded for the club, sweat blood for the club ... is nowhere near the real effort, time and love they have and give for KHFC.  truly amazing.

    To say it was fantastic there, loved every minute.. heart and soul for the club .. understatement. some of the best years of my life ... I think my son's also.

    He moved to Bo'ness United last season .. I followed him.

    The committee .. exactly the same as Oakley and Kelty... hard working, give their time and effort to the club. simply put: they love their club.

    For me? probably the honesty of the three clubs that makes me feel a part of them. Yes, and my son being part of the setup is a major.

    Do I feel a genuine affiliation for Bo'ness, yes. most definitely ...and for the above reasons.

    I am a very pedantic and, hopefully all that know me agrees, truthful person. 

    I cannot "support" a team part time. Hope they do "ok" enjoy the wins but slide away from the losses.  This is not me.

    I need to feel I am part of the club. How can I help them? I love speaking with the players, attempting to encourage and , if possible, maybe give them some help, a wee tip or trick. For they are the heart and soul of the club.

    I support Bo'ness United because of who they are, how they go about there business, the committee, the defo mental and very knowledgeable fans..... and because my son plays for them.

    To specifically answer your question: I KNOW Kelty Hearts will win the league this year. They are too strong, too much pace, experience and quality throughout the team not to.  My thoughts are with them.

    Have I forgotten all my time at KHFC ... if you know who I am, then ask my fellow members of the Kelty Hearts Ultras, who indecently, sponsor my son. Ask them.

    To recap: I am unsure if you were asking an honest question or merely mischief making. Either way, I hope my explanation gives you what you were after. I have been as honest as I can. 

    you have a good evening Darkness.


    Should change your name to OUKHBU_Brian.


    Also EK are the team to beat. Kelty suffering without Fash


  8. The last time we won our opening 3 games of the season.
    What a team. So many great days that season, still can't believe we ended up finishing 8th after the start we had, its actually a shame that the players chucked it as soon as we fell out of the playoffs because we certainly were better than our 8th place suggests. A lot of 'what if?' moments that year that could've changed not only the clubs season but the clubs future.  
    Michael Bolo. What a player
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