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  1. Cant complain, hoping we can have maximim points going into the EK game at the end of the month. Would think you'll pick up the 3 points tomorrow too
  2. Have a good one boys. Maybe we can get a few beers and make up at xmas [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  3. Should be a 10 point deduction! Wait, we'll need it to be 15!
  4. Just asking questions. To me 3 trialists in your squad on the opening day doesn't look good
  5. Can we just relegate all the teams who arent providing a live stream for their games?
  6. Just word on the street. Or streets, cause that's what everyone is saying. It came from the players too [emoji102][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102]
  7. Classic junior tactic there. 100% Bonnyrigg Rose, only if its a home game though
  8. I think Bo'ness will flop and they wont get top half. Kelty Shire EK BSC Rose top 5 VOL and Dalbettie or Edi Uni to go down or be saved by no covid relgations, with VOL getting less than 20 points all season SPFL will find a way to save Brechin from the play-offs again. The record LL win will be beaten this season. The darkhorses of Berwick will over-achieve and finish 10th this season
  9. ThEy DoNt HaVe AnY fAnS tO wAtCh It ThOuGh
  10. It was the Stenny Amatuers they played mate. Not a good result
  11. Interesting to see the Highland League have pished their season back to at least November 28th. Would love to hear the decision making process in that one
  12. *A team who only stayed up because of a global pandemic
  13. The no fans derby [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  14. Would be hoping to get points on the board early doors after seeing the fixture list
  15. Double header at Christmas [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  16. You cant throw your source under the bus! I heard weeks ago about McNab to Kelty but sometimes its better not to blurt everything out on PnB. Happened a few years ago when the infamous Craigiemack told us we were signing 2 players, they seen the post and made a U turn
  17. Jamie Stevenson is 10x the player McNab is. Should be a no contest ar RWB, he'll be top 3 in the team for assists if he gets a run at it
  18. Im positive his muscles are inflated. Lost every shoulder tackle at shire
  19. McNab is pish. Soft as shite but so are most of the Kelty players so he'll fit in
  20. Told you. That's the ginger teddy bear away
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