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  1. They at least deserve a shot at promotion. There's no denying that. The SPFL, SFA, LL and HL must agree upon any changes to our play-off and Kelty and Brora are well within their right to seek advice. It's just a shame they don't have anyone on the SPFL board to scratch their back and save their club from impending relegation. The middle bit maybe wasnt needed but these fans reading it will remind them of their pride of why they're a Kelty fan. Lots of people quick to say its a case of "toys out of the pram" etc but it's easy to say that when your club isnt in that situation. They'll soon surpass Cowdenbeath in terms of stature and folk cant handle that. As will several of the ex juniors when they eventually make their way up the system. Any reconstruction should include Kelty and Brora if they aren't given the chance to play the play-off or what's the point in the whole pyramid? What's the incentive for all the clubs from the west joining if it's going to become a bottleneck at the top of the LL. The LL will end up being a better league than League 1 at this rate.
  2. Aye that's him. His twitter has a pinned post with him and Ruth Davidson. Says enough about him before you read the pish he puts on the internet. He's had a few tweets over the years which he's hastily deleted. I personally think he just tries too hard to be funny, when as stated before he's as funny as a kick in the baws. If he had baws he would know that's not funny.
  3. No me cause he's a p***k and about as funny as a boot in the baws
  4. The worst pick of the lot is Mark Weir getting the number 1 spot. He is absolutely hopeless. I took in a few games as a "neutral" and he was shite in every one. Genuinely gave me the fear every time he came off his line. I cant remember him even making a decent save. His stats are only so good because of who's in front of him.
  5. To change our play-off I'm sure the LL and HL need to agree to it. SPFL cant make the call for us.
  6. Aye that was a weird one. He obviously never got the big move he was expecting either
  7. Talk for the other fans mate. I voted against a Shire player last year as I felt someone else I had seen was better. Might just be me though.
  8. Do you lot hinestly think Mark Weir is the keeper of the season? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I've yet to see him play well. He gives me the fear everytime he gors for the ball
  9. I hope the LL stand strong and tell Brechin to f**k off to the Highland League when they get relegated. What a joke this has become. I do hope we do the right thing as a league and promote Bo'ness, play with a 17 team league and add an extra relegation spot like the EoS are doing.
  10. You'll get what's coming to you Ken [emoji106] enjoy the Highland League when you get relegated there soon
  11. Not looking good for promotion lads. Gutted at that
  12. Listened to the Stenny chairman there. Mozza never grilled him that much and he was firing excuses left, right and centre. Stenny have taken the financial hit from not being able to rob us every season. They even said they wouldnt miss our money. Karma catching up with them and its time everyone found their level. Disappointing as the whole system reeks of self preservation and before we know it the LL will be at a higher standard than League 2. The most refreshing thing about the LL is not having to play everyone twice, or 6 times if you meet in the play-offs, or up to 10 times if you met in every cup (replah in scottish). Makes the games bigger and season more interesting. The community work the club is doing is outstanding though. Hats off to them.
  13. My favourite thing about this is Falkirk would be stuck in League One without the reconstruction[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  14. Been loving these podcasts lads. Listened to no 68 this morning and totally agree with what you boys are saying. Unfortunately I feel that Kelty and Brora are going to be screwed over in all this. Would the be allowed into League 2 if they showed they were willing to use Zoom and Whatsapp like other progressive clubs? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  15. I like it! I just meant the system, not on board with colt teams!
  16. That's similar to the German system which we should be looking to follow
  17. Yawn. Stop being so upset that your tactic of 'cancel every home game we can till the end of the season' came back to bite you on the arse. Happily give you a 10 point head start next season.
  18. I agree man. Feel sorry for you as it was tight but I agree there was no easy way to solve this that pleases everyone. Signed most of your squad up for next season, should be a cracker!
  19. That's why I think they should go down mate. Whitehill were shafted!
  20. Aye I would've wanted them down if it means making a space for Bo'ness. I had thought that with the door possibly closing from League 2 we'd keep our 16, possibly expand to 18 as we'd have time to do that.
  21. How are we feeling in here then? Lost out by just over .1 points per game
  22. I also dont think it's a bad decision. We needed certainty and hopefully we have some reconstruction in the process
  23. That's the only scenario I'd be happy with if a relegation didnt occur
  24. Dr Goals should be in there surely?
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