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  1. Interesting to see the Highland League have pished their season back to at least November 28th. Would love to hear the decision making process in that one
  2. *A team who only stayed up because of a global pandemic
  3. The no fans derby [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  4. Would be hoping to get points on the board early doors after seeing the fixture list
  5. Double header at Christmas [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  6. You cant throw your source under the bus! I heard weeks ago about McNab to Kelty but sometimes its better not to blurt everything out on PnB. Happened a few years ago when the infamous Craigiemack told us we were signing 2 players, they seen the post and made a U turn
  7. Jamie Stevenson is 10x the player McNab is. Should be a no contest ar RWB, he'll be top 3 in the team for assists if he gets a run at it
  8. Im positive his muscles are inflated. Lost every shoulder tackle at shire
  9. McNab is pish. Soft as shite but so are most of the Kelty players so he'll fit in
  10. Told you. That's the ginger teddy bear away
  11. We probably wont be allowed in anyway mate. I cant see us in before 2021
  12. Arnie is one of the worst midfielders to play in the LL
  13. Squad numbers? Outrageous at this level, nothing worse than when you dont have numbers 1-11 starting! Im hearing one of those numbers will be free soon anyway [emoji102][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102]
  14. They're not in the LL though so surely that shouldnt matter?
  15. Yawn. We play at the Council 3/4 Stadium in Grangemouth anyway, not Falkirk
  16. Not really, historically we've finished in other positions than 10th.
  17. We were only £7. But then again we're not needing to rob our fans to try and finish 10th
  18. Oh dear. You clearly missed the joke, there was a whole scenario last season where Berwick made that exact quote. Anyway, dry your eyes.
  19. Gogsy! What happened to the relationship we built up last year? I thought we were friends
  20. You forgot to mention the "souless cage" they call their stadium mate.
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