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  1. If the referee identifies the correct player, which might not be the case. I think Comrie might have been shown a straight red too.
  2. I'm sure it was Comrie who was sent off after the final whistle. Him and Rodden were both on yellows so yet to be confirmed if it was a second yellow that was given or a straight red. Ref lost the plot early doors. Numerous bookings for nothing meant that when the game got a bit feisty the red was always coming out. Interested to see how the league deal with McCormack and McGregor who were given a red whilst suspended etc. Not sure that Gibbons and Skinner would've seen red if the ref had it under control, I think the foul sounded worse than it was. I was right at the penalty and the defenders arms were out and he gives a soft push. Not sure if the lino or ref gave it but the lino on the other side of the dugout was just as bad for biting back at the fans who quite rightly were giving him stick. It was good to get a derby feel with a team that actually has fans. Shouting about the juniors always gets a good reaction, witnessed a few funny reactions from the home fans. Dont think it'll be anywhere near as firey in the return leg as you are a 10 minute taxi journey from the pitch. A point was probably a fair result but the officials ruined the game for me.
  3. Edinburgh Armchair Loyal. No chance he travelled
  4. This surely has to be the worst ever start yous have made to a season?
  5. This ia going to happen as Rangers B will win the league
  6. Jay Hogarth was on the bench for WATPa against Malmo, does this mean he can no longer play for WATPb? I've lost all idea of what the rules for them are
  7. They couldve called themselves Strathletico. There were so many better options. Dont mention their french connection. Very touchy subject
  8. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] we were only £190, cmon leo. Nah there's a dafty on the Facebook forum claiming Dalbeattie have had money thrown at them, the shire fans will get that reference but it wasnt serious. Glad it was taken the light hearted way it was meant
  9. Who let Steven Murray loose on PnB? Really hope they can keep it up and throw a spanner in the works. It's nice to see teams with smaller budgets do well. Our team this season are young and hungry, much more enjoyable to watch.
  10. Heard that the star have had some investment and are offering £200 win bonuses. Money talks
  11. I'd say they're safe from relegation too. No chance VOL are catching them. A win against Edinburgh Uni and the season target could be changing. Good to see [emoji846]
  12. I've seen the table posted here a couple of times but not from the LL, where are you getting it from? The updates from the Lowland League have been shocking this year, they wanted to raise the profile of the league by introducing the colts and its been nothing but a farce so far. Maybe some of the 50k they got (none given to the clubs btw) could go towards hiring someone half decent to run the twitter and other media outlets?
  13. Folk on twitter calling him a great player etc [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  14. I agree with more movement. This seaosn will show we can work with a league of 18, so relegate bottom and invite the 3 champions up. 2 automatic relegations spots and a playoff, with the winners of the 3 feeder leagues placed on a ppg system. The chances of the SOSL producing a licensed champion is slim, so then the playoff wouldnt need to happen
  15. Watching him in various roles for the Shire he's a better number 10 by a mile. Cant lead the line but has the skill to set a few up
  16. After their Sevco BSC tweet I want them to stay up [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  17. I had a right good chuckle at it [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  18. Yeah mate was at the game. The young team were good but we deserved a point today
  19. I thought yous were serious about a title challenge this season? Even wee Bo'ness have managed a league win
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