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  1. I really hope this happens but Mr Ferguson has some lowerful friends on the board
  2. I also think theres a chance Brechin will try to bully their way into the LL too, so thay could be a factor
  3. VOL are treading water. I would've relegated them last season. They deserve to go down. Kelty deserve to be champions, purely after the shamble that was last season. I can see the arguement about fixtures etc but they won the league fair and square last season with no reward. I'd be cool with an expansion to 18 and Jeamfield joining, but if we promote we need to relegate too. Cya VOL
  4. Brechin are pushing to be a LL side. Not sure what's happening there now
  5. The meltdown from some Bonnyrigg players has been the highlight of this whole shambles. Toys out the pram because they are 3rd. Poor George Fraser being slaughtered when he's doing the right thing and his club actually lose out [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Kelty and EK just playing the bottom half (10/13 and 9/12) leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Kelty deserve to be champions based on last season. Hope they go up and relegate Brechin. I also hope Jeanfield are promoted from the EOSL in a similar scenario
  6. I would imagine that we woukd take up an elected champion for eos and wos and pay 17 again. Not sure if Stranraer reserves could cone up, if they coud then go for 18!
  7. Aye. I'm only okay with them getting in if it opens up the pyramid. Was 100% against it but that wouldnbe my one comprimise
  8. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] cant blame him for wanting to play league one
  9. So basically pie off VOL and the uni teams etc for the big juniors. Hilarious. Absolute wet wipes
  10. There's no question about expansion or automatic relegation to HL/LL. The colts can f**k off if there's no expansion and no automatic relegation. A 16 team league should have at least 1 going down and 1 into a play-off.
  11. The WOSL tweeted that they're hoping to have a scenario where everybody has played each other once and they've played at least 50% of their games. Theybhave scrapped the original fixture list to make this happen. This would allow them to use PPG to determine places and crown a champon (who hopefully has a license) to get a crack at the LL. My main question is, will we relegate VOL or expand to 18?
  12. They're working on it. It's whoever runs our server that's having the issue
  13. The piehut at Alloa is the best by an absolite mile
  14. I just came on for a read and seen alot of people slagging the wee rose for taking Forfar to extra time. I'm under no illusions we were pumped out by an EOS side [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Hopefully we bounce back on Wednesday. Hoping it actually goes ahead!
  15. How did Bo'ness get on in the Scottish yesterday? Couldn't find their result.
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