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  1. Cant complain, hoping we can have maximim points going into the EK game at the end of the month. Would think you'll pick up the 3 points tomorrow too
  2. Have a good one boys. Maybe we can get a few beers and make up at xmas [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  3. Should be a 10 point deduction! Wait, we'll need it to be 15!
  4. Just asking questions. To me 3 trialists in your squad on the opening day doesn't look good
  5. Can we just relegate all the teams who arent providing a live stream for their games?
  6. Just word on the street. Or streets, cause that's what everyone is saying. It came from the players too [emoji102][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102]
  7. Classic junior tactic there. 100% Bonnyrigg Rose, only if its a home game though
  8. I think Bo'ness will flop and they wont get top half. Kelty Shire EK BSC Rose top 5 VOL and Dalbettie or Edi Uni to go down or be saved by no covid relgations, with VOL getting less than 20 points all season SPFL will find a way to save Brechin from the play-offs again. The record LL win will be beaten this season. The darkhorses of Berwick will over-achieve and finish 10th this season
  9. ThEy DoNt HaVe AnY fAnS tO wAtCh It ThOuGh
  10. It was the Stenny Amatuers they played mate. Not a good result
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