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  1. Only if there isn't a big steaming pile of debt to go along with it.
  2. The plans submitted for the 4g pitch would suggest otherwise. We also had the old gazebo in that space with room to spare. I reckon there is plenty room to accommodate a safe standing area or a few rows of seats with some sort of commercial area behind it. Granted not the same size as the other three sides but plenty big enough for our purposes.
  3. I suspect that will be limited to the section of land which was within the boundary fence for the last few years. Either way, I think some fans are getting carried away with the idea that we somehow have large areas of land within our ownership which are ripe for development.
  4. The land ownership certificate associated with the planning application for the new 4G pitch shows Falkirk council as the owner of the land as of August last year.
  5. I'm not entirely convinced this is the case. Do any shareholders on here have access to information/plans which can provide a definitive answer on the land which we do own?
  6. I keep hearing fans referring to the 'land around the stadium' that we supposedly own. Does anyone actually know if we do own any such land? I was always of the understanding that much of the land is owned by Falkirk Council, including the land where the new pitch is going with us leasing it from them.
  7. Whilst I agree with this generally, he was pretty crap yesterday defensively. The amount of times he shanked it straight out of the park in a panic was comical and whilst he doesn't shy away from anything, his positioning and anticipation whilst defending can be tough to watch at times. I think it was masked yesterday because of the formation we played with Paton and Osman filling in for him and DKD but if we don't have that defensive midfield cover he leaves us too exposed IMO. Great outball to have when we are pinned back deep though.
  8. I had thought of that but the number 2 continues on through the town and up to where I live as opposed to changing in town (and potentially getting 'delayed' in BTW).
  9. Does anyone on here get the bus after games from the stadium into town? Im considering using the number 2 from the stadium into town then onto lionthorn on Saturday but if it is regularly rammed to the gunnels then I might just hoof it.
  10. I'd also like to think that hippo's previous dillusions of granduer will have diminished somewhat since his unsuccessful stint with st mirren. That definitely detracted from some of his performances with us last time around. Perhaps he could settle and focus a bit more this time as opposed to constantly looking elsewhere as he seemed to be previously.
  11. Don't get the mass negativity towards hippo to be honest. My memories of him are generally positive. At the very least he can be very entertaining. Yes he is a bit hit and miss but when he is on it he really is a handful for defenders, especially at championship level. In the squad we have now assembled he'd give us a good degree of flexibility in attacking positions. It is beginning to sound like we may be struggling to get our first choice striker target through the door and in the absence of any readily available quality alternatives I'd be quite happy having him as another option.
  12. Can't agree with this I'm afraid. At firhill, McLean was regularly tracking back at pace to help Robson out. Granted this tailed off a bit in second half but that could just be a fitness issue. I do think he could have quite a hot head though, he seemed to be getting involved in nonsense all over the park. Also, from what I hear DKD is unlikely to offer much defensively so I guess the lineup will depend on formation choice and who we are playing.
  13. This is the way I see it going as well. Kind of makes Muirhead surplus to requirements in my mind.
  14. I've no problem with them packing the place with school kids but let's be honest, the kids that come won't really add much to the atmosphere. I don't have any answers as to how best to do it though.
  15. I agree that they should be as active as possible in attracting more fans but I for one will be pissed off if they start offering reduced entrance prices again. That just penalises season ticket holders who have already parted with their cash when instead they should be doing all they can to keep those of us that have stuck by them through this mince.
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