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    Sam Warren appointed as Team Manager

    Scott Wilby resigned yesterday. For reasons etc see Threave Rovers Facebook Website.
  4. Selkirk FC thread

    First 15 through the turnstile will be playing for Selkirk as triallists
  5. Transfers and Predictions new season

    I would think £2000 would easily be taken as a half descent few nights profit in their social club. I suppose living in the sticks make you unaware of the real world. Stop moaning and give your team a hand at raising cash like Threave do.
  6. Transfers and Predictions new season

    Playing for Threave today Anyone heard where the goal machine soltys is going to be playing for this season. Threave according to team listed on Facebook today
  7. SSFL - The Future

    Why? If you want the best available
  8. South Referees

  9. League title odds

    Just had £500 to win on Wigton to sell all their pies.
  10. Early League Table Predictions 2017/18

    So it's Lochar for the Lowland League in 2018/19. They will have to put up the price of their pies to afford it.
  11. Unsure why Dr Waddell had to walk away from Preston Athletic (if it's true). Kenny Murray is the Treasurer of the South of Scotland League and yet he is on the Committee of Dalbeattie Star in the Lowland League and also on the Committee of the Lowland League.
  12. New clubs in South of Scotland League

    Take it that neither Annan or Stranraer will be eligible for promotion should they win the South of Scotland League.
  13. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2016-17

    Edusport were pointed in the direction of the SOSL, by the SFA. Good luck to them getting promotion to the Lowland League. However, I don't think any teams in the SOSL will miss them. Income from their supporters was almost non-existant.