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  1. Can't remember how many questions Johnson was asked, but he deflected every one of them effortlessly (quite skilfully actually, then again he was reading from a pre-prepared Cummings script), so the sum total of Boris's replies was absolutely f**k all.
  2. Did anyone spot an apology in there? If there was one, I certainly missed it.
  3. 63, although I thought I was pushing my luck with so many Germany's
  4. I've got no friends. She sounds nice.
  5. I'm of the opinion that cadence DOES matter, but then again, maybe I'm just old school. A steady rhythmic cadence is something you want to perfect. Being in the right gear means your cadence is roughly 85/110, and, consequently, keeping your cadence roughly about 100 means you're in the right gear, but if you're making progress in your personal distance, and, most importantly, making progress in your personal enjoyment, then fine. Go for it. Building up your distance and your stamina involves slow progress. If you feel frustrated because you feel you're in too low a gear the temptation is to up the gear and maybe burn yourself out. Let yourself find the right cadence over the summer and marvel at the progress you'll make. You'll soon find that gears you could only use while going downhill come naturally while you're on the level.
  6. Playing right back for the school team (Merkinch) I was told never, ever, ever cross the half-way line.
  7. Crows are the skinhead/bovver boys of the bird world. They just don't give a f**k.
  8. The most boring drudgery is quite often the most important work you do on your bike. Did you ever get your cadence sorted by the way?
  9. It's a bit childish to laugh at him and the tech problems that prevented him being the debutant in the virtual parliament, but it cheered me up no end to picture his sour, pouting face when he had to give the floor to Ian Blackford.
  10. Maybe that whole scene was a 'cheap trope about The Rangers' whatever that means. Nevertheless, the predictable PIN used to extract the cash, which was effectively a punch line to the joke, was funny. (Well, I found it funny, art is subjective . . . blah, blah . . . )
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