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  1. And there, in a nutshell, a first world problem.
  2. Fluffy isn't going to resign, anytime soon or any time later, just isn't going to happen. I'm sure this has been covered on another thread.
  3. So Fishermen did not realise what they were voting for in the Brexit Referendum? I mean, were they possibly misled? Perish the thought that Gove could have sweet talked them in the campaign.
  4. (and he said he would) suspend the payment of the UK's commitment of £39 billion "in creative ambiguity" until the deal was passed. 'Creative Ambiguity', What a beautiful phrase. What a beautiful 'let's pass the buck and let us absolve ourselves of any responsibility or blame for the mess we've created'. The guy is an absolute charmer.
  5. I think, maybe, 'subliminal' might be too subtle for them.
  6. Boris's catchphrase is Piffle Piffle Whah Whah . . but whatever . . . one of these clowns is going to be our next PM.
  7. Whether he meant it or not, he's got to have been coached . This is the age of rolling news and Twitter. Mud tends to stick.
  8. So it's full circle from 2016. Make Britain Great (and white) Again. I get that, it just seems strange for a high ranking Tory to be so casual about sacrificing family companies.
  9. Yeah, fair point. I was only thinking of the business side of things.
  10. Thanks. That explains it. Empathy? Tories? What was I thinking?
  11. No, still don't get it. What Tory is going to approve what he said? The guy who wants to lead the 'Party of Business' says it's ok for companies to go tits up for an idealogical cause. Companies that have been started from scratch, found a niche, maybe depended on European trade, planned long term with their budgeting and expansion are now fair game to be sacrificed in order to shoehorn Brexit through by October? I just want someone to explain how a potential Tory PM can justify such comments.
  12. I know we live in interesting times politically, but could someone explain to me how this is a vote-winner?
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