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  1. Thank f**k we’re out of the EU and Boris is in charge. We dodged a bullet in 2014 eh?
  2. Had to use the Inshes roundabout today. First time for about 15 months. For those of you who don’t use it, or have never even heard of it. . . . You lucky, lucky b*****ds.
  3. They won’t. They just won’t. It’s just not in their DNA to vote differently.
  4. Why would you go to a tournament/party and employ a 'damage limitation' tactic? Kind of defeats the purpose of making the effort.
  5. No, I'm not going with that. Roy Keane wen't home from Korea because the Irish team had that exact same attitude. We're not there just to make up the fucking numbers.
  6. In recent times as a Scotland supporter you join a queue, wait 23 years, eventually gain admission, then get soundly punched in the face as you walk through the door. As someone who endured Argentina '78 (and, yes, it's still too soon to talk about it), it's the same old story.
  7. Go on then. How DOES time work? Try and keep it brief and simple for me.
  8. The YouTube video is hilarious. Unfortunately the guy didn't have a stroke while being filmed. Regarding Coprolite's post, the public in general are c***s.
  9. His part in Marathon Man was as scary as it gets. No special effects or gore. Just pure evil in his eyes and his voice.
  10. Saw 'Ghandi' before I saw 'Sexy Beast' and was genuinely mystified as to how Ben Kingsley could play both characters convincingly. He did though.
  11. Today, the TV channels were given over to the Royal Funeral. On some obscure SKY channel they were showing Hot Shots. Can't remember when I laughed so much. Tonight myself and Mrs Grumpy watched Hot Shots Part Deux. The formula for these Airplane type films is a laugh every 10 seconds and it works. Utter genius.
  12. Yeah, I'd agree with that. It was hyped up at the time, and to be honest, I quite enjoyed it at the time. But it has not aged well.
  13. 'Changing their brush when it gets too turdy'. Thanks for that. An image that I'm going to take a long while to unsee.
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