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  1. Bea is her stage name, from her dad's initial (Brian).
  2. This reminds me of when Ulrika Jonsson mentioned in her autobiography that she had been raped by a TV personality whom she didn't name, then Matthew Wright dropped John Leslie's name on his show. Jonsson never confirmed that and Wright later withdrew the allegation and apologised.
  3. Wordle 522 4/6 Daft mistake on guess #3 when I left out the right letter/wrong place
  4. Mark Lenard was the first actor to appear as each of the three major alien races in Star Trek - Romulan, Vulcan and Klingon. AFAIK nobody else has done it.
  5. Know the feeling though. Wordle 521 2/6
  6. Hole in the Ground - Bernard Cribbins
  7. Wordle 520 3/6 No idea where that one came from
  8. Wordle 519 3/6 Lucky guess at go #2
  9. Agreed. I couldn't stand the stress of another long run.
  10. The problem with charts like that is that the SNP percentage is worked out on the UK as a whole, even though they only stand in about one in ten constituencies.
  11. Is that what's meant by 'sleeping with the fishes'?
  12. The 2012 Olympic logo (not the mascots) was described as Lisa Simpson giving someone a blow-job.
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