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  1. It's his mobile in case he needs to phone his agent.
  2. Presumably his maw didn't have a spare twelve million quid to pay off the victim.
  3. Just tell the builders that it's going to be student flats.
  4. Well, it's the only chance the locals will get to see one.
  5. I've always thought that. I can just imagine Kevin going home at the end of the day. "How was work, dear?" "Oh, we had a great time. The contestants were on to win £25,000 and we pretended we didn't know the date of the Fourth Peloponnesian War; then just as they were getting their hopes up we hit them with the right answer. You should have seen their faces!"
  6. Ironic to see a Cowden supporter slating Meadowbank as being an athletics stadium with a pitch in the middle.
  7. Do the contestants have to choose an outfit at the start, that they then wear for all of their filmed tasks? Because Phil Wang was always seen in that yellow tracksuit which didn't conceal anything; presumably after the first day he'd have chosen something else if he was allowed to.
  8. The one with the woman going apeshit when she wins the giant marrow contest. Never watched it to the end so I have no idea what they're actually advertising but I bet it has nothing to do with vegetables.
  9. Glad Man City won the league - if there's one thing worse than a Scouser it's a smug Scouser.
  10. Thanks. I did wonder if it might have been somebody connected with either a cast member or the production team.
  11. The scene with Gail and Eileen at the memorial bench was obviously a reference to the Manchester Arena bombing. Was this the first time it had been hinted that a local had been among the victims?
  12. A lot of his humour seems to lie in pointing out that he isn't Romesh Ranganathan. Well, that's obvious because he didn't identify himself as Vegan within the first couple of minutes.
  13. If they haven't released accurate figures, how do you know this?
  14. Like Nick Clegg's promise in the 2010 manifesto that he wouldn't increase student fees. As soon as he was offered a seat at the Cabinet table, that one got ditched. A clear case of putting his own interests ahead of those of the people.
  15. No matter how they pronounce it, it GOMN when people say "Absolutely" when they just mean "Yes".
  16. In the aftermath of Dunfermline being elevated to city status, somebody has noticed that Brechin actually isn't one. As a result the football team have been ordered to change their name to Brechin Town.
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