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  1. Who says he hasn't lost any weight in the face?
  2. Soviet Russia approves of this comment. I suppose a Jambo would know.
  3. (Usually in soaps.) Two people have a conversation in a pub or cafe, about some personal or even criminal matter, without worrying that the folk at the next table can hear every word. Somebody awakens from a nightmare and sits bolt upright. Somebody gets a phone call telling them to turn on the TV. When they do so the news item concerning them is just starting - even though it must have been already on to make the other person ring them.
  4. Just a thought, no evidence whatsoever:
  5. And nobody has commented on it!
  6. I always get a massive hard on for the ginger from Cream. FTFY
  7. Silence from the Hearts quarter about finishing last season.
  8. No worries. It was somewhere in England but I don't remember exactly where. Probably before 2007, too, however that affects things. Bottom line as far as I'm concerned is that if the school was happy to take people's money then they should damn well pay out if they lose. Otherwise it's false pretences, no better than those guys playing 'Find the Lady' in the street.
  9. Doesn't seem to be the same thing at all. It would be if the bingo hall refused to pay out saying they couldn't afford it. Anyway, why do you assume the fete was in Scotland?
  10. I remember many years ago reading about one of those school fetes where they tried to raise money by giving away a car if you rolled all sixes with a certain number of dice. (I thought it was six but the odds of doing that are better than 1 in 47,000 so it must have been more. Eight dice would be 1 in 1,679,616.) Anyway, they thought there was zero chance of somebody actually doing it so they didn't bother taking out insurance. And somebody did it. Can't remember the eventual outcome, whether the winner let them off with it or if he demanded they pay out. Possibly somewhere between the two. Given that the object was to raise money for the school, what would you have done? Cleaned them out completely or walked away?
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