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  1. TBF Cadbury's have been claiming there's a glass and a half of milk in every half pound of chocolate for years, without saying what size the glasses are.
  2. Anyone notice that when Geoff was e-mailing the escort, it was dated 30 March? Obviously that episode was supposed to go out on Monday, which means that David's encounter with the neds was a between-episodes cliffhanger and not a two-days-later one. Still seems odd to see people happily drinking in t'Rovers when IRL all the pubs are shut.
  3. (It's been a few weeks since this one was posted) To the old guy in the mobility scooter who stole my camouflage jacket: you can hide but you can't run!
  4. Apart from the skin colour it's not too far from the truth!
  5. Couldn't say about progress - I was never involved in those discussions, and the current board are very tight lipped about what is going on. Personally it would be my first choice, unless someone at the club wins Euromillions and we could build our own place. Plenty of available sites in West Lothian if that was an option.
  6. Saw a bloke nearly choking to death at the recycling bin last night. Would have given him the Heimlich manoeuvre but that would have meant getting within 2m so wasn't able.
  7. This man is the very definition of a national treasure.
  8. Coisty against John Parrott was must-viewing. Loved the chemistry between the two. Maybe so but I remember his team had one question to win the series - they had to identify a rugby player and they got it right. The look on Bill Beaumont's face was something to behold.
  9. I was quite hopeful when I started reading that. Then I got to the second part of the sentence and realised you were kidding.
  10. In the original one of the children was a toddler so may have been left out of the remake.
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