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  1. Same here. Normally the papers get hold of it and splash it all over (show a bit of respect, Kenneth). The last time a character died without it being leaked was when Max's real dad (forget his name) had his head caved in by Kylie. That was so unexpected that I wasn't convinced he was really dead for at least the next two episodes. Oh, possibly Geoff as well but that didn't come completely out of the blue like the others.
  2. That only works if you're eating the pizza on your own. Otherwise...
  3. Unfortunately a lot of people in their mid 20s these days have loads of confidence yet no ability.
  4. ^^^^^ Does that so he can transfer all the pineapple onto the central strip before anybody sees it.
  5. Serve you right if the guy cuts it into eight then eats one himself.
  6. I think the locals prefer to call it 'Cowdenbeath'.
  7. I used to use a knife with a curved blade and the word PIZZA cut out but it was a bugger to clean because the dishcloth kept getting caught in the letters. So now I use this.
  8. Maybe you shouldn't spew your ring all over their driveway on a Saturday night.
  9. Of course John himself was already unpopular with the locals because they were afraid that the film cameras were stealing their souls.
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