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  1. Hardly a new phenomenon. It happened with The Beatles sixty years ago.
  2. Why do banjo players keep knocking on the door? Because they can't find the right key and don't know when to come in.
  3. Well, they can't go too often in case they accidentally find her, which would put a stop to all their junkets.
  4. Do you call them that because that's what they say to you when you try to talk to them?
  5. Nutbush Cemetery Limits (Give me a break, all the good ones have been done)
  6. Treated myself to the DVD box set of 'Cracker', the Robbie Coltraine thing from the early nineties. Really enjoying it, but every disc starts off with that loud in-your-face anti-piracy thing that can't be skipped over or fast-forwarded through. I know video piracy is a bad thing, but I don't do it. I shelled out eighteen quid for the official release so why are you hassling me?
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