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  1. Did you see that on Richard Osman's House of Games tonight? It was the answer to one of the questions.
  2. Not to mention all the photo albums that were destroyed when Windsor Castle went up in smoke.
  3. Wordle 221 4/6 Lucky guess on line 3 but line 4 was a fairly safe one. Ten in a row!
  4. During the First World War it was made illegal to decorate Christmas trees because, being a German tradition introduced by Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert, it was seen as unpatriotic. This law has never been repealed, so technically anybody who decorates a Christmas tree even today is liable for a fine not exceeding thirty shillings.
  5. You should have put that in a spoiler
  6. Boris will sacrifice anybody and everybody to save his own sleazy skin for a few days more. Like Richard Chamberlain in The Towering Inferno.
  7. I wasn't complaining, just pointing out that some people might see it as a backward step. And he was responsible for bringing the show back in the first place, for which we should be grateful.
  8. I'd complain to the union about working conditions
  9. Wordle 220 4/6 Keeps the run going but not convincing, like Celtic towards the end of the ten nine in a row
  10. Like bringing back Russell T. Davies as showrunner?
  11. What's happened to Bobby? His interaction (shut up, Kenneth) with Officer Karen was always my favourite part.
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