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  1. They don't handle defeat too well. Remember the playoff against Cowdenbeath, when they had three sent off in the last few minutes.
  2. You say that as if it's a bad thing
  3. Bit unfair that, that the waster would know ICTChris is providing feedback on him but not vice versa. Any feedback should be anonymous.
  4. I remember during the election campaign there was a story in the Metro that Trump had made a suggestive remark about a ten-year-old girl.
  5. If you mean 'Tripods' it had nothing to do with WotW. Apart from the aliens looking similar. There were three books in the series but they only adapted the first two so the story was never resolved.
  6. Just don't knock his teeth out or you'll get the bill for that as well.
  7. That's a bit unfair. What about the poor sod who's waiting for his pizza?
  8. That's ridiculous. Why would they care about a football team from Belfast?
  9. Wouldn't have thought missionaries were welcome in Saudi Arabia. Presumably they call it something else.
  10. Hadn't he been working on it already? Michelle had already planned to get Robert to sign it over; the threat from the Irish woman merely gave her an excuse.
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