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  1. I know, it's a book about Feng shui and somebody has obviously moved it.
  2. Pointless, that. tamthebam is beyond help.
  3. I suspect it's so you'll stop (or at least slow down) to read the sign which in theory makes it harder for you to move off again without giving them anything.
  4. Dear old Fyfe Robertson... Surprised that as far back as 1964 a fish supper wrapped in newspaper was already a thing of the past...
  5. How much crime would there normally be in a street that size? It's getting to the point where the residents might consider moving to Midsomer for a bit of peace. Well, apart from Dev and the Nazirs. obviously.
  6. "My God, Holmes, how did you work that out?" "There's a sign in the fucking window, Watson!"
  7. Maybe Todd thinks that if he puts his hands over his eyes, nobody can see him.
  8. I wish they would stop trying to bring religion into Christmas.
  9. I have a racist dyslexic friend. He got quite upset last week when he read that his cock would go black at the weekend.
  10. Reminds me of the wheel that Mr Garrison invented in South Park.
  11. Shit, didn't know this either. Anybody who devotes their time to exposing the liars and frauds who claim to be psychic has lived a worthwhile life.
  12. And don't go anywhere near New York.
  13. I've been wondering how many of them are regulars there.
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