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  1. Who you wanting to win?Who would be better for the league.Bairns for me best team we played last season/much closer to edinburgh and have a decent support.
  2. Thats a good appointment.Dont like him but he will do a job for celtic
  3. Still waiting on armageddon 1.Get them to feck no one wants them.
  4. brilliant.Even third lanark have won the cup more recent than hubs.
  5. 2 of them can gtf as far as im concerned.They dont give 1 f**k about scottish football made it clear they want to leave.Let them go and shut the door on the way out.Unfortunately i dont think.the english leagues would want sevco fans running riot every other week down there.
  6. Good luck to the bairns from this jambo.Yous have played well the last 2 seasons and deserve to be up there in the big league with us.Go get killie and hump them.
  7. No doubt juanma has the ability insert the problem is his attitude.He played great against celtic and aberdeen after being shite for weeks and folk saying thats him back to his best but thats no good enough really need to see more out him.His mumping and moaning has to stop and his diving about is embarassing at times.As i said his trial period is finished next season hope he hits the net more often than this.
  8. Need to get rid or 4 or 5.Big season for juanma aswell his trial period is over
  9. Im hoping we push celtic a bit closer next season.For a lot of matches us not playing well there was a hell of a lot.A couple of wis agaisnt celtic and not getting beat by the likes of dundee utd wouldve put us above aberdeen.Rangers and ourselves will chase celtic next season o I reckon aberdeen will trot along in 4th Theve had their chance and to me theyve peaked.Us well weve got a lot more to show.
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