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  1. All of our outfield lost any ability to play football in the second half. (Not taking anything away fae Ayr who were as excellent after half time as they were abysmal in the first half)
  2. Don't know, but he made it here quicker than most of our players got to the ball in the second half.
  3. If my team had just come back from 2-0 dow to win with a last minute penalty, I wouldn't be giving 2 flying focks what they called us.
  4. Fair play to Ayr, a well deserved win in the end. Youz were first to every ball in the second half and made us look a shadow of the team we were in the first half. Very disappointing from a QP viewpoint: we simply had no answer when Ayr got in about us in the second half.
  5. I think you're getting the hang of how this football thing works.
  6. I know we all dream of an Eze Fox centre half partnership but I worry that they wouldn't have given the captain's armband to Kilday if they knew he was going to be on the bench for most of the season. Maybe they are going to play Eze as a striker -the Nigerian Ibra!!
  7. Bizarrely a game in which it is possible to be disappointed we didn't take all 3 points and also relieved to hold on for a draw. We were excellent in the first half and very disappointing in the second.
  8. aye & Dundee are charging £24 outrageous
  9. yeah 340 with 2 days to go seems a tad on the high side
  10. if the Caley Thistle ticket site is right, they have sold about 340 away tickets!!
  11. We are a big club now & Inverness on a Saturday is more attractive and possibly easier to get to than Larbert on a Friday night. I have managed to persuade my son to attend his 3rd QP game. I have to say I was disappointed in the lack of ambition in this... Surely if the bus is full on Wednesday night, you should at the very least be starting a waiting list to see if it's worth running a second bus?
  12. Looks like Connor is staying... "Several younger members of the Hearts squad can expect a hybrid role between the first team and B team this season. Connor Smith, Finlay Pollock and even recent signing Lewis Neilson all come into that category. “We have a few players who will be in between the B team and first team,” continued Neilson. “Connor Smith got three goals at the weekend so that's great for him, Finlay Pollock was suspended so that's why he was involved with us against Stoke." https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/hearts-reveal-goalkeeping-plan-and-hybrid-roles-for-some-players-as-they-await-new-signings-3784011
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