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  1. quite right - he's pure pish - you'd be mad to even think about it.
  2. I suspect it may divide opinion. The question is will we see it as next year's Australian Open?
  3. Yeovil & Gateshead are both in the bottom six of the National League - looks like a dead end move if he goes to either. Assuming we have made him a reasonable offer, you'd hope the possibility of playing in the premiership next season and maybe even showing the Rangers they were wrong to let him go would be tempting for him even if we are offering a few bob less.
  4. Surely this means he's not signing for Dundee? (at least before Saturday!!)
  5. According to this https://www.footballinsider247.com/sources-queens-park-and-gateshead-make-moves-to-sign-rangers-forward-josh-mcpake/ its us & Gateshead that are interested & he has 18 months to run on his contract.
  6. Whatever happened to Lewis Moore? Don't think he's even been on the bench for about 3 months.
  7. Maybe we could get someone to sponsor the North & South stands
  8. does anyone else wonder when they see these things... How much money we are getting. If we are getting more than a tenner for sponsoring our team sheets, they are doing a great job!!
  9. Indeed & I'd certainly like to see us put out a stronger XI against Inverness then we did against Raith in the Diddy Cup. But I certainly wouldn't be having Murray Thomas or Savoury starting.
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