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  1. a young, fashion-forward demographic of course!!
  2. Quite a nice wee article on our sponsors blog page about the history of QP... https://blog.scottsmenswear.com/queens-park-x-scotts/ although I suspect in this sentence... " So not only has the club influenced how we play the game but has also been detrimental in the development of some of the most influential figures in football. " They mean "instrumental" not "detrimental"!!!
  3. so last season MOTM got a bottle of Irn Bru this season he gets a carrier bag
  4. According to this, Coyle still looking to add 3 players to the squad... https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/20647830.crystal-palace-loanee-malachi-boateng-given-glowing-report-celtic-bounce-game-appearance/
  5. Talking of armbands, did anyone ever establish why we have changed ours?
  6. Agree. What a difference in the level of commitment from every player compared to the 2nd half against Ayr. Great to see what we can do if we play for 90 minutes. Great support though which led to the best atmosphere yet at Ochilview.
  7. Pretty happy with the squad. Just need a back up striker now.
  8. Maybe the clubs should market it as the Woke Firm Derby.
  9. All of our outfield lost any ability to play football in the second half. (Not taking anything away fae Ayr who were as excellent after half time as they were abysmal in the first half)
  10. Don't know, but he made it here quicker than most of our players got to the ball in the second half.
  11. If my team had just come back from 2-0 dow to win with a last minute penalty, I wouldn't be giving 2 flying focks what they called us.
  12. Fair play to Ayr, a well deserved win in the end. Youz were first to every ball in the second half and made us look a shadow of the team we were in the first half. Very disappointing from a QP viewpoint: we simply had no answer when Ayr got in about us in the second half.
  13. I think you're getting the hang of how this football thing works.
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