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  1. Great that's up to 7 players now. Bring back the Tennent's sixes!
  2. "Happy at Alloa" Not a phrase you hear often!
  3. Thank Christ we have "the rangers" standing up for fairness & integrity in Scottish Fitba'
  4. The problem is that folks' views on what is fair is predominantly based on what benefits their team.
  5. Not really a derby. More of a bounce match.
  6. I think this time next year when we are 15 points clear at the top of division 1, would be a good time to go full time.
  7. Scotland's oldest professional team against Scotland's newest as well 151 years v. 1 week.
  8. Absolutely crazy. I live in Fife.. do i really have to make a trip to Glasgow just to buy a ticket for this? Makes no sense at all.
  9. Eight goals scored in the last two weeks by the resurgent QP. Zlatan knows he'll have to be patient before he gets a start. Doesn't look like Zlatan.
  10. Zlatan expected to sign in time for the Cowden game.
  11. The great majority of football won't even notice. As I said last night, I think its a shame we couldn't carry on as glorious amateurs, but I believe the right decision has been made.
  12. Stellar journalism from the Evening Times... https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/18034540.queens-park-set-historic-vote-future-amateur-status/ "But in July, owner Gerry Crawley spoke of the harsh realities facing the squad as a number of players were allowed to leave for no fee."
  13. I haven't contributed a great deal to the debate about the club's future as, although I have supported the club for over 40 years , I only go to about 3 or 4 games a year these days. I think the views of those who go week in week out should carry more weight. However, I was a regular attendee in the early 80's watching a great team with Alan Irvine, John McGregor, Gerry Crawley Derek Atkins and many more competing for a couple of seasons in the second tier of Scottish football against the likes of Motherwell, Hearts, St Johnstone & Partick Thistle. How great would it be to be to be competing a that level again? There is no guarantee that we will achieve that if we go professional but I think we can safely say we will never achieve that if we remain amateur. I hope those of you who have a vote will take the plunge and vote to go professional. If you do, I will be relived but also a little sad, as I have always taken pride in our unique status as an amateur club in a big bad professional world, and I woudl love us to be able to carry on ... but sadly I think that is not a practical option.
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