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  1. Personally, I think it should be called Hampden Park & the SFA should change the name of their new ground.
  2. Albion Q P. Cove Edinburgh City Stirling Elgin Stenousemuir Cowden Annan Brechin
  3. As regards the pros & cons of going pro, I'm not over fussed how we get there and whether it needs votes or not, I think the writing is on the wall and it seems like the decision is inevitable. I remain to be convinced that we can survive financially as a pro club... but equally I am not convinced we can survive in our current form. I don't have any great enthusiasm for tuning pro but its worth noting that when i first watched QP over 50 years ago, only 2 of today's team would have been eligible to play (assuming they were alive!). So, in a way we've already completed a large part of the journey The big plus point for me is that we might be able to hold on to our better players - at least for a season or two longer than we do at present. There is much optimism about this year's squad. it may or may not be well founded, but let's allow ourselves the luxury of imagining it is & we win promotion. Surely the ability to offer the winning squad pro contracts would enable us to keep more of them than under the current system and who knows we might be able to last more than our standard 2 seasons in a higher league. Has the cost of upgrading lesser Hampden been revealed? - it would be nice to think we might be able to keep some of the SFA money back to fall back on if things don't work out. On a lighter note, has there been any discussion of a name for our new stadium. I don't want us to play a t anywhere that is "lesser." I woudl suggest we change it to Greater Hampden!. Alternatively, there is surely money to made form the naming rights. Anyone up for Camp Bru?
  4. It's a shame, because being amateur is one of the things that makes us unique, but it looks as though we don't really have a choice. Without being able to cash in on players we have developed, it's hard to see how we can survive in anything like our current form. I do worry that we may not be able to generate enough new income to cover the cost of player wages & the loss of rental income on Hampden, but I don't think we have any choice. If we do decide to go pro, presumably at the end of this season, it will make the final match at Hampden doubly poignant.
  5. Buses for the 2 "home games" at airdrie are now free.
  6. A slightly different spin on the same story... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/sfa-dismiss-fears-deal-buy-13939983
  7. Of course, Queen's Park's attendance figures will be inflated by all the fans who flock to Hampden because of the superb transport links and unsurpassed views.
  8. It appears that was not on offer from the SFA. I'm in two minds about it - Hampden is synonymous with QP but even its biggest fans would have to admit that with a few hundred fans in, it is somewhat lacking in atmosphere. How much we suffer from losing the attraction of playing at Hampden as a lure to attract new players remains to be seen. On the plus side Lesser Hampden could be a cracking wee stadium - as long as its not a one stand & 3 walls Bayview style design.
  9. Naw! Just an arse. They are still a couple of league above you.
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