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  1. For the game against Falkirk we should introduce the Snake's ex-wife that dumped him as our guest of honour.
  2. Derek Collins left, Steve McCahill right & Barry Mason centre after scoring a Scottish Cup replay winning goal at Dens Park[emoji41]
  3. Keith Wright Steve Ritchie Jim Tolmie Jim Townsend Barry Evans
  4. Ian Gibson Jackie McNamara Joe Harper Lex Richardson Emilio Bottiglieri
  5. Alex O'Hara Andy Millen Benny Rooney Bobby Houston Gerry Sweeney
  6. Spot on mate. Didn't realise how much Parfait looks like Ving Rhames [emoji3]
  7. Another visit to one of the top two & a bottle crashed again
  8. Think it was presented by Brian Moore. Involved rounds of different challenges, free kicks with a wall of dummy defenders, cross balls for headers & volleys & a shoot out. Only one Scottish team per series.
  9. Always remember when his relatives came on here & the Morton site to defend him. Give them their due they tried harder in defence than McManus did
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