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  1. 4 minutes ago, Crawford said:

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

    I imagine most managers worth their weight have a pretty good grasp of who or what's available should they get a job and might even say what their plans are at interview.

    So should we get someone(anyone) in we should possibly be see a few shirts in straight away or usual last minute panic


    who knows with us I suppose 

  2. 2 hours ago, Ludo*1 said:

    The Sun is running with the 5 being:

    Peter Leven, Peter van der veen, Kevin Thomson, Shaun Maloney & Steven Pressley.

    That's obviously rubbish but I'd go for the unknown van der veen out of that lot.

    I know that Leven views Strachan as his 'mentor' so reckon he could be a valid shout at being on the shortlist along with Thomson. Don't believe the other 3 though.

    Wouldn’t actually mind leven at all and if it’s true it’s actually reassuring that we are looking at someone beyond the over gate carpark 

  3. What are people basing kT on, cause if it’s his record at kelty Barry Ferguson is a shout?

    john hughes is a no but also oddly not even the worst name on the list

    im not not exactly In the Jack Ross be all,end all bandwagon so if we offer him something and he says no, move on.

    Minority in this but I’d go for a somewhat recently retired player and stick a decent assistant beside him, NOT RUSK AND MCGHEE before anyone says anything 

  4. 6 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    The reason we ended up with two strikers...

    Absolute negligence from John Nelms coming to the fore again.

    It's been speculated previously that McPake had his hands tied with the January window as Nelms was away at the start of the window (and again later on during it). 

    Is it any wonder we had a disastrous window when the most important month of our season, Nelms had went on a holiday? It says in the article it was club business but it was the rugby in Italy he went to.

    The Kyle Lafferty sliding doors moment as Kilmarnock star could have joined Dundee if James McPake had his way - Daily Record

    Just away to post this, absolute madness  I don’t want to say it cost mcpkae his job but at the very least it was a nail in the coffin he didn’t need, also makes sense as to when he was sacked if nelms pretty much came back from holiday after the window taking no notice of the fact we were on a 2 game unbeaten run

  5. 4 hours ago, MarbellaDEE said:

    Hello Dee’s, have just arrived in the city of discovery. Tickets purchased for tomorrow for myself and Mrs Marbella Dee. This will be her first trip to Dens and presumably last if it’s going on entertainment value. She’s harbouring that blind optimism that has plagued my life for years, I almost feel bad for her.

    Anyway, have seen it discussed on here before but has anyone got any recommendations where I can take her for some scran and a few drinks beforehand? Can be in town or near the ground. Much appreciated.

    Thank You. 

    Liquid lunch only, head to frews, they chill their tennents glasses sometimes and also next door to a bookies.

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