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  1. I genuinely wonder how much we’ve spent on non playing players or if there were deals in the background that made it worth it with a 2 year deal for chapman being the most recent of the top of my head

    :Jeremy mal(something), arturo, the Dutch guys yordi and Randy (something), Sean bonnet Johnson, Tom field, Nicky Hamilton , the panther missing anyone? And that’s just what I mind …brutal



  2. 26 minutes ago, Mr. Alli said:

    There will most definitely be busses on, aye. I know of a couple who are trying to book something already.

    Thanks will keep my ear to the ground and hope I can get a spot or 2 on someone’s coach , they only have a capacity of 2000 odd so I can’t imagine many away tickets 

  3. Fin Robertson look huge though didn’t he no the scrawny wee 16 year old that made his debut about 2 year ago

    agree with what’s being said re Anderson and Byrne, I feel this could have been a good game for Cameron to try something(anything)

    McMullan was a real live wire but again such an annoying player, is his finaL ball that poor or are our players afraid of charging in the box for fear of losing position?

  4. 43 minutes ago, Fifespud said:

    Taking his time over signings is pretty reassuring, he has to suss out what we’ve got already. So far so good.


    28 minutes ago, Yenitit said:

    The only worry so far is the standard of trialists he’s had in. They’re no where near the required standard. 

    Like an above poster said he’s got 6 weeks to sort this, I’m more than happy he’s took players on and almost instantly decided they weren’t up to scratch, where French is concerned I’ll take his word for it considering he’s signed him before but so far a bit meh, maybe that cause of his opposition so far odd to say but the test will be Queen’s Park and maybe even Simon Murray who is on a hot streak , genuinely looking forward to this game

  5. Just now, johnnydun said:

    This is it, some young players seem to be marketed very well these days without being very stand out at all. Like Josh McPake and Calvin Miller that we have had previously, I put this guy in the same boat. It's a no from me.

    Although josh mcpkae didn’t work out he was like 17 and built like a rake should never have been signed but not his fault, if it was now I reckon he’d be a far more effective player 

  6. 1 hour ago, Fifespud said:

    I actually wonder if Rudden might be massive for us this season. He didn’t really set the heather on fire last season but he had covid and 1 or 2 wee niggles, plus he came into a team that was really struggling. A season (hopefully) in the Championship in a more confident team could be the best thing for him.

    I agree with this definitely but as ever if the service ain’t there might as well have a lump of wood up top, relying on the wings to put in good cross in or near the box as the guy is 6’2 also decent and quick with his feet from what I’ve seen of him so far , I feel like he reminds me of a striker just not sure who?

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