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  1. 1 hour ago, This Charming Man said:

    A kindred, incredibly charming man is Mr Gary Bowyer, however he again is an unfortunate product of Mr Nelms' ongoing boardroom ineptitude.

    Anyone know of an available Scottish manager with a proven track record at this level, who may also have a massive chip on his shoulder to f**k Dundee United just for the fun of it?

    Yep, I know who I'd appoint, plus a potential, more than able assistant from a northern English Championship club.

    As Brian Clough once hinted, football is a simple game made overly complicated by fools.



    Ally mcoist?

  2. The turf looks pretty poor this year again, do we not invest in that anymore even with joy campy so so far away that it feels like it’s not gonna happen anymore 

    ETA I don’t blame the groundsmen as you can I’m only piss with the c**ck you’ve got 

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