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  1. I’m gonna go on a limb and say we are gonna be promoted at a (relative) canter, QP are gonna sh*te the bed and I reckon Patrick have enough in them to come 2nd and skoosh yinited in the playoff but still be double digits off us


    as for that if start getting the pen and paper out for the young lads before it starts getting to squeaky bum time and we lose them all for peanuts(again)


  2. 15 hours ago, jagfox said:

    Yeah, the Accies vs. Cove game was dragging on. £403 instead if £421. Just had the fear, as Chic Young was commentating, and him announcing a late, late, late goal 😂

    Well done mate

  3. In some cases departures are just as important as recruiting, if that’s the focus them fair enough but at least dip into the loan market, got to be someone out their that’s getting little to no game time or a promising youngster that’s just needing a chance to prove his worth?


    im going out on a limb and saying no one will come in and that he’s happy enough with his squad till end of season where next season budgets can be addressed.

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