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  1. That Thomas was brilliant in hold up play , how many times was Sweeney in the opposition box outwith set pieces?, looks like he wasn’t bothered by Murray whatsoever, lastly that run from the new LB
  2. From what Motherwell are saying is this our next mark Ohara?
  3. £5 on returns £140(hopefully)
  4. I hope the contract offered l(if offered) reflects their position in the team, young lads or not they are knocking on the first 11 door and should be compensated as such.
  5. In some cases departures are just as important as recruiting, if that’s the focus them fair enough but at least dip into the loan market, got to be someone out their that’s getting little to no game time or a promising youngster that’s just needing a chance to prove his worth? im going out on a limb and saying no one will come in and that he’s happy enough with his squad till end of season where next season budgets can be addressed.
  6. Is it just me or are a lot of players getting recalled from parent clubs this season?
  7. Funny thing is even if your taking the P, your totally correct in this, lazy c***s become our fan favourites for reasons I have yet to understand, yet also Don’t care to
  8. We’re gonna end up with Connor Wickham I just know it
  9. pinch of salt but, 1.ferrie 3. Gourlay even 9th is Mitchell not a sign of ours but we’ll done to the lads
  10. The turf looks pretty poor this year again, do we not invest in that anymore even with joy campy so so far away that it feels like it’s not gonna happen anymore ETA I don’t blame the groundsmen as you can I’m only piss with the c**ck you’ve got
  11. Went to pick up my tickets to see 2 yinited vans parked up, is this a friendly service we provide or should we have someone telling them to GTF
  12. Toon the punt if it’s shut I’ll head back to the coxy, problem solved
  13. Is the main stand any good to sit In?, or is there a bar or pillar in the road? Usually sit in coxy but miss half of the action at the other end cause I’m as blind as a bat
  14. I'd be tempted to give Mulligan a run. Called it.
  15. Dunno if it’s worth taking McMullan or rudden of to keep them uninjured ?
  16. Wonder if we can keep up this pressing intensity, causing Falkirk to make mistakes
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