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  1. Good for him getting a crack at England’s professional league, hope it works out for him
  2. A player I quite like in Jackson longridge has been released not that we need a left sided player too much , just bet he gets signed by a rival or Ross county
  3. Don’t suppose we’ve been linked with anyone bar McMullen and Clark? Or are we gonna have a quiet January ? not that I see much business going on just now
  4. This is just sad, as has been mentioned already, welcome and f**k up
  5. I’d keep him as #1 now that he has actual competition that’s not a child
  6. It’s alright he looks better in dark blue it compliments his complexion...or something like that
  7. Since McMullen not been picked tonight or even on the bench I think it’s pretty much odds on that he’ll be here this month side note- can you believe the guy is 24?
  8. Can’t blame Mcpake too much last week , any other day we win 6-0/6-1 from the amount of chances we had, also kept possession really well and their keeper probably had the best game of his career so
  9. I quite like the draw, always enjoy a tayside derby day(provided the guys are up for it) Home isn’t bad either
  10. That’s what it says .. eftur full time
  11. I agree not mcpakes fault for tonight, Ashcroft grew into the game(thank Christ) , Forster is a dud..bin him , all the young guys were non existent and Hamilton was unlucky not to get that 2nd pen onto next game away the Dee
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