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  1. The split is stupid as it stand Motherwell should be 6th and that’s that Scottish league is just mental.
  2. http://www.pooliebunker.co.uk/newbunker/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=69905 re jake hastie
  3. Wages wise would he be on the same as was as a player , did we not have to get a mystery buyer paying a percentage of his wage, doubt what he asks for would be much different being top dog
  4. must admit I don’t particularly follow the youth team or reserve leagues, is it baring any fruit ?,for the life of me I can only think of robertson, mulligan and Cameron being any of note Anything been announced on Gaz yet, kinda just assumed he’d walk into a job down south while his stocks high(in Scottish at least)
  5. I’d oddly get behind, even if he not for the bantz
  6. League 2 his limit then, at least for now?
  7. I ask just cause of the hype around him , personally I agree with your sentiment on it too Tbf the for the most part that lightweight 20 year old pretty much “bossed it” over more senior players so I don’t think it’s out the realm of possibility
  8. With us having 3/4 players signed up next season, is it worth or too early to build the squad around Cameron or does the board have something else in mind?
  9. How about Jack Wilkie, keep again for next season or not ready for mans game?
  10. How did young tam Findlay get on this season , would you have him back?
  11. Are we still interested in Morrison(Falkirk)I wonder or was that just pick a name out the hat journalism?
  12. If your turning towards Davidson, Neil don and Ross , I May aswell through Micky Mellon in the hat since he was sacked from Tranmere
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