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  1. The old cross inn, in Rattray any other Dundee pubs out there?
  2. Dundee direct is absolute pants, unsure how many times Iv tried to get something from the website to get an email 3 days later saying they don’t have it or don’t have it in the size...😫😫
  3. I’m with you on that comment, oddly more so with Mcpake at the helm, he ultimately got the job as he had been really successful with the youths and I assumed that when he was brought on he’d bring them on as his bread and butter , as it stands we have 2 youth players he’d given a chance in robertson last season who is still younger than 19 I think who by rights should have been sent out on loan even before his injury and Anderson who really I’m sure we are all surprised as to how he turned out probably except Mcpake he must have played him knowing what he can do most of the season until January we had loads of youth on the bench, I’m not sure he used one and over used Adam possibly it all got scrapped I think at the start of the season when the 16 year old Cameron got torn a new one putting youth firmly in the bin
  4. Good luck to him and them, I reckon he’ll be a good gaffer especially if docherty is there to guide him along for a little while
  5. Yes and no, like I say we kept the ball well and thoroughly dominated the game any other day would have been 10 goals, but your correct in that specific day in general they couldn’t hit the side of a barn door never mind the back of the net, BUT that guy weir I think was in Devine form that day
  6. Tbf to the team the Bonnyrigg result any other day could have seen us up by 10 goals , just so happend that their keeper had the game of his life
  7. I can only speak for what I saw, and at the start of the season every one said he’s terrible and has had his time to bed in season, with this season being the time to push on for 2nd and a chance at a promotion, he’s achieved that. I’m not that fussed about how we got their especially THIS season when the world has went to pot, what matters is that we are there. when we had NM in charge folk were asking for his head after bad results but some great football, this season mcpake has achieved the minimum requirement set out by EVERY fan at the start of the season with terrible football, so what do people want great football or results, it’s few and far between that a club that’s not the OF can have both for more than a few games at a time?
  8. I think that’s being a bit disingenuous, I agree in this current league we are In we are second to hearts , if we were in top flight we would be a bottom 6 financed whereas hearts,hibs and I’d stick my neck out and say yinited would be paying roughly the same as dons
  9. I doubt it’s a million quid a year although in this I could well be wrong, but for as long as DM has been at Aberdeen their football he been fairly decent all in, Constantly challenging for 2nd and latterly(with gers) 3rd it’s only really been this season, the season everything worldwide, never mind football wise has went to pot that he had finally lost it. I don’t think even Aberdeen have the revenue to support £1 mill per year for the gaffer, but if that’s the case I wonder what their players are on?
  10. I actually reckon Kevin Thomson could be a great coach/gaffer but I don’t think we can afford to finance another outside the box punt
  11. I’d give my left nut for his abject failures and constant runners up at Dundee
  12. I assumed TW would stay as he only just got his job there, Peter grant Iv not watched much of Alloa so I can’t really comment on him, doubt would Alec Neil take a step down(a couple of steps) doubtful
  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if we do punt Mcpake and I can understand both arguments to keep and punt him, the replacements we’d likely have by the end of the season will likely be Brian Rice if accies go down john Hughes if county go down peter grant I assume he’ll get sacked for Alloa going down Gus”fuckin”McPherson unless their is a candidate that I can’t see I’d rather just stick or twist with Mcpake now that he actually has a run of form
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