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  1. No thanks he showed all the ambition of wet paint by joining league 1 Falkirk and by all accounts so far they say he is a waste of a wage, keep him or punt him, just not too us
  2. I’m a believer in some players just don’t suit the club they are at sometimes, maybe callachan will fight right in with the way we play
  3. Probably just as well he changed career cause he was never a footballer, although this don’t look good either
  4. I think this song is overrated, but thanks for the sentiment
  5. Just my luck I finally get a Saturday off and I rains , feckin typical
  6. The only advice my dad gave me was “where it’s wet, wear your wellies “ To this day Iv no idea what he means [emoji12][emoji12]
  7. Solid advice and safety considered too a nice touch 🥰🥰
  8. Cause I’m in hospitality I rarely get a Saturday off and only ever get to the Tuesday/Wednesday night games , I’ve got this Saturday off should I go see the game or should I get pissed? Lately this forums been full of “its shite or I’m not paying for that” or something along those lines , will it change against Ayr?
  9. I’d keep mcpake on till the end of the season , the squad on paper looks good and I don’t believe for a second that he’s the only one to blame when you have strachan, nichol and even Barry Smith right next to him every day eventually it’ll just click whether it be 1/2 players who are leaders that can take the game by the balls McGowan does it but he can’t be relied upon every game , does dorrans even fit our team?
  10. Personally I’d take a punt to see if we can get 1.cerny 2. Gordon 3.and probably the most outside shout Liam Kelly who isn’t exactly making an impact at qpr
  11. At the start Of the season I would have been ok with this but it’s not really the signing we need to make
  12. That’s exactly what we need quality not quantity personally I’d probably haunt people in the English leagues that aren’t having a great time but have experienced and enjoyed their time in Scottish football
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