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  1. With Griffiths being back in Scotland I reckon he’ll end up at either Dunfermline, Forfar or Edinburgh city
  2. Not to be a Debbie downer but why do we want gowzer more forward?, the guy canny shoot and has like 12 assists in 9 years at the club not taking the pi$$ genuinely wondering
  3. Have we had a shot on (or off) target yet?
  4. Is there nothing happening in this game as no one is saying a word, at world so I you guys are my only way I see comments
  5. Reckon osei will be signed for tomorrow or still another week of trial?
  6. Must have put it to a vote, we’re good at them.
  7. It’s criminal that in 300 apps gowzer only has 21 goals, curious on his assists? Kerr in 2nd on 234 Good work by dee archives . https://www.deearchive.co.uk/players-apps.php
  8. Josh mulligan starts for 21s, Robertson seems to have fallen off the radar
  9. Good thing about this break is it gives the guys with wee niggles a chance to ice it up, or guys like Sheridan another few days of match fitness, bowyer also gets to have a right look at osei and any other guy that He wants a look at
  10. Scott Allan - aye scott wright- aye dieng - possibly how many loans have we had since we had Efrem and shinnie ?,you could count on 1 hand how many you want as a permanent deal, sad really.
  11. With zach Robinson being a somewhat decent loan signing, who was the last loan player we had where we actually thought I wish we could keep him permanently?
  12. I genuinely wonder how much we’ve spent on non playing players or if there were deals in the background that made it worth it with a 2 year deal for chapman being the most recent of the top of my head :Jeremy mal(something), arturo, the Dutch guys yordi and Randy (something), Sean bonnet Johnson, Tom field, Nicky Hamilton , the panther missing anyone? And that’s just what I mind …brutal
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