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  1. I would say he did exactly that by letting him go, a player by rights we should NEVER have signed in the first place IMO only Dundee would offer a 38 year old a 2 year deal even if they look after themselves like Miller does
  2. Im not sure I agree, if Miller had stayed he would have undermined Mcpake at every opportunity, through relegation we are in a lucky position of having no players , with a fresh start it would be silly to have that snake in his ear saying one thing to his face and another behind his back, with him gone its Mcpakes team The saying “too many chiefs, not enough Indians” come to mind
  3. I can’t be the only one concerned that our solution to ramp up our forward line is Stevie May , a man who hasn’t scored more than 5 goals in the past 4 seasons , with 2 of those seasons being 30+ games at a strong Aberdeen side where he will have nothing but chances the whole game, he’d be a decent squad player to have but would I pay what would be a massive chunk of the budget for an at best squad player the answer for me is a resounding no, people are only going with it because Curran isn’t a goal scorer and we will be lucky to have nelson play every week , surely there are cheaper and better out there
  4. I wonder who is in mcpakes “striker” phone book ?
  5. How did the young lads get on yesterday( albeit the game was already over) where they just going through the motions or was there some tidy play?
  6. Jack lambert has been signed for Scunthorpe under 23s , what the script with Henvey and Scott , allegedly our next big things why has no one signed them up if they were such a big deal?
  7. HOW BAD ASS WOULD THAT BE?? Would have to tattoo teardrops on his face for his every victim he’s either maimed, killed or give a stern talking too
  8. It’s quite good the fans can actually speak to there owner and get a half decent response to any reasonable questions asked, a little clarity goes a long way for most fans even if they don’t necessarily agree
  9. How does Marshall compare to Ralph? Ie is he better defender but shite going forward or vica versa? Endless runner?
  10. Jesus, think most of them would be saved if it was parish
  11. At 6ft 2 he’s probably the tallest midfielder we’ve had in years instead of small guys that a light breeze could push over
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