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  1. I see Mr D Findlay won the lottery bonus ball !!! Now that's karma!!!?
  2. Good team work today Harvey was awesome Jordan struggled but kept plugging away and got his goal he deserved. Always said Mullen is a legend work's hard 100% every game Taylor and Herd excellent . Stenny really dirty cloggers how they kept 11 on the park beyond me well done lads happy Xmas to all cheers
  3. Not into witch hunt just stamp out nasty digs . we all have a go at players at time normal ",banter" when players underperfom or screw up or digs at opposition players when they screw up etc iam the first to admit this But when it comes to nasty ill informed comments especially at players families ect that's to far
  4. Also I think we as loyal fans should bring any abuse about Cox's mental health to the attention of either stewards or club officials and if any of our supporters are guilty we should name and shame iam not talking about usual banter but more serious abuse aimed at Cox's mental health
  5. Drifter don't hold your breath this is the so called joy of following CFC one match it all goes pear shaped watch this space
  6. Disappointed !!!!!!! gross understatement heads should roll really worried for rest of season especially when loans return to their clubs another season of fighting for survival
  7. Utter disgrace every one of them should hang there heads in shame a complete shambles never mind top three finish we'll be playing Berwick next season a disgrace to the shirt clowns every one of them
  8. I hope yesterday poor performance serves as a wake up call and they adopt a better attitude and work rate that they are capable of. No banana skin on Saturday !!!!!!!!!
  9. Don't matter if it was a under 20s team we thump it's a win keeps the confidence up the feel good factor high ¡!!!!!! Mon the beath
  10. Aye another 3 points and a clean sheet¡!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. It just gets better and better!¡!!!!!!!!! Mon the beath
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