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  1. It had large club badge with white fringe wish i still had mine too
  2. Years ago purchased a cowdenbeath FC scarf out of sharps it was blue with white pin stripes unfortunately got lost in flit time for retro scarf as well?????
  3. Hopefully this season we can relieve some of his burden ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Humble pie time great result against a good east Fife team thought we get a draw !!!!! Well done boys hope put in a good showing against the jambos performance rather than score Mon the signal men!!!!
  5. Us win the league not this season with this squad ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????
  6. As been said.before it's who's in the strip that counts don't care what it is just as long as the players give 100% Mon the signal men!!!!!!!!
  7. Rather have Swann than 2 16 year olds !! I think the best well finish is about mid table (hope Ian wrong but looking at the squad doesn't Inspire promotion challenge)
  8. Renton a waste of space should be punted lot poor last season probably same this season just Huff's and puff's
  9. Really riveting competition¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Don't you know it's going to be The Gleneagles Cowdenbeath ????!!!!
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