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  1. I dont think he even got that. Tbf, I have a degree of sympathy. Some folk are so clueless about the shark infested waters of the internet.
  2. More Hacker-Pschorr Munich Hell for me. Wünderbar.
  3. They are knocking out flu jabs all over the place. Town halls, chemists etc etc. You dont think theres scope to find buildings, or knock up tents in car parks etc?
  4. Precisely this. A point made exclusively by absolute morons.
  5. Even if they were to do the jags... Where else is there a large number of bodies available to the govt, being paid by the govt who would be willing to train to do vaccines at a moments notice. They are a unique asset and you would expect that they will play a role in this. Mr Carbon Rod is right. The Army are well placed to be involved in this.
  6. This type of story, for about the 400th time
  7. Folk getting scammed for a PS5 on tv just now. Getting scammed is maybe a bit dubious for being a CCOM, but the guy who thought he was getting a PS5 for 240 quid off an Ebay site is undoubtedly a moron. Holy f**k
  8. Thats an absolute thundercunt of a strike and we can wrap up GOTS right now.
  9. In fairness, there were mitigating circumstances for why I have the 2 stocks I have. One is from a previous employers incentive plan and one is the result of quite blatant "insider trading" and me having knowledge I really shouldnt have/placing my trust in a few folk rather than actually knowing about it or researching. That said, it is currently sitting at 3 x my money but hoping for more. Once these two are gone I will likely never have as much money tied up in stocks again but I am a sucker for a wee gamble.
  10. The covid thing just occurred to me lastnight. Far more worried about losing players for league business than any dumping dished out by the form team in Scotland from 2 leagues and a financial galaxy above us.
  11. I probably need to grow up, I spend what little time I look at markets contemplating where I am going to pick up a 10 bagger that changes my life
  12. I'm a it hamstrung as almost all of my savings are in either a stock that took a covid bleaching, and is slowly coming back which makes that unsellable really, or one that going up but I dont believe its met its potential, but I firmly believe there is a golden goose waiting on vaccine approval just dont know what it is....
  13. Vaccine test results gave a wee bump, but surely there mist be some stocks waiting to have a real run on vaccine approval. Anyone got any bright ideas what they might be? Airlines seems like an obvious shout but I know a lot of folk steer clear of airlines.
  14. Find it quite odd that the concept of shielding has never even so much as reared its head in the discourse during the second wave.
  15. Filthy amount of skill in that Octagon and I really like/liked GSP but you cant fight someone like Khabib off a layoff. Asking for trouble.
  16. I love big Prescott, since I bet on him to win that by KO. The bookie laughed at me and ripped the pish as I was putting it on.... Proper Still Game stuff when I went to collect
  17. Dubois but I really don't think either guy is particularly good tbh. DD will end up on someones highlight reel in the next 2 years.
  18. Yes, because last seasons points tally is what you have to beat, and not the team who are flying ahead of you, showing no signs of dropping points, whilst you show no signs of being able to stem the bleeding
  19. Think almost all whisky distilleries knock out gin for that reason, plus you cant sell whisky until its 3 years old minimum. Most big distilleries aren't bottlenecked by spirit production, so they can batter out alcohol all year round, cask what they can and flog the rest as gin. I will be moving into spirit production soon incidentally. I can say that to you as Bairnardo isn't actually my real name
  20. Obvious framing of "how far we have fallen" bla bla aside, but that's a very tidy weeks work on league business. No goals conceded and installed ourselves at the top leaving Cove to see if they can match the result.
  21. Yes I was just carrying it on under the theme of how folk will find a way to slate the SNP for this... How about... "STURGE'S BOOZE HIKE HELPS CANCER TOP SHAMEFUL DEATH LEAGUE"
  22. Look forward to a story about how the SNP are doing this on purpose
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