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  1. The Pickford calamity coming in the 90th minute would be tremendous. Make it so.
  2. This is pathetic from Everton. Absolutely desperate for a penalty, so much so that they are passing up actual chances
  3. Is there any other league where you can come down to the last day and still have so much at stake? I think NOT.
  4. Iv never heard it till some of the fifers started it after he made a small motion with his arms in an innocuous interview that somehow upset them.
  5. Wonder how long we'll keep short changing our game with this utter shite. Sky are only going to get worse having committed to a big increase in EFL matches next season too. The Edinburgh Derby and today really tells you all you need to know about Sky and what they think of their Scottish customers
  6. I've literally just said several times I don't think hes good enough and should be moved on. But the lack of goals isnt the main reason why hes not good enough. It is fairly frequent for main strikers in the mdoern 1 up front systems not to be prolific goalscorers. Its nice if they are, but its not neccesarily an issue if they aren't, if they are doing their other jobs well. I dont expect Ross McIver to be our top scorer for one secind, yet I think he will do ok for us.
  7. We were the second highest goalscorers in the league playing with 1 up front almost all season. Its not necessary for that 1 up front to do all the scoring. Of the areas in which Oliver fell short in terms of the position he was asked to play, goals scored isn't the primary concern for me.
  8. I agree with letting him move on. He filled in as the lone striker, but he just falls short of the attributes needed. He was almost able to do the hold up/physical play required but just not quite.
  9. Alloa would have sailed into the playoffs bodying all comers if it wasn't for Ross McIver
  10. f**k me, there's plenty to criticise the club for in recent years but iv genuinely no clue why the English playoffs have suddenly become a shining beacon for where Falkirk FC have failed
  11. Flack put some sort of marker on him. like what honey bees do.
  12. I somewhat lazily hadn't given it any thought whatsoever when HSW started, but yeah.... When I do think about it, he's telling us the council ignore the TFS car park, and in fact encourage its use for the Helix all week, then on a Falkirk FC match day, they deploy steward and start demanding money off folk
  13. Mind when Chris said he was locking this thread..... Can't let it go IMO.
  14. The thing is, All he's done is generally stayed away from EXACTLY the sort of shite that Celtic fans themselves have hitherto loved their managers to get involved in, so its only natural that they pivot to backing Anges clear indifference to their utter obsession with the other cheek. You might think a foreign guy coming in and showing them how pathetic their whole "Old Firm" shtick is would be a good thing, but really its just a bunch of kids mimicing someone they admire. They'll be right back to normal once Ange fucks off and gets replaced with a badge kisser.
  15. Mind all the talk of decoupling the electricity price from the gas price etc..... Various proactive steps being talked about to mitigate..... Guess the frog has boiled through now. No need to continue pretending anything will be done.
  16. And yet, thats not the situation we're in, and so actually, its totally irrelevant and this “give the boy a chance, he’s not put the jersey on yet” does work.
  17. My concern is the entire jigsaw. If McGlynn doesn't deliver a team that can score goals, it won't be Ross McIvers fault. He's been signed to be that big physical presence up front. I expect if our team is anything like last season hel get his fair share of goals because a big guy in the box would have scored goals for us last season. I wanted a big physical guy to sign to play up top. Gary Oliver was a few inches and a bit of presence away from working up there but he just wasn't quite the right guy. McIver seems a better fit and for me we would have fared better post January with a McIver type there rather than Oliver. That's why I'm not hugely concerned
  18. I don't have a list of such stats. What I do know is that age is fairly arbitrary when you consider the various things that can and will have contributed to the story of MCIvers career so far, and what will affect him going forward. Theres absolutely no reason, physically or mentally why the age of 24 should represent some sort of barrier to improvement. Far more important is his attitude/application/willingness to learn
  19. Hold on, you've popped some new caveats in there mate
  20. I don't have anything to back up what I'm about to say, but thankfully there's no way you have anything to contradict it..... Here goes then. Is it f**k, a rare occurrence that football players improve their game at the age of 24.
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