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  1. Going to have to give serious consideration to the top 3 now that Telfer has made it plain he sees himself in there.
  2. He did a lot of running too and never hid after the semding off. I thought he was good.
  3. Christ.... There havent been any meltdowns in this thread. The closest anyone has come or will come is likely to be me over Charlie Telfer. That aside, Falkirk fans have to be happy with the result and performance. I am just surprised that any of you are tbh. Genuinely surprised, not fishing for bites surprised. I would have been seething if I were you. Should have put us to the sword.
  4. Our defensive record is significanly better than yours and I chastise Mark Durnan before during and after every match. Because he is fucking murder. You failed to put away a ten who were down to ten after 13 minutes. Brutal stuff and all the "Regam Henry strolled it" in the world doesnt change the fact that 1 point from that game is a fucking minter.
  5. This is why you dont think Raith are shite. Not beating us today is embarrassing for you. You allowed that to become happy with a point type game. Pitiful.
  6. Well... Raith fans have gone full diddy. They held out well.... I suppose
  7. I know this wont seem insightful really, but Raith are fucking shite. My hands are cold. Louis Longridge put in a terrific performance but everyone deserves a bit of credit after wee p***k Telfer sold them out. He better have played his last.
  8. Same fans that clapped telfer wanting us to push forward here
  9. Your obsession with Falkirk stretches to boardroom talk at HT on a match thread where your team are winning.... Ffs
  10. Its hard to tell when someone absolutely fucks everyone over in the first ten mins tbh. Hoped to get a better gauge on it today, instead we got one of the worst shitebag moves I remmeber in a Falkirk shirt.
  11. Ref not booking someone on their fourth foulndespite having words after the last two. Brutal.
  12. Cant begin to describe how angry I am with Charlie Telfer.
  13. That better be his last. Little fucking coward
  14. This. A fucking stupid thing to do even for a yellow.
  15. Too cold for wee Charlie. Little fucking p***k.
  16. We are trying to build through midfield which is an inprovement. Mild so far though. Still think we are too soft though
  17. Sounds like they are rushing him back. Does anyone in our team know what to do with that? I will say no.
  18. Be better able to gauge that when you hear them celebrating the 3 points tbh.
  19. If we are playing with wing backs again I can see the rationale of McShane, as alluded to earlier the failure to pick out a wing back running into space last week was infuriating. McShane will execute those switch passes better than Miller did. If its a back four and a narrow midfield though, McShane will just pass side to side and everyone will be raging. We need width, we cant go back to 4 at the back and narrow midfield. Also that lineup IMO tells us Tidser is finished at the club.
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