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  1. Failed labour politician/Brexit voter lecturing others on what to think Gid ane
  2. If hes good get him in. We are short as f**k on quality and cutting edge.
  3. I've emailed Jamie Swinney re this mate. I'll pass on any reply.
  4. I believe it can be minefield, with questions about owning/renting/tarrifs/grants etc etc, but if one were looking at getting some solar panels, primarily as a protection against future energy nightmares, and to save money in the long run wheres the best place to look?
  5. Why haven't you just stopped posting about it? Baffling.
  6. I won't have Senor Bairn being make to look foolish by the incompetence of a football club. Git it fuckin sortit Fawkirt
  7. Intrigued by the bit in bold. Can you provide some further detail?
  8. U always kno the ryte things 2 say xxxxxxx
  9. A great word, and if I dont mind saying, some fucking shot Wordle 216 3/6
  10. Just heard a couple of fighter planes flying over Larbert. Genuinely dont think iv heard that in 6 or 7 years staying here. Welcome Vlad.
  11. Brewdogs success came from building themselves up as something other than beer. A personality for people who have none. This basically means theres a huge amount of Brewdog fans who are terminally boring about it, and because they think its more than just a beer, think they sinply must tell everyone all about how great it is, and how they handed their money over so they could be "equity punks"
  12. This is one way to try and retain some dignity in the face of such a disastrous performance. Thankfully the internet has seen "lolololol fishing for bites caught a few!!!!" before.
  13. Glad to see these two get outed at every turn as horrible fuckers hiding behind a rapidly dissolving mask of "punk" and "independent" culture.
  14. The only sensible folk in the whole thing were the pedestrians tbh. They stood and waited for the correct signal to cross. Everyone else is incredibly thick.
  15. Aye for sure, at give ways etc but this is the first time iv ever seen someone just stop at a green light.
  16. Aye tbf, for a man locked in a death struggle with Leo Messi for the title of best to ever do it, getting taken off for Maguire isnt a great look.
  17. Ronaldo behaving like an absolute w****r there getting subbed off after 70 mins and 2 goals up. I know pro players want to play, but fucking hell. What an arse
  18. Soyuncu screaming at Bergwijn fir going down easy, then throwing himself to the deck as Bergwijn shoves him is raw, organic #Barclays
  19. I remember as I posted about it on here at the time. I knew absolutely nothing about it, and was down a google rabbit hole at work on ex players, and when his post football career came up I was genuienly shocked. A horrible wee wretch.
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