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  1. Mon tae f**k Senegal at least let us enjoy it from here.
  2. There is absolutely no possible way you can spin this that makes it a "bad idea". None. Give one specific reason that makes it a bad idea
  3. I'd like a Polish Red card to settle this. But I don't think they would even know that it had sealed their fate, so we wouldn't get that Ralph Wiggum moment. f**k it, Messi to rip in a 40 yarder in the 98th minute whens there's absolutely no need.
  4. Get yellow card count back all the way to f**k. I'm not offering an alternative, im saying get that to f**k.
  5. It's a bold plan, to simply turn up with no intention to play and hope you don't get goal differenced out of it....
  6. I dont. I barely know 25 fans. But they got plenty of patrons to fork out more. Even in a cost of living crisis, there's plenty folk with plenty money, as there ever was There will be folk looking to take that up.
  7. They are only offering 25 of them. It's a way for some who has 5k to put into the club, or was considered doing so, to get a wee bit extra for it. Not everyone will be interested in owning shares. I'd be surprised if they dont shift them, and have no idea why anyone would have an issue with it.
  8. Argentina line up with a few changes again for tonight. Coach certainly doesn't mind chopping and changing.
  9. What is known about Coll Donaldsons.... eh..... Celebration, last week?
  10. It's probably fair to say that the price of the right to self defence within your property, and the use of reasonable force without punishment, is precisely that you cannot go chasing people down in a vehicle. All laws need limitations.
  11. What you think reflects very good pay, and what you think skills are worth is also subjective tbf. You can compare pay to the average of course, but I might then counter that actually, vast swathes of the population are getting underpaid for what they do. None of it really matters in the end. Market forces will dictate pay. No one gets paid well out of employer generosity. I just dont understand the need for some sort of adjustment to be made to teacher pay to reflect time. They get paid to teach, they do so when schools are on. Getting term time is just something people look at when considering going into the sector, alongside the money.
  12. You wouldn't pick a scale of how hard the graft is and attempt to extrapolate it out, so I have no idea why you would do this for time. Its a salary for a job done. Your money for my skills. Society needs schools, schools needs teachers, teachers need salary. This sort of logic comes across as absolute bitterness that teachers get good time off. The salaries you have quoted are what it costs to have a teacher. That's really the end of the matter.
  13. Wondering aloud... Is there better value to be had amongst the independent bottlers? Aged distillery bottlings are getting stupid, as has been spoken about on here, and most of their NAS stuff is shite. Independent stuff isn't a market I have really explored and would be unsire how to sniff out quality.
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