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  1. This delayed offside flag shit is getting worse. Doing my tattie in now
  2. Always had you down as a privacy of your own home man Sarge.
  3. Hes too busy screaming for attention over Billy Gilmour atm. And no, im not believing anyone saying its not him....
  4. Aye, thats seperate from my point that we have had utterly pathetic showings from consecutive squads and individuals who then go on to do fine elsewhere, having also done so before us. By no means am I saying retrospectively we shouldnt have hunted plenty of these c***s into the trebuchet, but why does it keep happening with alarming consistency? And you can see it coming again. Stevie Hetherington has the Alloa fans totally puzzled as to how shite we have made him, as a pretty obvious example of one who I would bet will waltz back up to the Championship leaving us all once again saying, "wtf happened there"
  5. Our squad isnt exactly hugely inspiring but id wager my own money any jobbing Championship type level manager can make a better team out of it than the insipid, sideways passing nonsense we currently get. We have fucked up with Sheerin. I didnt look that way at first but we have. He is lost at sea now. He has no credible reason to turn in any particular direction. Empty is the only option there. Not hugely convinced theres any great need to be shipping out 10 bodies in January. If we did, id once again wager a significant portion of that 10 would pick up gigs in the league above nae bother. This is happening all the fucking time. Someone/something is infecting one squad after another at Falkirk.
  6. See furious masturbation over Kalvin Phillips after 1 good match against a fairly mediocre Croatia team that absolutely failed to show up against England for a recent example of a player talked up in England for performances in England shirt.
  7. I imagine that Gary Deans really doesnt see his own position as one thats up for discussion when apportioning blame/resignation time comes.
  8. Lastnight I had occassion to utter the phrase "maybe when I turn 40". Immediately became terrified and have been ever since.
  9. Imagine putting this amount of effort in [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  10. Black IPA is quite popular (bit of a gimmick tho) but usually the can would say so [emoji23]
  11. Great shots of gutted idiots in arab get ups there.
  12. Just informed me she hasnt bothered her arse to RSVP to an invitation the wean got about 2 weeks ago. f**k sake.
  13. That is staggeringly bad. Even in the context of the Record/this thread, I cant fucking believe that
  14. Every agent except Saint Maximims must be grafting like f**k in anticipation of the unceremonious binning to come
  15. Someone tell Spurs that this is still the utterly dug meat, not spent a couple of billion yet Newcastle
  16. Well then... 100% of tickets sold but 100% will not be 70% full with not 10% of the 70% being keyboard users..... So how many folk are going then.....
  17. Why are you using a keyboard on a media platform to tell fellow users of the platform they are keyboard warriors?
  18. Gyms shouldnt be as expensive as they are, for one IMO. Maybe some school provided gateway activities.... Everything you eant to get your kids into is off your own back. You can argue about why thats too much effort for some parents, or too much expense (fucking dancing and gymnastics costs me a fortune) but if we want to change, start that change young. Dont pet kids grow up thinking sedantary is normal
  19. Incentivising healthy living seems like a fairer way for all than punishing unhealthy living tbh. We have to want to be a healthier society first and foremost. Fucked if I know how to do it tbh, although I think, anecdotally speaking, that the young team coming past 18 now seem to have a healthier attitude to drink than I did. So maybe the years of campaignjng against binge culture is beginning to work.
  20. Borthwick engaging with the fans is a clear power play for Fowlers seat IMO.
  21. The other thing to bear in mind of course is what happens when every selling club knows you are minted beyond comprehension. The January window could be glorious for them. Ideally a disaster that sees them relegated.
  22. Are they all gone yet? It feels like they should definitely all be gone, but why haven't they told us yet? We're getting another "trust us" lecture, aren't we?
  23. I know you know this already, but you are absolutely wasting your energy with this desperate moron
  24. Cant get on board with any outrage about Labour not standing a candidate tbh. The circumstances in which this by election have came would render it pretty fucking despicable to try and profit from it in any way. It would be the worst optics imaginable. To use a footballing analogy this is as clear a "give the ball back" case as you could ever imagine.
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