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  1. This is one of the worst posts iv ever read on here. Arsehole
  2. There were numerous opportunities for Kygrios to check out of that match, Fair play to him, w****r or not. I agree that both guys were wanks there tbh, but tremendous entertainment. Tsitsipas should clearly have been DQ'ed for launching the ball into the crowd.
  3. Yeah, the time for writing this season off is if 4 (min) transfers either don't happen, or do and look woefully inadequate. For me, one of the main selling points of McGlynn was an expectation that he would be much shrewder in both identifying the shortcomings we have, and actually getting deals and loans capable of filling them. If we start the season with Gary Oliver as the only forward worth the name and a powderpuff midfield, i'll criticise him, but we're nowhere near that. We're really just approaching the time where one might expect him to start showing these qualities. And whilst I dont think we should write off the League Cup by any means, it will only be come start of the league that genuine worry will kick on for me
  4. If you could just stick to your task of shepherding oaksoft a bit better this might not have happened.
  5. Folk slag the BBC for wanking over Man United. Its not hard to see why with the general vibe of articles like this.... Manchester United: Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave club this summer - BBC Sport
  6. With Cazoo, you send a load of pics of the car in, it tells you what to include in each one. Then they offer you a price. The guy who drops the new car off does a brief check and as long as you havent hidden anything, the price wont change, so you know what you are going to get before you pull the trigger
  7. "You can be a man if you want, as long as you acknowledge that you're not a proper man like me" is the energy I get off this tbh
  8. I am sure we had a thread fairly recently where your demands for all men to be better included going and speaking to any women in their lives and directly asking them about any sort of misogyny, harassment, intimidation they have faced from men. Now whilst trans people may be harder to find, I dont think it's unreasonable that you should take your own advice and go directly to the people affected. Unless of course your wokesoft phase is just an attempt to score points on the Internet? This is an incredibly sensitive, and actually difficult to understand to the average punter topic. Folk like you charging around looking for a gotcha with your clever questions helps precisely no one. Why don't you instead approach from an angle of accepting you dont really understand, but with a starting point of sensitivity to the people who suffer from societies ignorance, and work back from there?
  9. I have used them. Went OK really. Decent car for as good a price as I could find. Was happy enough with their offer for the trade in and the whole thing happens in a very convenient way. Only negative point was they delayed the car by a week or so, but they did gave me back IIRC 100 notes for the inconvenience. I have had issues with water ingress through the door seals, but seemingly it's a bit of a known issue with the model of car, and so I don't place the blame on Cazoo for that. I would use again.
  10. I really hope that the board didn't sit down at the end of last season and make the assumption for budgetary purposes that season ticket sales would be the same as last season, given the state the world is in, and the absolute fucking embarrassment we were on the pitch. Speaking for myself, iv got what I wanted for a while. A new board, fan representation and as a wee bonus, a football manager, but assuming fan numbers would hold up in those circumstances seems a bit off to me. Not everyone looks that far beyond the product on the park. Also, re the FSS numbers, I suppose you have to bear in mind that 25% of season ticket holders is probably more than it seems... I mean, I'm a member of FSS but theres two ST'S in my house, one belongs to a child. There will be many hundreds of instances where a household has more than 1 ST but are represented 1 FSS member
  11. Without wishing to simplify things to fair, mainly cos I know f**k about football clubs finances, surely any talk about things being tight would have included, aswell as the situation at the bank at that time, financial forecasts made on best guesses about future cash flow... ie they would have budgeted for x number of ticket sales. If we have exceeded that then it surely loosens things off a bit? We can't afford to be reckless for sure, but theres other potential outcomes we can afford even less if we don't give McGlynn the absolute maximum budget we can.
  12. Very much this. I had my dabbling phase, and whilst I dont regret it, I definitely reached a natural conclusion there. When I got with the future wife, she utterly despised drugs, and the comedowns/hangovers could ruin days. The tho3ight of going through that on a regular basis when there's kids in the mix too is enough to give the fear on its own.
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