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  1. It's almost like Scotland is out of step with other places where catholics and protestants co-exist. It moves me to wonder.... What could we possibly attribute the amplification of hostilities to........
  2. McManus, Burgoyne, Rudden were very good recently. Its difficult to think of others that have even been useful after that.......
  3. Thats an aspect of it for sure. There are a whole raft of different considerations and like any other club, its up to us to sell the whole package we can offer a loanee (and the parent club) either because of, or in spite of league position etc. The fact that we are probably unique in paying a DoF (who happens to be a sneering w****r) to do this job and still appear to be treading water is what rankles tbh. Its not that theres a divine right to be able to get X or Y depsite the league position, its that we are paying a fortune, ostensibly to be in better position than most to be on on top of this sort of thing, and yet are still shite at it.
  4. I see Leigh Griffiths has been charged with the flare incident. It's certainly going to be a minter for Police Scotland when someone points them to the Dundee statement which proves it was all just an accident and there is nothing to see here.
  5. Yeah, if only people hadn't voted for this......
  6. Are you suggesting that at this stage of the pandemic, what we are discussing doesn't exist?
  7. The wife tells me she has had a look and says he has a sore bit between his toes so sounds similiar. Certainly be a case of wathcing to see if it starts looking infected or not getting better. similar story with his tail a few months back and antibitics sorted it right out. Pretty glad shes found a sore bit tbh seems preferable to a break
  8. Aye, reeking of Lex Miller types. Alan Sugar wannabes who can't wait to tell you how "self made" they are
  9. Holt, Deans and their wee bowling club level commitee
  10. Wee chap has hurt one of his back legs/paws and is limping on it. Still eating, drinking, going outside etc etc. Is it worth going to the vet anyway or would they say keep it till its better? Iv always operated under the theory that if he changes his behaviour, starts hiding away etc then its time to take him
  11. Theres no shortage of studies getting done on Covid, they really want to be doing one on these lockdownphiles and WTF is going on in their heads. A lot of folk on here have said about the SNP wanting to keep restrictions, as in, why would they want to keep them in place longer than neccessary. And maybe "want to keep restrictions" is a crude way to word it but we have definitely reached a point where some people are showing themselves to be in favour of continuing restrictions for reasons I simply cannot comprehend. It's going to be a lingering hangover of this pandemic, folk calling for restrictions to the lives of others for varying reasons
  12. If this hasn't been run past Linda Bauld, it can't be taken seriously
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