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  1. They need to have a look back to when Cove never laid a glove on us at TFS for confidence. Everyone in our team can get the better of their man next week.
  2. Life on Normal Island remains fully normal, as normal
  3. If I was trying to chat Jambomo up, I would undoubtedly end up coming with something much worse In case you weren't aware of The Chlamydia Kid, he was the Lionel Messi of moving heavy goods up and down stairs. A washing machine in one arm.
  4. Sauces available IIRC. It was a very drunken spell in my life
  5. Na. No time just call the league to be safe
  6. Fixed for approximately how the commentary went....
  7. It did cause uproarious laughter in the rest of us tbh. Imagine the auld guy would have been fucking livid in the event of a "well done please" but I'd never do that myself even for banter
  8. I wonder what all these hideously bad decisions we are being saved from are that make this nonsense worthwhile. Seriously, surely no one, anywhere thinks VAR represents a net improvement in football. Absolute shite. Even if you think that should be offside, there were numerous chances for villa to defend that. Yet if someone launches one in the top bin from a free kick won by a dive, VAR won't even consider that. Pure pish
  9. Maybe folk will simmer down on the quadruple patter, what with City having shown that when they need to use the squad, they aren't actually the best thing to have ever happened to football
  10. The loans before the restart are the worst of Miller and McCracken. Absolutely no excuse for bringing folk in and not playing them. Durnan (who my phone ironically autocorrects to Durian) and Hall are stinking. If they weren't able to identify and bring in improvements then they aren't fit for the job. That they have apparently either brough in worse, or aren't playing McClelland despite being better, are equally unforgivable.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-56699776 Jesus christ
  12. I'd say its certainly a yellow. Personally not looking for it to be more than that but its not a hugely surprising VAR call, where the benefit of multiple slow mo angles made it a loom like a pretty reckless challenge.
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