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  1. This. The delay is key. Todays one for me.... She drops something off at her pal, who returns the favour by handing over 2 Halloween gifts bags with wee party hooter things in them. Gives these hooters to the weans, then almost immediately starts kicking off about the noise. f**k sake.
  2. This is great logic, given that you are already behind them. Logic that leaves you needing favours from diddy teams after 11 games, to win the sacred 10iar. Whilst we all know that budget doesnt matter, wouldnt you acknowledge that it's not a great strategy to hope Hamilton and St Mirren can rescue you from your own managers ineptitude?
  3. Have we had a local authority kicking off and threatening to let their local businesses trade irrespective of tier yet? Its surely coming. Being "over cautious" with this particular system isnt really acceptable and is going to result in immense pressure from businesses who are held shut in a tier that cant be squared with the numbers.
  4. Any more "indy pro nat independent' rallies scheduled? Sounds like my kind of thing
  5. This year, because we're in tiers I'm not going to bother with turkey
  6. You won't last as my vaccine guy at this rate...
  7. I am firmly team Baracus on this so you can f**k off
  8. Nae luck. Part of the service at Forth Valley, and thankfully so. I would have left it like a Sweeney Todd training session
  9. Are you to do that? I was told not to
  10. I worked chest today for the first time in a very, very long time. It hurts
  11. It's a breeze m8. Dont sweat it.
  12. And if your expectations are not being met, theres always take the stewardship yourself and try to make a difference.
  13. Well yeah but.... He made all that stuff up though
  14. No, because peoples willingness to have a vaccine or not is for them to decide. If a vaccine achieves the goal of preventing the NHS being overwhelmed then for me, that's that. This disease is new. It's also shit and horrible, of that there is no doubt, but just because it's new doesnt mean there is an "at any cost" right not to catch it or die from it. We arent going to eradicate it, we are going to see people die from it every year, just as we do from flu. Despite that, I dont ask anyone if they have had the flu vaccine. The world at large will be given a fighting chance by a vaccine which has been lacking so far and was pretty much the justification for the measures, the fact that there was nothing for it. If there is something for it, then its crack on time for me.
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