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  1. Superb from Portugal. They are goijg to be hard to beat
  2. They really ought to read the room and stop embarrassing themselves by trying to ban anything now. The scenes from London will result in another step change in attitudes. Lots of folk sitting back waiting for their own personal "well if they can do x then am doing y" moment. Get out of our lives.
  3. Can England still go out? I assume no, or at peast not without the same freak results that would see us out with 4
  4. Technology in this field has so far only achieved success in the left back position unfortunately.
  5. Billy Gilmour says Jason Leitch is a VL pass it on
  6. No need for this thread anymore. As far as Scotland are concerned, Gilmour has arrived and is here to stay.
  7. Well... Before we move on.... Praise for every single player lastnight. There was not a single bad performance. The special mention obviously goes to Billy Gilmour because he transformed that team. He was the platform for everything good. We looked distinctly un Scottish in our ball retention and dominance of midfield and that was all because of him. But really, im just here to, like others have, offer up a heartfelt apology to Stephen O'Donnell. Well done SOD [emoji122]
  8. Scotland players now actively looking for BG as soon as they run into a blind alley.
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