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  1. Sampled my home brewed lager. Disappointing fizz levels. Taste is pretty good. Quite bitter, which I kinda expected due to certain things in my process. What's most noticable though, is that the alcohol proceeds directly to the brain stem and works away from the first sip.
  2. I dont see that as bad at all. Glad they are obviously doing decent screenings first before wasting tests we dont have.
  3. I didnt take up a lot of space back then
  4. I still have my jacket on. Its warming up a bit though
  5. How does it keep them in like that?
  6. Point 1. I will unreservedly apologise. Point 2. I know but I dont want to be fucking Baltic in doing so. Point 3. Ask yer maw
  7. Part of me would enjoy the good weather not to materialise and Hancock, Bojo and co to have already prepared the "too many people sunabthing" excuse for further restrictions A bigger part of me wants to drink lager in the garden though.
  8. Hancock doling out the threats over the exercise outdoors thing now. Anyway, this taps aff weather is yet to materialise here. Am fuckin baltic
  9. The said reality is that on a political level, that's all it ever is. The same logic applies to what medicines the NHS will supply to someone for example or how much funding goes into researching particular diseases etc. Its just that it's a bit more acute this time and a bit more public. Like ou say, theres the world we have and the world we would like.
  10. Yeah, that's what I mean. There will be an acceptable rate of infection (and by extension, death). We had to act to get the level below that which the NHS can cope with. I highly doubt an acceptable rate would ever be made public but I cant see any way how it wont exist.
  11. Think I posted before about this but I had assumed the herd goal would still be in play. I made the assumption that the governments preference would be ongoing transmission at a level where the NHS is not, and not likely to be overwhelmed, both for economic and herd immunity reasons. I dont think anyone can seriously believe the tories are going to maintain lockdown whilst this runs down to almost gone. NHS at 70%, people still dying but life returning to normal would probably be a result they are happy with.
  12. Todays potential achievements. Well I have half strimmed the garden and have ran out of wire. Will cut the front grass. Will have a barbecue. Will sample and review my home brewed Mexican Cerveza
  13. It's a shame you had to quote some I have on ignore, but it's a perfect example of the utter shitposting that got that particular poster ignored. To try and make a "what's the point" arguement whilst shitting out such utter drivel is peak Marshy. One of the forums biggest gimps.
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