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  1. Always nice to get a prompt to mention Girls Alouds version of this [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  2. I think I make that your hat trick this week!
  3. I understand that you have to tread a bit more carefully when hoofing folk in the pie if they are with child
  4. Fucking dancer. Hendoesntneven have to be all that good, just not an anonymous shitebag
  5. Never seen that coming at all [emoji102]
  6. Dont know. There still seems to be some steam behind the idea that one (oxford on?) might ready by January? And the Chinese are already playing their military I think. Mad Vlad says October for his flock.
  7. I think maybe you should only be allowed 1 policy at a time
  8. Read an article earlier about a survey suggesting only 50% of Brits are certain or highly likely to accept a vaccine. I think it was from some shit heel publication like the Mail, but there are undoubtedly concerns about the vaccine, and the seeds of mistrust in "the science" have been seen by the govt who assured us all decisions would be made in accordance with "the science" and yet are totally determined to go their own way and throw scientists under the bus. This is "people are sick of experts" all over again. This time round it's not going to be a core of anti vaxxer lunatics who dont trust it. It's going to be a huge chunk of the population, and much like Brexit, treating them like idiots wont get us very far. A large chunk of the population digging their heels in and refusing a vaccine will be a major problem in terms of getting to the back of this. There will have to be some amount of education delivered over this.
  9. Mine will be going. The vaccine isnt here yet. All of the experts despite the hope, seem to still offer caution on that front. Elimination is impossible. Pretty clear to see that given the way the numbers have kicked up. Leaves me with the option of indefinitely suspending my kids education and social development, or sending them in regardless. Folk are free to do what they want but trying to get my kids back to some sort of actual childhood is important to me so they will be going.
  10. The scumbags who are currently leaving the highlands like a shit tip after their "staycation"
  11. Thats me back from Morrisons now lads, and I have fixed the rogue caps lock and callum/calm autocorrect on my phone. Anyone got any idea who we are signing?
  12. Any regular testing regime? Mrs B has gone to once a week (NHS)
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