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  1. You're starting tae sound like wan ay them
  2. Theres a lot of progressive thinking on P&B. It's quite odd to see the attachment to cash. It's dying a pretty fast death. You don't have to like it, just accept it. Contactless is better in almost all circumstances now. I still ensure cash for going to the pub and going to a restaurant for the purpose of tipping but it wont be long until the pub finds its way to being mostly contactless too I think.
  3. It's not until you don't have a single player with that drive and attitude that you realise how important it is. I sometimes used to think football commentators liked to give too much weighting to certain intangibles like crowd, guys who are good in the dressing room etc but when you are watching a rudderless team you realise that guys like Vaulks probably projected their own standards onto others and got an ectra few % out of them.
  4. Fortunately as a fellow shortarse, height has no bearing on a consensual look at a tit. Something that evidently doesnt bother you. I never looked upon my height as being a potential obstacle to being a bit rapey, I always preferred just being a decent, law abiding, non creepy b*****d.
  5. The season we lost Vaulks and finished second to Hibs was murder to watch with few enjoyable games IMO. The season before was brilliant. Of course getting humped off Killie was shite but the number of last ditch goals etc, beating Hibs to second place and the playoffs agains them, beating the **** twice at TFS, Wills absolute fucking screamer at Ibrox, Leahys goals, the number of 4 and 5 goal games we were involved in was mental... Sir Bobs supersub antics at the tail end of the season. If folk didnt like that season I dont know what they want from football.
  6. Fingernails short and clean prior to a P&B appearance. How some people dont get that baffles me, but well played.
  7. McShane gets the rawest deal of anyone in our squad from the fans IMO.
  8. Sammon adjusts his position as the ball is in flight to ensure he doesnt actually need to challenge for the header. Its quite the skill really....
  9. If ever there had been a time for you to show off your credHENCHials by treating him to a gorilla press slam off the bar....
  10. You cant be posting like this and calling other folk diddies. It simply does not work.
  11. He is speaking in the context of a Rangers fan, ie a thicko breed who define themselves completely using the other cheek as a yardstick. He is absolutely correct in what he says. The average Rangers fan cares about nothing except Celtic and vice versa.
  12. Il be knocking out pizzas next weekend . Will try and manufacture another box office topping. Have to give pretzels another go soon too
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