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  1. Isn't that the ones that took you up behind the goals? Pie stall on the left of the photogrpaher
  2. Q Which mangegerial change were we too quick to make?
  3. A guy I used to work with gave me a shout a few weeks back. Iv never yet managed to get a bottle
  4. Forgot all about it but was disappointed by Daftmill in their ballot today (again)
  5. Tonights hit list... Bairnardo Brewing Czech pilsner Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 1698 Kentish Strong Ale Guinness West Indies Porter William's Bros Pavlovs Dog
  6. Bear in mind though, we are doling out millions of Pfizer, millions of Moderna and various others yet to be approved on order. We aren't totally reliant on AZ.
  7. Well I think it's best our pal Tunbridge is aware of all the potential hazards. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
  8. Can you let us know what votes you disagreed with and why?
  9. Tend to find the people saying he is definitely not looking to go FT are those who don't want him to. Get him asked.
  10. Oh I'm not offering that up as redemption in any way. Patel was the only one I checked with any green against her interestingly having voted against hereditary peerage IIRC. I was just looking for the worst c**t of the worst c***s and its no surprise he leads the way
  11. Maybe if McCracken had done his job in the middle of the park, or McDonald hadnt meekly palmed the ball neatly into the path of an onrushing James Vincent I'd be inclined to agree with the first sentence. If we had won that cup it would still keep me a wee bit warm now I'm sure. Let's not do this though. [emoji53]
  12. To he fair, those are all good moments but if you follow McHughs goal, or Grants to the end of the storybook, failure is what you shall find [emoji23]
  13. I MUST have posted these before but back in the day, when you could go to football, the wife used to hit me with gems like... "How was it?" "Beat 3-2" "Well at least they scored 2 goals that's no bad"
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