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  1. The Rauchbier is nice but it's heavy going. Glad I left it till last.
  2. Aye... imagine being actually paid to be a part of a moment like that.... a tense, loser goes home World Cup encounter involving one of World footballs iconic sides, and arguably the greatest player theres ever been, and after a long battling match where no one can break the deadlock, Messi steps up and rips one from 25 yards.... Most of us as football would he so enthralled and overawed that we would be either crowdsurfing or crying. It's a special type of w****r that can muster up cold water to pour on that. ETA, Not you Inverness fans
  3. They certainly become favourites to advance if they hold on here. The frenetic way this game has gone hasn't suited them, but they won't face that v Poland. What they will face however in the likes of Lewandowski and Zielinski is guys who will punish them on a 1 chance = 1 goal basis.
  4. Oh aye he's got that ambling about thing down to a fine art, but there's no doubt he doesn't look 100% here and seemed to not quite be himself. That said, iv always been a Messi guy, but always acknowledged the work Ronaldo did in the "clutch" as the the Septic Tanks would say, but thats a fucking huge goal tonight. A huge moment in their World Cup.
  5. I was mid typing "Messi is just wandering around aimlessly here". Then I got interrupted to go tuck the kids in. Cue me coming back downstairs to see him celebrating.
  6. Real sad. Doddie Weir plight has transcended rugby. I know this because I'm not a great fan but found his story, his fight, and the work he done hugely touching. Knew that his eventual demise would make me feel sad and so it had. RIP big daft lad.
  7. These twats aren't there for a World Cup. They are there for Englands attempt to win a World Cup. The rest is pure inconvenience to them.
  8. He mentioned an encounter today or yesterday in a cafe with, I think... Gabriel Batistuta* there, and it was the most droll, tired anecdote I think iv ever heard. *it was one of the names mentioned from the 2002 squad of which Bati-gol was one. Some boi him. And fucking beautiful too.
  9. I know they aren't out, but I'm quite prepared to write Argentina off here as tournament contenders. They will get battered off someone if they progress.
  10. At this point in time, and in the Saudi game, it seems like their buildup play almost always results in a slack pass and counter attack. There's no one in control in the middle of the park.
  11. Someone can correct me if im wrong here, but this Argentina team looks to me like a split of guys who want to score and guys who want to scrap, with a gaping deficiency in a guy who wants to dictate the tempo of the match and actually play some football? Screaming out for a Riquelme or Veron
  12. Game seems charged up already. Could see some spicy scenes here.
  13. Somewhat predictably, the lads at Augustiner absolutely knocking the socks off the Tryst effort. This edelstoff stuff is wonderful.
  14. Few changes for Argentina tonight. 4 if I have it right from the Saudi game
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