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  1. He needs to be doing the stuff he wants to be doing. I think it reaches a tipping point towards the type of football he doesnt want to play at which point any attempt he makes to help are ineffective and therefore it looks like he has indeed, disappeared. The reality is, if he is surrounded by more conpetent players, runners in front of him and in front of a back line who he doesnt have to practically stand on their toes to ensure they give him possession 25 yards from and facing his own goal, rather than shelling the ball out the park, we might see him play more of his own game.
  2. No, objectively speaking, the ugliest thing on view in any street is the unsightly grey concrete that wanks like you have poured all over the place.
  3. Iv just grated a cauliflower to be used as cauliflower "rice". It smells like someone grated a fart. I hope it tastes better when cooked, but what we are seeing here is a vegetable that is only ever consumed once drowned in cheese sauce for a reason.
  4. Yeah, re McCann and Williamson, we need to see the best of them in a WB capacity now, which could only ever really happen once we had a competent central defence in place. The talking point for Leon McCann is always going to end up being defensive exposure over the top if you have a cast of idiots behind him making sure it costs us goals and points but in the end of the day if we want to push up the league, and bearing in mind the quality of this league, at some point we are going to have to consider trading off some defensive capacity in favour of wing backs actually contributing to the attack.
  5. Never heard of him, and have done no research on the player whatsoever since seeing the tweet. He is better than Brad and Ben the flowerpot men.
  6. This might be a mention of Avocado away from the most middle class thing iv ever read.
  7. Wordle 222 5/6 Was a 50/50 shot whether I got a 4 or a 5 there really. Meh
  8. Mind someone posted about how they had confronted a Muslim woman to explain a terrorist attack after it happened, and then said something about a "mealy mouthed reply".... Same energy
  9. Only science deniers still consider covid a threat.
  10. He would absolutely tackle this league into oblivion.
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