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  1. Newtongrange Star

    Or you could applaud his honesty for giving his reasons for walking away. The supporters have a right to know this as the clubs statement was poor. Hope they pull through as by all accounts they are in turmoil right now. Worrying times with an EGM being called.
  2. Newtongrange star

    I would be surprised if any wanted to sign
  3. Newtongrange star

    Not sure after the way he has been treated he would want to.
  4. Newtongrange star

    We certainly had a chance, but the decision definitely cost us.
  5. Newtongrange star

    Just kicking back in the sun wih my pint of lager, but alas have not been given the boot
  6. Newtongrange star

    Overall it's the latter
  7. Newtongrange star

    I'm neither but I do know a lot of people that was at the AGM and its all about the village. I know nothing about the previous committee to comment on your accusation they left a backlog
  8. Newtongrange star

    Majority have been there about 4 years and have lurched from one disaster to another resulting in a huge tax bill outstanding
  9. Newtongrange star

    Your right. Didn't think they could get any worse than previous seasons but I have been proved wrong.
  10. Newtongrange star

    You wish I did only thing I am guessing is that Mcglynn would not be interested the rest is fact
  11. Newtongrange star

    Can't see him being interested
  12. Newtongrange star

    Taxman and suppliers amongst others. Too many to list
  13. Newtongrange star

    Players have all been paid just nobody else
  14. Newtongrange star

    Big time owe the taxman a bundle