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  1. Wager there is a high correlation between those in favour of the new stadium and those rejoicing over Considine's new contract.
  2. Work colleagues

    Cars zzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Dons 1 Calendar Cup Champions 0 Write that one up "Boydy".
  4. If there had been a genuine will or inclination for Pittodrie to be redeveloped these obstacles would have been overcome. Never even been attempted by the club.
  5. Superb post. No way should Milne be trusted with this project. Aberdeen F. C should be based in the city it calls home nae out in the sticks.
  6. I think over the years the poor quality of their decision making on most aspects of running a football club gives me very little confidence that thye will deliver a good stadium. The underlying theme is they don't care what the fans think ergo they are not going to allow them any input into the new stadium.
  7. Ok let's review some of the key decisions made by the club in the past to ascertain if we should have confidence in them to get this project right - Craig Brown Mark McGhee Steve Paterson Ebbe Skovdahl Alex Miller Milne "We need a strong Rangers" ABER DNA causing needless stratification amongst the fans. Deliberately running down Pittodrie to make a move inevitable. Taking years to get a decent training facility organised. Running up millions of pounds of debt and only getting rid of it due to a hand out.
  8. Aye OK. Terrible location, it will be built on the cheap as well. Hopefully they won't be able to secure funding. Will absolutely kill the club, I predict circa 6k for a Tuesday night game v Hamilton.
  9. Can agree or disagree but it's nae actually in what I know as Aberdeen, a fitba stadium should not be located in a souless surburban enclave. Reebok stadium MKII.
  10. Off The Ball - Is it good?

    Thanks for letting me know Chick was on - I won't need to catch up with the podcast now.
  11. Judging by the way the club has been run in the past 20 years it will be a souless shoebox. No way should the club be moving outwith the city limits the clue is in our name. Just another attempt to sanitise the whole experience and to keep the wrong non double garage types away.
  12. A View From The Terrace.

    I enjoyed it. Great to hear about the lower leagues in some detail. Great feature on women's football - hope to see many more. Could be an interesting one done on Aberdeen's team now they have been fully incoporated into the club. Cult heroes was great. Please never repeat the burger scene. Also as soon as I heard what the last section was about couldn't hit fast forward soon enough boak. Really willing that this show becomes a permanent feature, this is what the Scottish game really needs. An intelligent football show miles away from celtic supporting “personalities“ plugging books and shows.
  13. Well deserved move to a big team.
  14. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Brazil 1970 1 Dons 2