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  1. Totally counter productive as well - so many companies must loose good folk due to rubbish like this.
  2. In normal times I would rather slash my wrists then listen to Clyde 1, but having “we won't wear masks due to cultural norms“ boy on it means you can increase this by a factor of 100000000000000000000000000000.
  3. Yes I will still vote SNP for independence but certainly through gritted teeth. I think they have revealed a lot about themselves during Covid which makes it precisely 0% likely that I will vote for them after indy.
  4. Always voted SNP, however its hard not to use expletives when describing their performance. But honestly it's the tone of NS that is grating. If you are very very good whittle boys and girls and if I'm I'm in a good mood you might get some nearer normality with a stay cation. Patronising waffle. There better be objective regional (better not be in tier 4 in the majestic granite city due to Lanarkshire hell holes) measures in the route map. Last time it felt changes happened on a whim.
  5. Aye a quick skip forward to ignore all the rangers chat. Was a bit superscoreboard. Otherwise love the TV show and the podcast. Scottish football is singularly the greatest sport in the world so we are lucky we have some people who "get it".
  6. The smaller teams, in the lower leagues i.e. Hearts need to to their bit to ensure that elite top level football can continue. If this means they need to stop training then so be it.
  7. Edouard v Morelos Never knew this was The Record hotline. Hidden secret quota agendas Never knew this was 4chan.
  8. Who wants to hear weegie patter merchants with that horrible nasal twang..
  9. Tories encouraging people to blame individuals for the prevalence of Covid-19 instead of investigating further the chronic underfunding of the NHS, the lack of a clear plan, the slowness of the reaction time and the actions of Boris not taking it seriously but sure it is the fault of those who live in a small flat going out for a socially responsible walk. Divide and rule the people - It's the fault of benefit claimants not the failure to tax corporations efficiently. It was the fault of drunken fans not the decrepit stadium and lack of safety procedures. It's the fault of scrounging immigrants not the failure to fund schools and the NHS properly. CALL THIS DAILY MAIL PREMIUM PHONE NUMBER TO GRASS ON SOMEONE IN A PARK - EVEN BETTER IF THEY ARE "ALL GROWN UP" AND HAVE AN INSTA PAGE.
  10. Best since Fergie... Aye right how many Scottish Cups has he won?
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