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  1. Assuming you mean the Brechin playoff in 2010? It was something to do with the contracts being backdated and the players not getting paid for the playoffs or something like that. I think it did get sorted after a dispute and they got paid, but apparently it completely deflated the team going into the playoffs. Heard this from either Alan Trouten or Scott McLaughlin on a podcast, can’t mind which one of them it was!
  2. He’s allowed to play for Dunfermline until our league resumes again.
  3. So the last win at Broadwood was round about the time we started to decline. Hopefully today’s win is a sign of better fortunes ahead! ♦️
  4. Good win today, and it’s a nice feeling to actually win at Broadwood. Can’t actually mind the last time we won at Broadwood before today. Apart from a pre season friendly in 2016, our last competitive win there must’ve been around 2005 / 2006?
  5. Promotion would be MUCH more valuable than him leaving in January for £20k-£30k.
  6. You’re absolutely right. Let’s remember all the interest him in the summer though. But he still signed for Airdrie. He signed for us for a reason, that reason being guaranteed first team football. So hopefully he stays until the end of the season atleast.
  7. Pause it for about 5 seconds and that should let the stream catch up with the commentary.
  8. Have a feeling this could be one of those mental games, like a 4-3 either way.
  9. Or Marc Warren. Ended up playing in the same Sydney side as Del Piero the season after 😂😂
  10. Can only beat what’s put out infront of ye 🤪
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