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  1. We had that combo 2 seasons ago. But the black socks were soon scrapped for white ones. Due to constantly clashing with other clubs away socks.
  2. No idea! Last year they announced one the day after payday (for those who get paid on the last Thursday of every month) at the end of June/July/August. I assume this was a tactic to get more sales. But as last season didn’t start till September, they had more time to release 1 shirt a month. I’d imagine that they’ll unveil all 3 of them a week on Friday. The day after payday. Don’t hold me to that though, just adding 2+2!
  3. Hoping it’s red with a white diamond. Been hoping for that for years. Maybe this will be the year ♦️😂
  4. Did we not sign Andy Ryan from a Forfar side who finished 10th?….
  5. I don’t believe the rumours of those 3 signings at all. Surely Murray isn’t that daft. Surely.
  6. Last season McKay was pulling the strings, this season it’s Stephen Findlay pulling the strings…….
  7. Surely they’re just rumours for a reason. The guy will have this season, win or bust, promotion or most likely lose his job. I highly doubt he’ll sign a full team of mediocre league 1 players.
  8. And did play with Agnew at East Fife for a spell in 19/20 season.
  9. A very quick strong direct winger who should terrorise full backs in league 2!
  10. That yellow one was probably the only recently top I haven’t bought…..since that pink puma one!
  11. Seen we’ve renewed with Umbro and FN Teamwear. Are we keeping the same kits next season or getting new ones? Noticed all the current kits are on a clear out sale, so I assume new ones next season?
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