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  1. He’s a Falkirk fan on the wind up. Don’t listen to him troops
  2. I love this fixture, and it’s been good to us over the last 2 years. But I’m conscious that this could be the one Falkirk finally get their revenge. Hope I’m wrong though!
  3. Hopefully we see a new signing or two if we were to get any sort of cash for him.
  4. He hasn’t kicked a ball since 2017, doubt he’ll be going to Sevilla haha
  5. I noticed that the Airdrie and QoS shirts are missing from the bottom of the match preview? Wonder if this means the new kit is getting unveiled today/tomorrow!
  6. I think I prefer it when a new signing is a surprise. Was a pleasant surprise when Salim Kouider-Aïssa was announced!
  7. I had a look at the photos and it does look like Murdoch, with a new hairdo.
  8. Who was the Trialist goalie for Cumbernauld Colts? The commentator said he’s familiar to Airdrie fans. I initially thought it was David Hutton by that comment, but he didn’t look like him.
  9. I have a feeling the striker will come from down south. Sort of the same idea as Raith done last season with the likes of Manny Duku from the National League.
  10. We had that combo 2 seasons ago. But the black socks were soon scrapped for white ones. Due to constantly clashing with other clubs away socks.
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