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  1. Had a complete cheek saying a soft free kick led to our first goal. A cheap free kick led to their first goal. Can say what he wants though, it’s done. 3pts are ours
  2. Maybe it’s a good thing we’re taking our time to sign the right lass. Mind the time Stevie Findlay signed everyone and anyone as soon as the summer transfer window opened in 2018
  3. Not as if you need him, you’re about 204pts clear at the top of the table
  4. I touched my metal kettle handle whilst wearing socks and got a shock from it. Probs the only shock I’ll get all day.
  5. Had him for my Airdrie team on last years football manager. Good player at league 1 level. But didn’t quite make my Premiership starting 11. Him and Christian Benteke were a useful attacking duo in the cup games against against lower league sides.
  6. I wasn’t at the game tonight. Nor have I ever commented on the whole Rico situation. But I do remember Jai getting boo’d by the Airdrie fans when we were away to Dumbarton in the 19/20 season.
  7. Will be watching this on the stream as I don’t want to risk it just before Christmas. No idea what kind of team we will field, but 3pts would be crucially important to give us a kick start for the run of fixtures against mostly bottom half teams.
  8. Steven Bell was a bawhair away from signing for us in January 2018, but went to Ayr at the last minute as it was an opportunity to win the league 1 title.
  9. Money is on McInroy having a decent game at Firhill in the Scottish cup and McCall poaching him. But hopefully he’ll be tied down by then.
  10. Definitely a money spinning away day to Rangers or Celtic. Could be the difference to get us over the line, bring in a couple of players in January with the cash.
  11. Clydebank or either of the 2 teams in Glasgow with the tiny 5ft10 managers that they keep bickering about. It’ll be Cove or QoS at home though.
  12. I really liked Craig Thomson towards the end of the season, but we’ve definitely won a watch with Frizzell this season! But onto today’s game, good professional performance and great to be in the hat for the 4th round draw. Would love a big money spinning away tie. But it’s inevitable that we’re going to get Clydebank!
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