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  1. I’ve had a good feeling all day that the pen will be out tonight!
  2. And The Longest Yard ended in victory for the team! NL Cup champions #MeanMachine
  3. That’s what I was thinking! The diamonds tv camera is out in all its glory!
  4. The last 3 away strips have been black/dark grey, so here’s hoping for a red one!
  5. I’m now imagining pre season training like the training scenes in The Longest Yard with all these unknown trialists
  6. Summed it up perfectly with 1 word there. But I highly doubt that’s the finished article, I really effing hope not anyways! My interpretation of Dycey’s interview was that he wants 3 or 4 experienced signings. And then the rest will be loanees to make up the squad. Getting Wotherspoon/Iain King vibes from this close season. But hopefully by the start of the season, we can look back and laugh at all the worry for nothing!
  7. Certainly doesn’t look like a team that can finish in the top 4 of League 1. Hopefully see some quality signings this week.
  8. Seen someone say on Twitter that they heard we lost 4-0. Chinese whispers though so don’t know if there’s truth it in!
  9. “But wants to move on to suit his employment needs” suggests he’ll be wanting to go part time.
  10. Kieran MacDonald has left Hamilton, to go part time by the looks of it. Airdrie bound to fill the left back gap?
  11. That’s a cracker! Reminds me of the pink Barcelona away strip from a year or two ago!
  12. Aye mate, keep telling yourself that, whatever makes you feel better
  13. I did see that Mendy liked the post of our new pitch on Twitter a few weeks ago. And then unliked it, maybe told off for doing so!
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