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  1. Played well, more creativity today and were unlucky not to get a 2nd due to a great save by McCallum. Forfar didn’t really threaten much but you can only beat what’s put out infront of you
  2. Genuinely the most gutting disappointed season I’ve experienced in all my time watching Airdrie. Was genuinely excited in pre season, and firmly believed we’d be top 4. For me it was the 3-4 game against Raith that changed everything. Until it collapsed it was the best I’d seen us play in years, fans were singing at a home game for the first time in years. Then the roof caved in and the whole feel good factor about the season was gone in a flash. Can remember being absolutely devatstated after that game because I could sense exactly what was going to happen, and it did. Really not sure what’s going to happen in this close season, but just need to keep the faith we fix it.
  3. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Knowing us though, we wouldn’t do an Alloa or Arbroath. We’d do a Clyde
  4. Arbroath v Airdrie

    It’s amazing that in all the time we’ve been stuck in league 1, Arbroath have been relegated to league 2, almost got relegated out of league 2. Won league 2, and now inevitably heading to the Championship.
  5. Forfar v Airdrie Bankies

    Simply a must win, this game will make or break our season. Win could give us confidence to go on a run into the playoffs, a loss and being 9pts behind the playoffs could send us into a downer and into a relegation battle. Massive game and really don’t know what to expect.
  6. Airdrieonians v Dumbarton

    Who was the fella that folk were getting pictures with outside the stadium before the game? Was behind him in the club shop queue but couldn’t really see his face!
  7. Airdrieonians v Dumbarton

    Quite nervous about this one as we need to win to stay in the playoff mix (if Forfar win tomorrow). Hopefully a good reaction from last weeks defeat. 2-0 Airdrie. Davie Hutton hat trick
  8. Airdrieonians v Dumbarton

    Not entirely sure to be honest!
  9. Airdrieonians v Dumbarton

    Think Dunsmore is a fullback.
  10. Airdrieonians v Dumbarton

    Just read the thread and seen it’s Dunsmore. Ack weel, there goes my theory
  11. Airdrieonians v Dumbarton

    Pure speculation but I’m imagining the player is Scott Agnew. Was with Murray at Dumbarton and took him to St Mirren with him. Would be a great signing though! But he’s under contract at East Fife and we have to respect that.
  12. Supporting yer local

    Airdrie fan. Best story is about my uncle though. Once went to Raith Rovers away following Airdrie (must’ve been late 80s or early 90s) and he stopped by an old woman out in her front garden in Kirkcaldy after he got off the bus and he said to her “can you keep these cans of beer in your fridge” and she said “no bother son” and took the cans off him. And then after the game, she was waiting for him in her front garden with the chilled cans of beer That’s what lower league footy is all about!
  13. Airdrie v Rovers

    Harry’s Bar, West End or The Imperial. You’re not allowed to swear in The Imperial though so watch your flipping tongue.
  14. East Fife v Airdrie

    Think they’ve loosened up now that they have Raith Rovers in their back pocket and are the new Fife’s Finest
  15. Airdrie V Stranraer

    Feel bad for Carrick, can tell he looks frustrated every time he misses a chance. Once he gets his first, more will come.