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  1. Honestly, we’re so fucking fickle. A glut of signings in a few days and I’m absolutely buzzing again. Banging new kits now please.
  2. Loving the dictionary chat. Much better than the usual Del chat. Carry on.
  3. I might watch a bit of it. Really depends on what’s on the other channels. im all about principals, but I’m not watching fucking Ant and Dec, ken.
  4. Ach, don’t worry. Top 6 will be a pipe dream long before that game.
  5. Really pleased for the lad, as it’s a great move for him. Best of luck.
  6. Not a name I’ve heard for a while. Best of luck with him.
  7. Think I’ll wait till we actually sign one of these guys before fretting over stats.
  8. He's probably just keen to experience the legendary League Cup Group Stages.
  9. Could be for the Dave Cormack interview in next month’s Razzle.
  10. Yeah, just when you think you couldn’t dislike someone any more, a thing like this comes along.
  11. The very warmest of welcome back gents. You honestly haven’t missed anything.
  12. I’m always genuinely excited when we’re linked with someone I’ve never heard of, from somewhere I probably couldn’t find on a map. Bring him home.
  13. Liverpool FC, LOL Imagine losing to Real Madrid in a European final. Absolute jobbers.
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