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  1. The Jambo virgin will be along shortly to tell us these are “disastrous” ticket sales.
  2. Too long, didn’t read. Have this for your effort though champ.
  3. On the subject of Dean Campbell, has anyone been watching how he's getting on?
  4. Excellent looking league table going into the "break". Merry November Dandies.
  5. We seem to be reluctant to finish them off. Shouldn't be gung ho, but should be better than this
  6. First half a bit meh. Lovely play from Bojan in the build up to the penalty, and some nice stuff from Coulson.
  7. I do like that Utd away kit. I will still be referring to them as Dayglo c***s for the remainder of the game though.
  8. We're getting pumped. That's what's going on.
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