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  1. Rangers vs Aberdeen Sun 28th

    Made no effort to secure “briefs” for this, as I really can’t be bothered. Can’t we just do the loving cup and call it a draw?
  2. Rangers vs Aberdeen Sun 28th

    1-0 Dons. Cosgrove with some kind of overhead kick, probably.
  3. Rangers vs Aberdeen Sun 28th

    We can drop off Greg Stewart when we’re down. You’re welcome Sevco.
  4. Gaming Systems

    Think it might have been the first with a CD drive??
  5. Not adding much to the discussion, but when you look at Kirk Broadfoot, he looks like a fucking bin man, not a pro footballer. No disrespect to bin men, tis a noble profession.
  6. Game of Thrones

    I fucking love Tormund. His patter is superb.
  7. Im_Rodger

    Bring him home, the c**t.
  8. McIntyre

    Next Scotland manager IMO.
  9. The superior manager fails to win again. Happy Easter cuntos.
  10. That’s a great result for this Dons reserve team. Killie though.......
  11. Listening on the radio, you wouldn’t know Killie were down to 10 men. Sounds awful