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  1. I live in Falkirk, but if Sam Cosgrove doesn’t chap my door and offer to cut my grass, they can stick their DNA money up their collective arses. Selfish c***s.
  2. Absolutely loved watching that. Brilliant stuff. A lot of great players on both teams there. Let’s do this again.
  3. I’d like to think that Ally Maxwell never ever had to buy a drink ever again.
  4. Hope ‘Well hold on here. Would be funny if Utd didn’t win this. What would be really funny, is if at some point in the future Utd get relegated. They spend years in the wee league. They then spend a fortune, and are denied a return to the big league by some kind of global catastrophe. How funny would that be?
  5. This is fucking brilliant. Def fancy Utd now.
  6. Aye, great ending. Would love to see a second series.
  7. Watched the first couple of the Mandalorian. Just fucking brilliant!
  8. I’d be interested to hear his opinion on filling in potholes, as opposed to a more time consuming yet superior repair of the larger section of road. Bet he’d want it patched, the c**t.
  9. This sounds like a lot of hassle, but worth it to relegate Hearts.
  10. Excellent episode, ye Ken.
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