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  1. My only real hope for this game, is that Motherwell give our dressing rooms a good review on tripadvisor. I’m so fed up with the football.
  2. Sorry bud, but they are mediocre. Beaten twice by us......
  3. On our current form, we're probably looking at a fifth place finish. We'll need to improve to finish above a mediocre Hibs team, and the juggernaut that is Livi. Can anyone see this improvement coming?
  4. Nothing positive about that at all today. Truly dreadful from us, but can't deny County deserved to win by a mile. There's absolutely no point in us playing Cosgrove.
  5. So, wasn’t Boba Fett eaten by the sarlaac?
  6. Oh, and being a couple of days away from retirement. Dangerous time.
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