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  1. There’s no mention of how famous we are in that article. That’s foreign journalism for you.
  2. Sure Barry will change his name if we get a petition up.
  3. Has that picture been doctored to make his forehead look smaller?
  4. Extraordinary levels of banter on this thread. Also, just fucking hire someone ffs.
  5. Sorry m8, you can only have 1 true underdog story per game, and today belongs to Celtic.
  6. I've paid money to Pars TV to watch this, so it better not be shite. Has anyone mentioned Super Tuesday yet?
  7. I was absolutely livid when I read that earlier. A fucking charlatan who, if he had any dignity, should have walked after Darvel.
  8. He’s as consistent as he is handsome, but I still love him.
  9. I think Livi are a better team than us, and that will be reflected in the score. Have fun a’bdy that’s going!
  10. This guy is nowhere near good looking enough to manage us. Next.
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