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  1. Championship jobbers in the cup final. Int 2020 brilliant!
  2. It’s weird, but Hampden looks much better from that side.
  3. Just wonderful stuff. What a start to series 2!
  4. I don’t get the whole bring Wright on when they’re getting tired thing. We’ve found ourselves 3-0 down against them at hampden far too often to sit and wait. He’s playing well, get him on from the start.
  5. naegoodinthedark

    Ted Lasso

    Not sure how many people will see this as it’s on Apple TV, but thought I’d give it a mention. Story of an American Football coach hired by the lady owner of a made up EPL team in the hope he’ll get them relegated , to get back at her ex husband. Sounds shite, but it’s just wonderful. Ignore the fact it’s about football (most of that is cringeworthy), and you’ll enjoy it. Ted, played by Jason Sudeikis is the best character in telly just now. Get it watched.
  6. I just remembered why I fucking hate football.
  7. Sad news indeed about Ebbe. Once a Don, always a Don. RIP fella.
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