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  1. We were poor but playing against 12 doesn’t help. Even yesterday when the game is dead the Rose got all the decisions.
  2. Hope the SFA read this and take some action against the player and incompetent referee
  3. Time for you to get real. So the decisions were not dodgy really - Dean Brett playacting rolling about at the sending off as son as decision made he’s quickly on his feet. if the penalty had been awarded to Cowden in the same circumstances you would’ve been screaming at the ref. You might be right about only 90 minute.s left but hopefully with 11 v 11 we can fight back with a decent referee and a few breaks.
  4. The referee had a shocker.. I would say Annan were very fortunate to get the 2 penalties and we were very fortunate to get our goal. However the antics of the Annan players conning the ref especially number 7 was embarrassing they went down at every opportunity slowing the game down. A few hefty challenges from both teams and Annans number 4 was extremely lucky to stay on the park with the number of rash challenges he made. No complaints about Craig Barr’s sending off just disappointing the way he got sent off. All in all a very disappointing result.
  5. i will need to disagree with your comments not different at all he knew what he was doing two footed challenge at pace really poor but he was lucky to get away with it
  6. Really shocking and both feet were off the ground a real thuggish challenge lucky to get away with it
  7. It was a reckless challenge Bronsky knew what he was doing.
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