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  1. I actually think the biggest problem with Morrison is that we've been far too reliant on him, so when he doesn't perform its painfully obvious and teams know if they shut him down, they shut us down. The truth is that with 12 goals and 8 assists in the league last season he's comfortably one of the best players in the division and replacing that level of contribution will be very difficult. If we are entertaining bids I hope the club is making it very clear that failure to gain promotion this year could have a significant impact on the club and that means his price isn't some paltry sum.
  2. Aye exactly this. Those 2 probably had the most goal involvements of any players in our team and I wouldn't be surprised if they had 30-50% between them.
  3. On the surface of it this seems like a good deal. Low to no risk for all involved as even if we default on it £350k is the kind of money governments lose down the back of couches. There was chat about the community initiative installing a stand where our 4th would be, if that's going to go ahead I wouldn't be surprised to see it advertised as a partnership deal where we contribute something using this cash and the would cover the suggested terracing and some percentage of the construction which would let the SG immediately crow and the community benefit.
  4. He did pop a fair number down into the box near the penalty spot. The problem with that is we never seemed to have anyone on the park who remembered he was going to try and do that.
  5. Think the biggest issue with the release list as others have mentioned it's the easy ones to let go and the end of loans which are automatic. I suspect the bulk of the wage bill is still being spent on guys under contract who just aren't good enough. That'll be the club and McGlynns big challenge, if they can't empty guys like Donaldson and Mackay and let's face it, who'd want them that's going to pay them the same as we probably are then recruitment could be a struggle again.
  6. Following the conclusion of the 2022/23 season, Falkirk Football Club can confirm that the following players will leave the club upon the expiration of their contracts next month: Ryan Williamson Steven Hetherington Craig McGuffie Rumarn Burrell Paddy Martin Blair Sneddon Finlay Malcolm Lennon Walker Kyle Connolly The Club was pleased that after a long injury lay-off Paul Watson was able to return to the pitch towards the end of the 2022/23 season. Paul has been offered training facilities with the club for the coming pre-season. The following players have also departed the club following the expiration of their loan deals: Blaine Rowe Archie Meekison Brian Kinnear Matthew Wright Maksym Kucheriavyi Kai Kennedy
  7. Just to clarify for everyone why there are always opposition fans on our thread giving it large. It's because we are absolutely BOX OFFICE. Granted the last few years have been more 'big mommas house 2' than 'Guardians of the galaxy' but BOX OFFICE none the less.
  8. Well now that the seasons officially fucked. How many of these jokers are actually contracted for next season?
  9. I remember that as well. Thought big Higdon was genuinely going to banjo that guy.
  10. The wee gazebo was class, if they had something like that or something like the Ayr thing that was on here the other day they could even sell lite hospitality, no dress code, burger and drinks and out to the terrace to go mental. Much better than that suit and tie civilised pish.
  11. Probably the worst performance of the season tonight. Players clearly think the seasons finished and if they keep up with that stinking attitude it will be as we are set for a good scudding from any team with a tiny bit of ability.
  12. Was pretty pleased at half time, a goal up and containing Airdrie without any problems really, especially given how many goals they have scored recently. Very poor in the second half though, the same old weakness at set pieces and lack of organisation against a team if they retain possession for more than 2 minutes. Need to start with the diamond formation and 2 up front for the rest of the season as we simply cannot be trusted to keep a clean sheet.
  13. This is the biggest issue with the team, we can play nice stuff and we usually have to, 30+ passes plus to score a goal. When we don't have the ball though, any opponent that can manage more than 3 can cut us open and have the ball in the back of the net before any of the players seem to realise what's going on. Could easily get battered by an Airdrie team scoring for fun at the minute if we let them have more than 10% possession.
  14. Can you point me in the direction of this podcast please? Sounds pretty interesting.
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