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  1. The Box office Bairns Biscuit tin is Bottomless Baby. Alliteration is fun.
  2. I have to say, I always liked him better up top, although we didnt have room for wingers when he was here. He was murder in the deeper role he got shoehorned into. Get him wide or up top. I have to say I liked him on the wing, he isn't the fastest but he can beat a man, him and someone else playing wide and high on the other side of the park should give us a team that can actually go past players and provide good delivery leaving the full backs to sit a little deeper. I would have us basically playing a 2-4-4 when we were in possession.
  3. Longridge should be a good signing, we were crying out for width at the weekend and that's something he should be able to offer.
  4. Currently making my way back down from Peterhead. We are shite, same negative pish as last season. Too narrow, midfield completely fucking missing the whole game. If that keeps up there is no way McKinnon will keep his job if we get a new owner who can afford to punt him.
  5. Can someone explain to me why, when I have Sheps and all his pishy aliases blocked, including replies, mentions etc that I still see them and have to skip through everycunts replies to the daft p***k?
  6. So maybe this is my ignorance on the subject but why were we going to buy 2.4m shares, when they only own 1.4m and only getting 32% instead of the full 62%? Surely that amount of money would have been enough to buy them out twice. Was it purely because the full 800k & the MSG were staying in the club rather than them taking 400k out and leaving? ETA: Never mind, some of the other posts in the thread have kind of covered this. If this whole thing with Campbell falls through then the BTB bid will probably need to be changed, given the collapse in the relationship between the MSG/Board and the fans then no one is going to back it if they are being kept on. We are looking at £400k to buy them out with the remaining £400k going into the club I would think.
  7. Surely the price for the club would be pretty high. Btb was going to buy out 30% I think and that was taking 800k. Stands to reason to get the rest of the msg shares would cost at least the same again.
  8. I think the reason they are getting stick is probably because people don't know them. There are a few posters on here who obviously know them as individuals and vouch for them a lot, but myself and probably most of the support have never met them. I know exactly as much about Mark Campbell as I do about the BTB guys (which is to say the square route of f**k all), I was willing to get involved in btb because it seemed like a sound plan, it helped that a few of our fans spoke so highly about them but in reality I was putting my trust in them not being wrong for the club in exactly the same way I would need to with an outsider like Campbell. The statement they released this morning could damage their standing going forward, it sounded as though they had found something extremely important, if it turns out it was just 'Park won't accept job until it exists' they could end up looking like shit stirrers. On the other hand if they have uncovered something important our board didn't then they will have shown they were looking out for the club, I will reserve judgement but to think you won't get some negative reaction from some of the fans over a cryptic statement like that is pretty naive.
  9. Last plan I saw had flats in that spot, even a lake in the middle to deal with/disguise the flooding. As far as I heard it will go straight into behind the goals with automated ticket barriers for season ticket holders.
  10. People are correct to be cautious but I do have to say if this guy is a conman he is going to feel like a right dick when he realises that the current MSG have managed to convince him to part with cash for a club without a single tangible asset to strip. They would have basically convinced him to give them half a million quid in exchange for being able to make much more than that from the club but like one of those African prince email scams from 10 years ago he would just end up out of pocket.
  11. I used to think the hotel thing was pie in the sky nonsense but there are now over 2 million tourists a year coming though falkirk. We don't have a high quality 5* star hotel and with it's proximity to the helix park and the Kelpies a nice, well run hotel at that location would have the potential to be a very profitable enterprise.
  12. You didn't imagine it, that was me. I didn't necessarily mean we would be there in a couple of years, what I was getting at was if that is where we end up and the guy starts to recoup his investment through taking percentages of player sales or competition money then that would be pretty good as long as we were well run, had good finances and were stable in the premiership. That could easily take a decade or longer, especially to start growing a large pool of academy talent that are sell-able assets again.
  13. Good point, considering the long term motivations of the man buying our club is a waste of time.
  14. All things considered this could be good for the club if it goes through and their intentions are as stated. Let's be honest if we end up with a good academy, back in the premier League and challenging for Europa League qualifiers, this guy creaming some money off player sales or any European or cup cash will be a price worth paying if we are healthy and established in the premier League. I'd still like to see btb involved and it would give him a lot of credit with the fans if he sold off some of his shares to us right after buying them to put £800k plus towards all the grand plans they have outlined. It's unlikely but it would be nice.
  15. I agree with what you have said here, the handling of everything last year was a complete disaster and the club has been on a downward trajectory for the last decade or so, I understand why people are boycotting the games as an attempt to get their point across I am just not sure that they are in a position to influence or even get the message across to the majority of the fan base who are less engaged with the day to day of the club. I wont make many games this year but that would be the case even if we had won a domestic treble, so I can't claim to be taking any kind of action. I have been talked into a road trip to peterhead on the opening day of the season though. FFS.
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