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  1. Joe McKee off to Ireland.
  2. @DiveFPL @FPL_Matt Yeah, I can swap out bench fillers for upgrades over the next few weeks and do 3 transfers takin… https://t.co/TjG21vW8Oi

  3. I thought Todorov looked pretty good in his 10 minutes at Alloa. Obviously didn't see much of him but he took the ball in well, held it up and found teammates with his passes, that's something Rudden doesn't really do that much and I think a pairing of them could potentially be quite effective.
  4. I've got £5 on Reuben Sammut.
  5. Falkirk v Dundee United

    I would take a point in this game. Given their signings and our position I think that would be a good result and that would keep our unbeaten run going for another week. If we actually manage to win this it would give me real belief about avoiding the drop and probably make a few teams a bit more worried than they are now.
  6. I'm not surprised players don't like the plastic pitches really. I used to play on ours regularly and I don't think there is much to the complaints about just running on it causing problems but it was where I injured my knee after falling on it. It certainly feels like concrete just a couple of inches underneath, so for professional players who are continually being knocked down/slide tackled on it I can see how it could cause injuries. Even grass pitches in the middle of winter are softer.
  7. A lot of the fans obviously feel the same way. That's why I think it might fly after the share issue when people are more engaged and can hold people to account. With Lang being elected she needed the MSG to keep her in place, she wont have that in the future. With more input into the club and ring fenced funds for player wages I think it could be more popular.
  8. Relegation Royal Rumble

    This is where I think Falkirk might have the advantage. Virtually no one in our team played the first half of the season so the losers mentality is gone. We have a few experienced guys like Dixon, Paton, Edje and Osman who should be able to calm the nerves and guide the younger guys after a defeat. Got to hope that if we lose to utd in our next game for example that they can get everyone working to another 5 game unbeaten run with a good mentality.
  9. I wonder if the Bairn for Life scheme could get a wee boost after this current share scheme. Once that's all sorted and there is more involvement/engagement from the fans realistically it would only take 1000 people to give £10 a month to pay for between 3-4 championship quality players or 2 real top signings to help us get up. Given how cheap season tickets are, particularly in the south stand I think that would be achievable and a lot of people would be quite happy to chip in.
  10. Fucking hell, you have actually scored less goals than us now. I know we have played 1 game more but that is bad, especially given that 8 of ours have come in the last 5 games.
  11. @CaraLisette That boy used a lot of words to say f**k all.

  12. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt about playing it into the wind making it hard to play high balls, compounded by the tight park making it more difficult to play on the floor but the wind has no impact on our team shape, how deep we are, lack of pressing beyond the half way line or only playing 1 man up top.
  13. Excellent result for us and delighted to be off the bottom but it is fair to say it didn't feel entirely comfortable despite Alloa only having 1 shot on target. In the first half we were way too deep, Osman and Paton were totally ineffective with the ball just passing them by constantly as Alloa played some nice football getting in behind over and over again until they eventually got a goal, they really should have taken more advantage of that effective play and should have had more. In the second half we got Waddington and Paton further forward and got them into the game, pressing higher up the park which stopped their CB's and midfielders playing really easy balls in behind us. Petra worked hard again and was our best attacking outlet for the whole game, but he can't play as a winger and a striker at the same time so wasn't able to be on the end of Rudden's crosses into the box. It is incredibly frustrating watching Rudden knock his pan in all on his own up the top though, I really want to see 2 up top. I think Todorov showed what he might be capable off when he was on today, winning balls in the air, holding it up and bringing others into play. Both of them starting up front could be a partnership that works for us as I just don't think we should be starting games with 2 sitting midfielders and just giving other teams control of the ball for most of the match.