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  1. RT @IanDunt: Shitting hell lads, it says here those high tech solutions are bullshit. https://t.co/FIBsA6Dy2W

  2. @TedTalksFPL Yeah me too.

  3. Queens v Falkirk

    how the f**k did we give away a penalty right after scoring one ffs.
  4. Queens v Falkirk

    The death part or the scoring part?
  5. RT @IanDunt: Brexit Day is cancelled: May's final deception falls to pieces https://t.co/fcff6Rz84P

  6. Turned into a decent game after an hour. Partick improved massively after Storey and Spittal came on. Is there a reason beyond Caldwell being a clueless f**k that they were on the bench in favour of a couple of empty shirts to begin with?
  7. RT @XCOM: Play #XCOM2 for FREE on Steam from March 21 - 25. Got a friend who may be interested? Spread the word and help us reclaim Earth…

  8. Dunfermline have won 5 games in a row so I think we have to treat that game as one of the most difficult ones in our run in. That's not a record to be ignored.
  9. disappointingly not there.
  10. I think Alloa will struggle but they have been picking up points. I honestly think if Queens don't win one of their next 2 they will end up finishing bottom. They are so bad and haven't picked up a single point in over 2 months now I think.
  11. @FFScout_Joe Do you think rice could be worth a -4. Would give a full squad of 11 for 31.

  12. Useless Utd c***s burst my coupon today but other than that a list of great results for us. We have worked ourselves into a good position now and we can take care of everything ourselves now without relying on other teams doing us favours.
  13. Another team who's turned in 'one of their worst performances of the season' against us. I think we might be causing teams to look shite lads.
  14. Terrible picture but it's nice to see the queens relegation express documentary on the TV at Falkirk hospitality tonight.