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  1. What will Edinburgh city do in way of spectator area for games that would draw over 500? Seems like there is no standing areas around the pitch aside from the seated area
  2. Can’t believe my wee girl is now 2 and a half, next month she has her very first dance show. Can’t believe she’s gone from a wee baby in my arms, to kicking a ball better than me and skinning me, and doing her first ever dance show. One proud as hell father here.
  3. Cheers mate, seems a good description. Sadly couldn’t make it to the game. All the best for the season, except against us haha
  4. I’ve been thinking about this, and part of me thinks what’s the big deal, but also part of me thinks it shows a lack of respect to the club he is currently representing. Yes his contract is with Falkirk, but right now he is playing for us. I would expect a player to have a level of discipline for a match like this and if he chose to wear his tracksuit for Falkirk that’s fine, but if that’s the decision he’s made then absolutely, he should not be allowed in the home dressing room.
  5. After last weeks victory, I’m going all out and saying 2-1 Stenny.
  6. Cheers for the advice lads looking forward to a big away day. I take it most pubs are welcoming to away support etc? I know in league 1/2 it’s usually no bother at all
  7. If any of you have any tips it would be ideal, I’m coming up for our Scottish cup tie against yourselves. Where is it best to park near the ground? Or is it easier to park further away and get a bus to pittodrie? I’ll be staying at my mates out in Alford, would that in turn just be easier getting a bus in from there? Buzzing for the match, going for the occasion, but fear we will get routed haha
  8. Heart says Stenny victory, head says we are going to get beat. Still, in the cup anything can happen. 3-2 Stenny with a McGuigan last minute winner in front of the Falkirk fans.
  9. Where to start...sloppy goals, sloppy defending, aye we’re clinical, we didn’t even make their keeper work for it. Every ball in the box he collected no bother at all... Cookie...I’m a big critic but how the hell is he still with us. His head goes we may as well be playing with ten...his attitude is stinking, and plain and simply he should’ve been off for a second yellow when he shoved the ayr player for no reason into our dugout...I know m a critic of him, but we do not need passengers who think their attitude is more important than the teams
  10. No gonna lie, I’d have loved this as our home top.
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